Cannabis for Pain Management - A Rant from Germany

Cannabis for Pain Management - A Rant from Germany


This is an emotional rant / interview with a regular guy, who is also a Crohn's and Colitis sufferer, coupled with an intense bend toward self improvement.


This article is edited for clarity and we comment on the things he's doing right - and what he might do to make things better, perhaps much better.


Good Day from Germany!


This is just a quick little rant, while I have my breakfast, just some oatmeal, gluten-free with some blueberries and some fruit and chocolate soy milk.




Alright, what I wanted to address today is cannabis and pain management, symptom management through cannabis use.  I don’t know if you heard that here in Germany, where I’m at right now, cannabis has become a medicine, that is legal to prescribe to people with chronic diseases, or maybe some psychological problems and different pathologies.


One condition, especially of special interest here is Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, like Crohn’s and Colitis, and here’s my little rant.  I’ve tried to get a little better sleep.  



Since the last bad flare up started back in March 2015, I had not been able to sleep more than maybe an hour at a time, and always with pain, and always it was hard to fall asleep, and it I would wake up all the time, in torturous pain.  So I gave weed a try, and I smoke it before I bed and I’ve tried to eat, like in a brownie or a cake to take advantage of the oral benefits.  I use the kind of weed with more CBD and THC, it gets absorbed in the gut and by the body, so you get a stronger effect.


Editor: THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana with the ability to balance the immune system and dial down an over response or false response as seen in gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn's.  CBD is a non-psychoactive ingredient of marijuana that works on its own and with THC and the pair often deliver better psychological and physical benefits.




What I don’t like about it is, first of all, of course you have to eat it with something and since most of the time it is baked into like a brownie or something.   Then it’s sort of its good for you, because of the THC and the CBD, but then again, you’re eating sugar and egg and wheat or wheat substitutes.  

If you’re using gluten-free brownie mix or something, that will give you less intestinal issues while the THC and the CBD in the cannabis will dial down the symptoms.  The other thing is that it is very hard to get the dosage right, like when you make the cake mix or something, you can mix it as well as you want, but you can never guarantee that it is really a 100% evenly spread out throughout the cake mix.


Note:  The way to get the dosage consistent is to use cannabis oil that shows the amount of THC and CBD on the label.  Then you blend this oil with cooking oil or butter and stir well.  Then you use this infused butter or oil in your recipe of choice.  It is pretty easy to distribute the oil by mixing and folding, as any good baker or chef routinely does.

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For example, if add 100 mg to a brownie mix, and you make 10 brownies, then the dose per brownie is 10mg.  It is that simple, but if you aren't the best cook, you could end up with 15 mg in one brownie, it would be hard to mess up any worse, that is if you blend your cannabis oil with your cooking oil of choice.


Sometimes you may eat a whole little piece and only be like a little bit and only notice it a little bit, and sometimes you eat half a piece and you just get so knocked away by it, that you just have to lay down and you can’t really get up.  




And a problem, some days I have a lot of urgency (to toilet).  I go like yeah, I go to the toilet sometimes.  I open up my eyes and like shit! where’s the toilet?  And if you ever eaten a powerful cannabis brownie, then you know that your reflexes and your speed will not be the same, so keep that in mind.

Note:  You want to keep track of your dosage.  Most doctors suggest that you start small (3 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD) and increase a few mg weekly until you find the minimal effective dose, which is the point where you don't benefit by taking more.  Don't eat a complex meal before bedtime as well, such as steak and a brownie.   You should make your brownies with as little sugar while keeping them tasty.  



When you smoke it, what you can do is you smoke a little a bit.  What I would do is prepare is lite a joint and smoke maybe a third of it, go to sleep and when I wake up and depending if I still feel that the effect is there, then I’ll just go back to bed again.  

After going to the toilet and if I feel that the effect is gone, then I’ll just smoke another third, and then later another third, so that it’s more evenly spread out.  But then the negative with this is that you’re inhaling smoke which is also not optimal, but if I had to choose between the two I would go with the smoke cannabis.

Editor: This smoking routine (above) is quite reasonable.  However, smoking marijuana in moderate amounts has been shown to help most lung conditions and also THC and CBD are anti-cancer.  Vapes deliver less tar (than joints), for those still concerned about their lungs.




