Morality and the facts are on our side.

Morality, the law and the facts are on our side. Only the Deep State is against.




Like him or hate him, Trump definitely kicks Ass.

Donald Trump - Presidential Candidates Survey on Marijuana Score: +32





Q Have you had the opportunity to talk point blank with Attorney General Sessions and Secretary Kelly ???  using probably the same statistics and data you presented to former President Nixon, the stats that seemed to turn him around, because as you say the facts and statistics are on our side, and they been there for a long time. Why is there still this reluctance and even aggressive pursuit of turn back?

A Roger Stone: I think the answer to your question is the political influence of big pharma, in other words there are those in the mainstream of both parties who cling to the false statistics in the rhetoric of the drug warriors.  In many cases, they have to know that our long term experience proves that the war on drugs is a failure, so why don’t they change their positions or focus.

Big pharma is a major political contributor, Big pharma is a major presence on Capitol Hill, Big pharma sells aspirin or Tylenol or other products that are prescription and they view cannabis as competition, competition that is far healthier, competition that is less I think debilitating and therefore I’m not focusing the campaign I have in mind on Jeff Sessions.  I think I might as well talk to this wall.  I like Jeff Sessions I must tell you, he comes from a southern conservative tradition.  


Editor's note:  What is a conservative?   George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin had big hemp operations.  The US Pharmacopeia of pre 1930's had cannabis listed as an effective medicine for many conditions, the drug store stocked marijuana based medicines and doctors prescribed it.   A true conservative would legalize hemp and marijuana in a second.  Jeff does not know his history, at all.


I’d be willing to bet he has never smelled marijuana in his life. He has no idea what it’s like. But he has heard since the time he was in school, that just one puff will make you a heroin addict. See, it’s a gateway drug so you’ve got to cut through all of this disinformation and frankly the party leaders, they like the financial support of big pharma, because big pharma writes big checks. I think that is the answer.


Q  First of all I respect and admire your stand on marching with such a diverse group of individuals against the Draconian laws that had men languishing in jails right now, I think this would move forward a lot quicker if we had that moral vibrant with this movement that you seem to represent to say that the men who are currently incarcerated based on small transactions related to cannabis.  They should have those record expunged and be able to even be free or happen to have self position, where they can vote, and all other things that was taken away. Because it’s little interactions are related to cannabis are you in a position to take a stand as strongly as the other stand you take?

A Roger Stone: I could not agree with you more. They incarcerated an entire generation of black men and women for the possession of small amounts of drugs, a non- violent crime, in many cases a first-time offense and essentially destroying lives.  It makes no sense. In 1970 New York State pass this Draconian race-based drug laws because Nelson Rockefeller was running for his fourth term.

He was up against substantial opposition and the country was moving right and Governor Rockefeller would be known as a liberal Republican, he needed to get some law and order credentials, so they gave us the New York State drug laws. While we have made progress and while they are much better today , there has been no addressing of the question of those brothers and sisters who languish upstate in jails, with no hope of a future, so yes I would urge Governor Cuomo to use his pen.  Let’s start pardoning people, let’s start screening people.

I’m not talking about drug kingpins who are selling heroin to school children here, we’re talking about people who have made a mistake in life, perhaps, but who have been caught with a small amount of drugs again for personal use.  So yes, I am in favor of greater use of the Parkin process, greater use of the parole process. I think if the governor has the authority to commute sentences of the upstate New York.  Prisons are a cottage industry for both parties. When you go look at who works at these facilities, they are all related to somebody politically, so yes that is up reform we have to have.

Q Jails are important, but this industry right now, as I understand is non-inclusive in diverse industry, so Mr. Stone, what is your stand, or where are you going to help us to make sure that this industry is inclusive on the diverse - so the people who are locked-up will also have an opportunity to make money in something they are locked-up for, so many years ago?

A Roger Stone: I’m not sure I know the answer to your question, other than to say: first, perhaps to make sure the industry is completely legal and protected. We have to protect the rights of the people in the 29 States.

It’s like I have friends who wanted to argue about social issues on both sides, say or both sides of discussion.  Well if you are incinerated by a thermonuclear device, private property rights or gay marriage, really what matters?  So I always think that there are antecedent war and peace issues, that have to take some precedence, and that’s why I can excuse President Nixon, my mentor, for his egregious War on Drugs, because I think his limitation of nuclear warheads with the Russians was a good thing.  So I’m not sure how to put up because I’m not in the industry, I’m in politics. I’m also a small grower.

