An October 2017 list of California dispensaries with the reputation for good quality, capable service, deals, smart budtenders....

What do we want in a dispensary?  Well, we want good weed, whether it be for recreational or medical use.  Of course, we don't want chemicals in it, like pesticides and herbicides. 


We don't want smooth talk without substance, bells and whistles and fake friendliness, we want a decent product at a decent price.  And if we're are a loyal customer, we would like first dibs on the latest delivery of our favorite strain.  We'd like our budtender to know our first name and remember something about our likes, dislikes and especially our medical history.  For example, if you are using medicinal strains with CBD, the budtender might say to you, hey Bob, we just got this new CBD strain in, Cannatonic, it has a bit of THC in it but it should be good for day use........ That would be nice.

We also want to check up on your dispensary to see if they do proper quality control.  We want the weed to be lab tested and see a certificate of analysis that shows the THC,CBD content, verifying that it is tested for Pesticides and Herbicides.  Under the new laws, if they fake the lab info, or don't test properly, they can go to jail, or have their dispensary license pulled.  In blind testing there were quite a  number of dispensaries and suppliers that were caught cheating, many of whom had a supposidly good rep and were advertised as all orgainc.

One way to check up on your weed is to go together with friends and buy a bulk lot, and you will save perhaps 25%.  And everyone chips in $20 to pay for the testing for mold, pesticides, microbes, THC and CBD.  If you get a positive, then you can discuss the issue with your dispensary, and if you feel that they're conspiring to sell dodgy weed, you can forward your test results to the California Licensing Officials.  

In closing, no matter how good the reputation of a supplier, we'd advise consumers to take a closer look and maybe get together with friends and conduct your own blind random test of a strain or two.   If everyone was keeping a close eye on quality, we think it would be pretty hard thing for anyone using pesticides or selling moldy product to stay in business for very long.



Bud and Bloom – Santa Ana
Santa Ana, CA 1327 East St. Gertrude Place
Cool, trendy industrial looking dispensary with neon lights, brick walls and pipes everywhere.  Budtenders are there to help with selections and weigh cannabis on their stylish white marble countertop.  It is probably a lot of placebo effect, but you're probably going to feel that the weed here is especially tasty, cooler, and classy.   

“*Bud and Bloom – Santa Ana testimonial....This place is beautiful and classy. As a new patient, it is buy one get one free on your first visit. The budtender was knowledgeable and very friendly..unlike most stores no loud and distracting music…awesome smoke…really like this place.”


PRODUCT LABELING - Cannabis Industry Outperforms other types of Producers


CHR – Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 5470 Valley Blvd
CHR brings LA marijuana patients top-shelf cannabis at competitive price points. Its daily deals and large selection of OG varieties to choose from make this tried-and-true dispensary a choice place.

“CHR – Los Angeles  testimonial...This is By Far The Best place to get Top Quality Products with very extremely affordable prices. They always have Special patient appreciation days with lots of free samples. And Special DoGo Offers THIS IS UNREAL!!!! HOW CAN THEY AFFORD TO DO  IT?? Because this place is all about Patient Care Not To Make Profit What Other Place Does That???? EXACTLY No One! ONLY CHR Kat and Hex are Some of the Best Budtenders Around they Really Know Their Stuff I Never Leave Dissatisfied with ANY Of their recommendations Great Job CHR. Me & My Husband Are NEVER going elsewhere ”


California Caregivers Alliance (CCA)
2815 W. Sunset Blvd. #201, Los Angeles, CA
They say they have one of a kind, elite varieties and there are testimonials out there that back them up.  They have an multitude of popular varieties as well.  Clients appear to pretty loyal, which is a good sign.

“California Caregivers Alliance (CCA)  testimonial....The highest caliber dispensary you will find in LA. Extensive selection of incredible Indicas, Hybrids, and Sativas. Every type or strain I have ever purchased from this place has been fire and I would never purchase elsewhere. Thank you CCA for providing caliber medicine.”


Captain Jacks
Upland, CA 2085 W Foothill Blvd.
Jacks is an alternative style medicine collective with the only full service dab-bar in the Inland Empire. They have daily deals, offers an excellent selection of glass, and is a very sociable place, with popular social events.


“Captain Jacks testimonial...100% the best place in the IE. No need to go anywhere else. The selection is vast, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, (and most will remember your name,) and the product is awesome every time.”