How does it help me?  Well, when you absorb the THC and the CBD, the CBD docks onto your receptors in the intestines, and slows down the process the movement of the intestines, which causes you pain and urgency that gets slowed down, and also the feeling of pain gets sort of numb, it’s like it’s still there, I picture it like this, it’s like some really loud music and then you put on some earplugs, you still hear the music, but you hear it sort of like, not as it’s aggressive on your ears, it’s like very subtle sound.  So that is what it helps you with.


Note:  What actually happens is that cannabis dulls the pain and dials down an out of control immune system which is attacking the intestines, in error which is Crohn's.  Food combining, the elimination of really bad foods, combined with an optimal dose of THC and CBD should dial, way down, the music, a metaphor for pain.  

With food combining, if you really have to eat something naughty, like sweets, eat them between meals.  Don't mix beer with food, but red wine is OK.  Really, you can eat what you want, but how you mix it makes all the difference in the world to your digestion and especially with those with compromised intestines, large or small.




A Solution Finally ,for Crohn's


The rant is that I talked to my gastroenterologists about this, and he said, yeah it’s true that cannabis helps a lot of people, and we talked about studies that had been done in Israel, and Israel has done a lot of studies with some cannabis and chronic diseases, and it had a lot of success with Crohn’s disease and Colitis.  


Note: Israel is very advanced in medical marijuana therapy, among the best.  Clinical trials point to 80 to 90% improvement in Crohn's with total remission in half using cannabis (see further reading).




So the doctor said yeah, I would look into the Israeli research and hopefully we can provide you with this (cannabis strain) because, as you know all the other medications (pharmaceuticals) don’t help me, and if you take pain killers, that slowly destroys your liver.  First of all, you can’t take most pain killers because they are too harsh on the intestines - like Ibuprofen or something like that.   So already you are limited to, I don’t know, Paracetamol or Novalgin or Tramadol.


But those are all toxic on the liver and if I had to choose between taking Tramadol to sleep, which can make you very addicted every night, or smoking half or one joint of cannabis, then you can rest assured, I will take the cannabis.  Then my doctor spoke to his colleagues at the clinic and it turns out that the clinic has decided that they don’t want to work with the cannabis, even though he at least knows that it works, and helps because we have talked about it.


Note:  Gradually doctors are changing their tune, and are quietly or openly recommending medical marijuana, worldwide.   The present conversation, for example, would never have happened only a few years ago.



The doctors just decided to keep going with their classic protocols, that is kind of worrying to me because they don’t really shy away from prescribing drugs used in chemotherapy, and immune suppressant, that could really fuck up your immune system.  Then they're  giving you a prescription for some cannabis, and suddenly Oh, I don’t know,  you can’t do this, it's crazy. But here, take this chemotherapy and you will feel better.

Note: Cannabis meds were widely prescribed by doctors and sold in pharmacies in the US until the 1930's, when the Federal Government, not the doctors declared it to be illegal.  Cannabis has never been a dangerous drug, and it was a common medicine in literally every culture of note, throughout ALL of human history.  The exception being the US Fed, who decided to create our alter reality.


So maybe you understand why I’m kind of bit pissed off.   I will explain this to my main physician and maybe she can prescribe me the cannabis. It would be nice because the cannabis that you get from the pharmacy, they breed it in a way that its less psychoactive, which is something to be honest I don’t really like it.

Note:  The US Fed banned the sale of non-intoxicating medical marijuana and CBD, listing them as the most dangerous of substances.  Meanwhile, a notable portion of the medical community is up in arms, knowing full well that marijuana is extremely safe to use.





I don’t like the feeling of being high, I like being 100% conscious all the time and experiencing the world around me as it is, well, as it is it’s always going to subjective my perspective of the world, but I don’t want it to be extra dizzy or something.  So if I could get cannabis that mainly just acts taking away the pain and the cramps and stuff then please give me that.

Note: High THC alone is not recommended for those who don't like its psychoactive effects.  Strains that contain an equal amount of THC and CBD deliver more balanced psychological effects, while stains high in CBD and minor quantities of THC have, in practice, no ability to get one high, however they might feel normally fine.

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So yeah, I hope you liked my rant.  


(see further reading section for the vid.)


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  To purchase any kind of marijuana, until 2018 all Californians require a doctor's recommendation.  We provide Cannabis ID, Growers permits and 420 evaluations 100% online.  It takes only a few minutes to apply and patients don't pay unless they are approved.  Documents are used at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, clinics, cooperatives, compassion clubs in Cali and some many places in Nevada (where they are tax exempt).




Cannabis for Pain Management

Unedited source material.



Down to earth, from the street videos on patient experiences and self improvement.  


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