I’m open to other suggestions.  I share your goal. I’m not sure I know enough about the industry to give you a better answer.


Q  Hi, I’m Dr. Paul Jacobson MD, they call me Dr. J.   I’m a part time job resident psychiatrist for the last 30 years in Florida.  But, I’m a full time medical entrepreneur, as a recommending cannabis doctor, I’ve had to refuse myself because, I’m also a vertical integration licensee in Florida, thanks to the recent out of Michigan and Florida, I am very much pro John Morgan’s attitude towards getting this thing descheduled.  The DEA, that’s been a real problem.  I see that economically this is killing our patient population, because it only those with positive cash flows can afford the medicine, the medicinal value of cannabis is only for those who can afford it out of pocket. The insurance companies are waiting to get this thing descheduled, so the patient a fighting chance at having the portability covered and I’d like to volunteer to be part of your preparation M team to help it progress.

Trump Marijuana  Policy or Lack Thereof Threatens  to Undermine Hard Won Trust



"What is your immediate plan to help this be descheduled?"


A Roger Stone: Well, I guess the answer is to make certain that the President and the people in his administration understand the benefits, and as I said, not only persuade them that it’s good public policy, but also that its good politics. See, I think it’s important to examine for the President, who voted for this President. I already seen a poll that shows that 1/3 of his voters would not vote for him again - if he allows his administration to crackdown on legal cannabis.

Those kind of facts need to be better known in the administration, so its an education process, but you said in the campaign, it not only got you votes, it not only won you votes from people who care about this issue, but they’ll stick with you too if you’ll stick with them, keep faith with the voters that you assured you would support the industry and the availability to get it in the states.

That’s the key to victory now, whether we use direct mail, cable or digital advertising or for broadcast television or marches or petitions, we’re going to use all of those, we’re going to use every monitor campaign communications technique that we know works.

We are in a different age in politics, because it used to be true whether you are a candidate or a cause, if you couldn’t afford broadcast television.  advertising always a multi-million dollar endeavor, well then you were even in the game.  With the advent of the internet, we can reach the people we need to reach digitally at a much more effective cost and therefore the same exact techniques that I use to help elect the President, I would now like to use to persuade him to do the right thing.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  Roger Stone want's you to have access to marijuana.  In California, until 2018, residents and tourists must have a licensed medical doctor's recommendation for cannabis - to purchase it anywhere, no matter if it is a delivery service, cooperative, compassion club, clinic, or neighborhood dispensary.  Our online process makes getting a Cannabis ID, doctor's 420 evaluation or cultivation permit very easy.  

Just fill out the online form, it takes a few minutes and a doctor will review your conditions and symptoms.  Patients don't pay until they're approved.  A recommendation or ID card is good for one year and they can be renewed - in minutes - online here.



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Roger Stone, a longtime ally of President Trump, is urging the administration to steer clear of a federal crackdown on recreational marijuana.


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Roger Stone, one of President Donald Trump's most ardent surrogates, has publicly implored the president to back marijuana legalization—even as he blasted his U.S. attorney general for "outmoded thinking" on pot while quoting Thomas Jefferson and The Bible to justify his position.

In a blog post published on Friday, Stone called on Trump to remain true to sentiments he expressed as a presidential candidate, when he said that pot legalization should be left to the states. In recent days, however, his administration has suggested it would err on the side of stricter enforcement of marijuana laws.


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When President Trump was still Candidate Donald J. Trump, he made many remarks regarding honoring States Rights when it came to the individual States to decide on the issue of marijuana.

In the now famous November 23, 2015 GQ video, then Candidate Trump talks about legalized marijuana, and in it he said “Legalized marijuana is always a very difficult question . . . for medicinal purposes, for medical purposes . . . absolutely, its fine”.

Tens of millions of Liberty minded Americans believed him when he said this and took his message to heart, fully expecting him to end the ineffectual and wasteful War on Weed.  Americans were not wrong to believe President Trump, as he was also on record a month earlier in the Washington Post, on October 29, 2015, being quoted as saying “”In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state.”


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