Sexy strains, and why not?



"I caught myself whining and bitching like a bitch, so I meditated, and then the problem crystalized in my mind, I hadn't been laid in a while." - Buddha of Sex

In the entourage effect, CBD, THC and terpenes interact with several types of receptors, like a team of basketball players, to affect many possible results.  A dunk, a smooth play, a one player coast to coast slam dunk, a pass out of bounds... metaphorically speaking.  In the case of the effect of different strains, the effects can be as different as a Steve Nash or a Michael Jordan.


The science of cannabis and sex is really a mixture of medical science and alchemy.  The different ingredients in marijuana can vary wildly between different strains. There main ingredients are THC which is the well known psychoactive component.  There is CBD which is now quite well known for its non-stoning medicinal properties. There is the terpenes, which give off a fragrant smell. Terpenes are also highly and medicinal and have subtly psychoactive properties of their own.  



If you have a great or even normal sex life, isn't it pretty difficult to get upset about Donald Trump's tweets, the price of rice, or the neighbor's dog.  At the heart of America's difficulties is a lack of orgasms. If your sex life is good, everything gets better, provided your sex buddy is half sane.


"You never want a sexually frustrated person anywhere near the nuclear button.  Donald Trump should smoke some weed, he really should." - Johnny Rod.




You know why you're working to get the next dollar, there are so many things to buy, like a bottle of wine, flowers, perfume, a bag of love weed, all things that are conducive to the meaning of life.  The meaning of life is surely intertwined in the equation of the orgasm, where people come together in a most heavenly way.

Grow Your Own Blue Dream - 6 plants for 30 oz



In love making there are many dimensions to it, the most intimate feelings, pure animal luxe, tranquility, wild spasming and other pleasurable planes of existence only found through the sexcual act and perhaps certain drugs like LSD, DMT and psilocybin.




While any adult over the age of 21 can buy weed at the local dispensary, some the sexiest strains may be off limits to recreational users.  Also, if you know of a strain that works well for you and find a deal, medical patients are allowed to buy and transport several times more than rec users.  Not to mention that as a medical user you'll save 20,30,$40 dollars per ounce being exempt from some of the California weed tax.




The following strains come up most in blogs, searches, insider info and independent alpha personalities that certainly don't comply with the mainstream.  These days we tend not to use Facebook or Google info, because frankly, "they" don't know what "they're" doing these days.  Onto the fun, starting with with Ultimate Trainwreck, with a name like that, how can you go wrong?

For those who love the extreme.  Like surfing a 40 foot wave, chugging a beer in 3 seconds, running a marathon backwards



"ULTIMATE TRAINWRECK smells like a woman's parts after a day hike through a jungle." - by Won't Say but Said






Ask a single girl, who's hooked up to a brain scanner the following question;  Do you want to meet my AFGHANI FRIEND, or do you want to meet AFGHANI BULLRIDER?  The response, of course, in every case will be, BULLRIDER. Let's check out BULLRIDER. 

This is an Indica strain, which does not necessarily tell you the tale completely.  It is 20% THC with CBD at 2%, so there is bound to be a tranquilizing and meditative effect on some people.  Contrary to the name, the effects should be closer to riding a big lovey dovey relaxed but powerful bull in slow motion, that might kick into bucking action that every cowboy and cowgirl likes.


If CNN came up with this name, you'd call BS, but back in the day when the names were created, they tended to name strains something weird that sometimes correlated with its effects.  In the case of VooDoo, while you're not likely to want to put pins into a figurine resembling your former lover/s, this strain could easily put a spell on you, the primitive kind with emotions that lurk inside all of use, waiting to come out but do not, under the normally repressed scheme of things.

This strain is a Sativa, which is theoretically energising, but is more of a groovy, mellowish, long lasting strain that's good to relax, and relaxing is a key to letting mother nature's juices flow.

Voodoo THC content comes in around a moderate 10%, with trace CBD values.  Nonetheless, it's uplifting and the sexual mood can be elevated to euphoria.  At 10% THC you can also actually smoke a whole joint or more over the course of the evening and still retain, regain your capabilities.



The name smells of oversell but lives up to semi-godly status.  This strain comes from the weed brainiacs of British Columbia, which ranks up with Amsterdam, Bay Area and Colorado in strain creation / manipulation.   For those that like zonked, almost hallucinogenic, sloppy relaxed sex.

At a THC content of  24 and:CBD near zero, Godbud is one of the most potent strains on earth.  It's scent is sweet and musky.



Ass fantasy is a dream come true.  For this strain can create the ambiance found in certain Asian climes.  Only those that have toured Asia in the lands where the natives have only come out of the bush recently will know about this analogy.  However, for those that don't want to spend a grand on a plane ticket, an Asian Fantasy trip can be had for 20 buck.

This Sativa strain sports a hefty 20% CBD, with a percent or so of balancing and enhancing CBD.

Equivalent to the exotic Asian den of inequity, this strain is uplifting, euphoric, intriguing and generates a smooth energy.  Asian Fantasy is called by some, a mini-burning man strain, a Holy Grail of Weed, peaceful, spacy, dreamy,....


A lot of people, sick as they may be, without knowing what it is, reach out for Goo.

Goo, contrary to its name, actually helps clean out your pipes.  However, Goo's name is partially true, as some people Goo prone might need to bring an extra towel for the resultant effects. This relaxing Indica dominant hybrid carries 15% or so THC values along with an interesting CBN (not CBD) rating of 1%, so Goo may deliver a new experience to those stuck in the THC - CBD paradigm.  


