Learn how sex affects the quality of your marijuana.

Plant Sex and the Quality of Your Marijuana


If you're growing cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, you want only females and nothing else.  


Unfertilized or unpollinated female plants grow big juicy buds, abundant in cannabinoids (including psychoactive THC).   Males do not.  


In this life without a man, the plant's energy, that normally goes into producing offspring, the seeds, goes into the growth of the cannabis bud's trichomes, which makes up the production of terpenes, THC, CBD, CBG etc.  Fertilized females go to seed and their buds contain little THC.

Once a pot farmer finds out that his females have been pollinated, they throw out the crop.



no boys


So, males are a disaster unless you are farming seeds. You can see that male flowers are puny and testing shows that they produce minimal quantities of the desirable cannabinoids.   


To complicate matters is the hermaphrodite, the shemale.  Marijuana plants can be born queer or or play for either team as the result of stress..  


"Even pure female plants have the potential to turn male or hermaphrodite. This can happen if the plant is stressed too much through bad treatment or if hormones are applied to the plant to induce male flowering. Often near the end of flowering unfertilised stressed out females will produce one or two male flowers in a vain attempt to continue the species. Over-cloned mother plants kept for too long can also suddenly start producing mutant clones that change sex." - cannabisculture


The vast majority of growers look for unpollinated female marijuana plants, as these produce the most potent smokable bud. Correct marijuana sexing technique allows you to identify and remove male plants will pollinate and effectively destroy your marijuana crop.

how to tell male from female cannabis


In this article you'll learn everything you need to know about marijuana sex.  Study the graphic above and you'll know the main basic, what is a pollen sac, and what is a Bud.


You can't tell the sex until pre-flowering; between the fourth and sixth week of vegetative growth. Pre-flowers develop at the leaf-stems-join the main stem (internodes). Quite often find they develop on the fourth or fifth join from the top of the main stem. If you’re unsure, just wait another week and the male / female characteristics become clear..

The X Factor - The Shemale is Common in Nature

In biology, a hermaphrodite is an organism with the reproductive organs of both sexes. They swing both ways, and at the same time.  Many animals, mostly invertebrates do not actually have separate sexes.   So hermaphroditism is a "normal" condition, enabling self sexual reproduction. For example, many snails and slugs are hermaphrodites and they can self impregnate others or themselves. Most plants are also have hermaphrodites among normal populations.



Take a guess.  You now knows what a pollen sac looks like, and you know what a bud looks like.  So, if you have both pollen sacs and buds, then you have a tranny plant.  As soon as a pollen sac pops open and the sperm makes it to a bud, then game over.  The plant goes to seed and no more juicy bud.


"I’ve said it a million times, we don’t want seeds unless you’re really producing seeds."


There are no real benefits to keeping a hermaphrodite plant as they pollinate themselves and the female marijuana plants in your grow room. This, coupled with the fact that the marijuana they produce is weak and full of seeds means they are better off destroyed.




In breeding, feminized seeds contain no male chromosomes, and produce resinous buds.  Normally, about half of seeds are male. To save time, growers buy feminized seeds.  Though they are a little harder to grow, overall they save time, energy and money.  If you make and or fem seeds properly, there is little chance of growing hermaphrodites and all seeds will be female.  




Then there are auto-flowering feminized strains made by crossing cannabis ruderalis with Sativa and Indica strains creating hybrids with morphed characteristics.  Autoflowering marijuana varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to flowering stage with age, regular marijuana plants flower as a response to the ratio of light to dark (increased) hours.   Autoflowers are often ready to harvest in 10 weeks or less from seed. Dwarf varieties can have short stature while still maintaining yield. Another variety , super-autos take over 100 days to mature and can stand 6 feet tall or more.




Only females can turn into a hermaphrodite.  Some females can be forced to become a hermie with the right kind of stress.  Low levels of nitrogen and high levels of potassium can cause the female to hdmi transformation.  Another cause of hermaphrodite marijuana plants is interrupting the darkness period during flowering.   Too much or too little (65-83F) heat or an incorrect nutrient mixes can also cause plant queerness.

Seed banks sell both regular (50:50 male female) and feminized seeds.  Although feminized seeds do not come with a 100% guarantee, if the plant is not stressed, there is about a 95% chance the plant will be female.  This means that if you are wise, you'll be checking for hermi's along the way to harvest.  


cutting clones




The number one safest way to guarantee - 100% -  your plant's sex is through cloning. To produce a clone, you simply cut  (see illustration below) small stems with leaves and place them in nutrients till they develop roots and transplant.  When the plant is entering the flowering stage, several lower branches and leaves perform little useful function to the plant and may be clipped off and used for clones.  This is called a 360 win.


step by step to make clones




In an experiment, a Mr. Norton of Oregon grew numerous hemp and marijuana plants together under the same greenhouse roof.  Despite their close proximity to male hemp plants, Norton’s females developed a minimal number of seeds, indicating that hemp and marijuana (of this type) were almost separate species.  This is an important finding, because hemp and marijuana farmers might be able to coexist, and not be a factor in a potential cannabis war.


“We’ve been successful with them not cross-pollinating,” said Norton.




iMarijuana on Sexing Pot

With cannabisplants there are different sex’s male and female. The female plant is the one that grows bud. The male plant produces pollen and literally no THC compared to the female. You will basically plant your seeds and grow your plant as females, from that you will be able to create clones from cutting your new plant and providing the stem with a clone replicator, which will produce roots to the stem, which is cut from the female plant


Male vs Female Cannabis Plants by Nebula Haze

Did you know there are both male and female cannabis plants? ...cannabis plants show gender, and the sex matters a lot to the grower....because only female plants produce buds. ..... most growers throw away male plants on site .... Regular cannabis seeds will be 50% male, and 50% female. ....One way around this is to purchased feminized seeds online. .....he plants produced by these seeds are always female.

Male or Female: Sexing the Cannabis Plant - SURNA

Sexing a plant early will save time and resources.   Many successful techniques can be used to propagate the Cannabis plant, each having it’s own benefits ....regular seeds, feminized seeds, clone multiplication and tissue culture multiplication are all used ....  depending on available resources and gardener knowledge/skill.      

When starting from seed, it is important to know how to sex the plant ....only female plants are used for cannabis production......if male seeds are grown to maturity with female seeds, the entire room could be ruined .... always sex plants that started from seeds before they enter the Flower room.


Sexing Cannabis - Lex's World

A quickie. How to sex plants in 6 minutes.  


Breeding Stock - Studs and Madonnas


Stud Marijuana


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