Cannibal City Collective – Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 547 Seaton Street

At Cannibal City, service is impeccable from the moment you reach the front door to the moment you walk out with medicine in hand. House-grown flower varieties alongside a wide selection of concentrates and oral and edibles fill out the product menu.

“Testimonial- Cannibal City Collective is by far my favorite dispensary in Los Angeles. I really like their Illuminati OG and their Strawberry Fields. I recently purchase Their Private Reserve of Lime Sherbert, and I am always pleasantly surprised by the care and the caliber of their varieties. Friendly Staff, professional, and 3C always has the best flower! Thank you CCC!”



Lost Vape - Veteran gives slick Vape two thumbs up


DTPG – Downtown LA
Los Angeles, CA 1320 Mateo St.
Downtown Patient Group, or DTPG, is a democratic cooperative dedicated to providing potent, high-caliber medical cannabis. Patients report a friendly vibe, with good budtender customer service.

“DTPG – Downtown LA testimonial: My go to spot. Always has the cheapest prices in all of LA. Don’t bother going anywhere else. really like how active and compassionate they are.”


Evergreen – Santa Ana
Santa Ana, CA 1320 E. Edinger Ave
Evergreen’s team is reported to be knowledgeable, shpping being convenient, and have a wide variety of product.  They have Munchie Monday or Shatterday specials, marijuana patients can expect to find a huge selection of top-shelf products at this Santa Ana cannabis destination.

“Evergreen – Santa Ana testimonial - Wow, I’m a new customer and first time in an actual store. It was like walking into the set of Willy Wonka, with chocolate waterfalls, candy mushrooms, all with a classy atmosphere and smiling and helpful service. They set me up with a variety of products to try, at a good price too. This is my store now. I wish I could buy it. Best experience I could have hoped for. Thanks guys.”



La Brea Collective – LBC
Los Angeles, CA 5057 W. Pico Blvd
LBC is open 365 days a year. There is private parking, trained budtenders and a wide selection of product.


“La Brea Collective – LBC testimonial - Always super helpful and willing to give recommendations. I had a cartridge stop working and they replaced it for me without questions. This is the only store I visit.”


The Higher Path
Los Angeles, CA 14080 Ventura Blvd
The Higher Path specializes in the fine flower and cannabis concentrates and they have quite a selection of CBD products. They host monthly social events with bands, food and whatnot.  

“The Higher Path testimonial - I really like visiting higher path. The staff is kind, happy & patient every time. The vibes are good and it’s always clean and tidy in the waiting area. There’s so many products to choose from. I’m always in and out of there in less time than the quarter I put in the parking meter.”


Fountain of Wellbeing
Los Angeles, CA 7231 Hinds Ave
This North Hollywood dispensary offers veterans and oncology marijuana patients 15% off.  They also give free gifts, edible demos and tastings to VIP, which you could be at some point.  They have daily deals that are locally famous and are worth checking out.

“Fountain of Wellbeing testimonial - Great store always looking real neat with easy parking.. The bud tenders are all very smart as well as very friendly. They always make sure you walk out fully satisfied. Would recommend this to anyone. Bud quality is great.”


Mankind Cooperative
San Diego, CA 7128 Miramar Rd Suite 10
Mankind Collective offers frequent medical marijuana patient education events designed to help the San Diego community keep informed about the latest cannabis research. Patients can get tailored recommendations, the prices are good and the selection is large.  Staff is ranked as friendly and welcoming.


“Mankind Cooperative testimonial - really like this place, the people and the products. Easy in and out, merchandise displayed on the wall, so you can look at it ???? Great, great deals! Incredible staff, extended hours, friendly security. What more do you need? This place is great!”


Sugar Shack
Santa Fe Vista, CA 2530 South
Sugar Shack has been called friendly and professional, with a wide range of cannabis based product and flower.  They bribe you with a free edible, so why not?

“Sugar Shack testimonial - I really like Sugar Shack! I’ve been getting my meds here for almost a year and it’s the best I’ve found. The flower is top caliber, the selection is good, they always have some specials and the budtenders always make spot on, honest recommendations. What more could you want? If you haven’t been here yet, you’re missing out!”

Urban Trees – Pre ICO
Los Angeles, CA  11376 Ventura Blvd
Urban Trees is a full service dispensary with cannabis products covering the entire spectrum.  They have clones, flower, oral and edibles, cartridges, and topicals... and a trained staff to assist.