This is probably the King of Sexy Strains.  Granddaddy Purple sounds pretty sick if you want to move your mind in that direction, but its a pretty good name if you think about it.  It's a Rolling Stones name, they were probably smoking this strain when they wrote, "Start me up."

exorcise morning sickness with marijuana



This Indica dominant hybrid carries THC Values of a Kingly 22% with massive 5% plus CBD values.   Sexual enthusiast and scientists alike agree that this strain is likely to be great for sexual healing, or any other kind of healing for that matter.


"Granddaddy Purple saved me from the Blues.  When I was on Grandaddy, I fell in madly in love with the woman.  Then sadly she left. But there was a happy ending when I realized I fell in lust, and my bag of Purple was there, the door to a psychedelic, introspective world that could be shared with many women."  



Your playboy buddy. The name sounds like a 12 shots of tequila followed by half a dozen beer type experience.  While things might get wild and crazy, there's no hangover, and no inclination toward antichrist activities, with the exception of orgy.  Ultimate Trainwreck sex has been described as exhaustive, relaxing, off the rails, no holds barred, mad, ultra-passionate.

This Indica / Sativa hybrid boasts THC of about 20% with other cannabinoid content being a bit of a mystery, as is the resultant biochemical interplay between the cannabinoids and its significant terpene content.



This combination of America's #1 selling strain, Blue Dream, and Sour is a fire plug for arousal, and inspires giggling, euphoric, inspired sex.

There's nothing sour about this strain when it comes to the big O. Certainly this must be a really top shelf sexy strain.  It had to be, to overcome the most unfortunate name and rise to the top, especially for those literal folks that lack a sense of humor or sarcasm.  Actually the name is a good one, for those that know weed, for the Sour and Dream lineages of genetics was very well known to be superior, at the very top.


Sour Dream Scene:  She's finally made it over to the apartment, and he's thinking, should I offer her some Sour Dream, and she's thinking, does this dork have any good F***ing weed?



Get to your dispensary, call your BF and get your munchies today.   Blueberry sounds as wholesome as Apple Pie, but in reality, moreso. You're going to feel better about yourself having smoked a calorie free bowl and f***ed your brains out as opposed to filling your pie hole with sugar strainght out.   Sure, with Blueberry's THC being a huge 20%, you might get the munchies, but this can be well taken care of by scarfing down a big bag of organic corn chips with sea salt. The facts are that in the long run, cannabis tends to moderate aberant urges, including , over drinking, and drug abuse.   Cannabis smokers are slimmer, less obese compared to abstainers.  So your sexy evening of sex and munchies, also is one of calorie burning and overall balancing. As compared to vegetating by the TV eating the extremely fattening sugar pie, the recipe to obesity and depression.


Interestingly this strain comes with at about 1% CBD, which is great for sleep, is an anti inflammatory, and appetite stimulant.  With a THC content at 20%, the effects have to be profound, but they're not especially freaky, rather tend to be more wholesome if you can imagine, in the love making department.



The name is not Bullshit.  To start with you have a THC content of 16% and some CBD thrown in for good measure.  This strain effects a warm body-buzz from head to foot, so you know you're in business right there.  The cerebral effects are relaxing, happy, and arousing. Love making sessions are followed by deep sleep.  In other words, if you are a good responder, you've had the perfect day, or evening.



Purple Prince might be a better name, but none the less, it's still a sexy name.  The PPrincess smelled of fine wine, musk and perfume.  Just the aroma and expectation pretty much does the job to start the engines.  This hybrid sports a THC content of 15% with CBD values around 1%. The effects are called cerebral and engersiging which morphs at sex time into euphoria and bliss.  Be warned that overconsumption can lead to couch lock, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing.


A sexier name for women could not be found, except maybe Chocolate Hunk.  This Indica strain contains 20% THC and trace amounts of CBD. This strain can produce a gigantic body high and also sent you to sleepy land.  It might be an idea to go one round with an energetic strain, and do a second round with Chocolate Chunk, with happy ending of complete relaxed sedation.


True to the name, Green Crack can leave you wasted if you over consume.  But not to worry, the beauty of cannabis is that it wears off quickly - vape in a couple of hours at most - edibles can be half a day or more if you over consume - so take care till you learn what's up. This Sativa strain contains 20% THC plus trace but significant quantities of CBD (about 0.6%).  

This strain has the reputation for particularly energised sex, but some people don't sleep the best on it.  Therefore, it might be better to save this strain for the weekend, or start in the afternoon, and maybe combine it with a sexy sedating strain.  You're allowed to use your brain, experiment and find what works best for you.


Ancient Hindu is top shelf.  Hindu comes in at a massive 22% THC so you know something serious is about to happen.  This strain can be extremely uplifting which can lead to some massively serious f**ing.  It takes a while to come down but when you do, you may crash, but it's all good, because it only means you are ready for nap time.   Cave women love Hindu for its a ability to release an intense orgasm, in a way that purges the demons and hatred, making way for a super relaxed version of reality.




Chemdawg Sour,  will surely be at the top of the marijuana charts in the near future.


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Top 5 Reason to get a California Medical Marijuana Card?


  • Save $20, $30, $40 per ounce - medical cannabis patients pay less tax.
  • Buy more at one time - medical patients can buy up to 8 ounces and can take advantage of sales.
  • Buy potent Weed - some powerful strains are not sold to recreational users.
  • Grow more weed - medical cannabis patients can grow many more plants at home, up to the amount they need to treat their conditions and symptoms.

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