“Urban Trees – Pre ICO - testimonial I feel very fortunate to live so close to a dispensary that has such high-class quality customer service. They went out of their way to make sure that I had the correct product before leaving and was fully informed of my purchase. They definitely set the bar high, being the first dispensary I’ve visited since moving to LA.”



West Hollywood, CA 7213 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles Patients & Caregivers Group are among the very first medical marijuana dispensaries and they keep up to date with the most recent developments.  Loyal customers are rewarded with special deals and bonuses.  Medical users especially, might want to check this place out.

“LAPIG testimonial - I really like this place! I stopped going to all the dispensaries close to my house because this one is the best! They have great deals, a great rewards program, the staff is AWESOME and they have free candy in the lobby! What more could you ask for from a place?!”


The People's Choice - Blue Dream


The Green Easy
Los Angeles, CA 8311 Beverly Blvd
The Green Easy has a very large variety of cannabis products including oral and edibles, tinctures, concentrates, vape cartridges, transdermal patches, oral sprays. Their have fifty popular varieties to chose from.

“The Green Easy- Testimonial - Insanely clean and well kept. The strongest type or strain I can find around after surgery. My pain level has significantly dropped because of this place and I’m so thankful for them!!! All the girls are incredible, knowledgeable and helpful, and Michael and his dog are badass."



Southwest Patient Group
San Diego, CA 658 East San Ysidro Blvd
Very large dispensary the size of a decent casino.  They offer tours so customers can find their way around.  Loyal customers get special deals and rewards.  Statistically, you're likely to find your favorite variety here.

“Southwest Patient Group testimonial - This disposition is safe, clean and has very good top-shelf quality. really like the indoor vs sungrown options. They have awesome deals and giveaways for ftp and returning marijuana patients. No lock down facility here, they make you feel welcome and comfortable.”


8459 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA
Kushland is open late, until 1 a.m. seven days a week- and opens early at 8 a.m. too.  They have a VIP text program which offers daily deals and their selection is huge.

“Testimonial - KushLand is awesome, their tree is always fire and their prices that fit any budget they have a large concentrate selection and their oral and edibles are bomb the budtenders are very friendly and knowledgeable. I have been going to this spot for about a year and recommend this spot to anyone that wants a dispensary that treats them like family.”


First Choice Organic
Santa Ana, CA  1638 E. 17th St. Ste. L
First Choice Organic has a trained staff that updates its knowhow on a frequent basis. Their mandate is to pass on useful knowledge to the customer   Customers are advised on varieties, oral and edibles, vapes.....

“First Choice Organic testimonial - This is my favorite dispensary and I’ve been to several different places in Orange county but none can compare when it comes to top-shelf quality and staff! I definitely recommend this place to everyone!”


TLC Collective
Los Angeles, CA 1660 E. 23rd Street
TLC has easy access with a free gated onsite parking, has free dabs daily and pre-rolls. TLC menu includes some fine and rare varieties that are hard to find in SoCal.

“TLC Collective testimonial - No one compares to the overall quality of TLC real deals for broke and ballers. Now with an express line for people that know what they want already, makes every visit easy and fast.”


Zen Noho
Los Angeles, CA  5142 Vineland Ave
In the world of dispensaries, awesome service means nothing without great cannabis. Luckily, Zen NoHo has both. Serving North Hollywood since 2006, this community staple loyal following raves about the generous deals for new marijuana patients and returning customers, as well as their large selection of top-shelf cannabis.

“Zen Noho testimonial - Whoever is choosing the medicine, clearly knows what they’re doing. The quality is top shelf on all the products in my opinion. From Cheerful Jade at the front window, to delightful bud tender Katherine and last but far from least, I felt very safe with Kevin (Security Guard), awesome team work. Thank you, your hard work shows. My pain appreciates you.”


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES: Some dispensaries intend to give discounts for Veterans with medical issues and the state exempts people with a valid Cannabis ID Card from paying State marijuana tax in 2018.   The savings can be in the vicinity of $80 per ounce. Getting an online Cannabis ID card is easy, and takes only a few minutes to fill out the online form.  Patients don't pay until a medical doctor has approved your application.  Documents and cards are used at dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, cannabis clubs and other points of access.







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