Marijuana Legalization is Killing Organized Crime

Legalized Marijuana wipes out Drug Dealers

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In the period from 1950 to 1995, if you bought Marijuana, it definitely was grown illegally.  Chances are that your dollars went into the pocket of a dealer connected to organized crime, a gang, cartel or local mafia.  This is why some people called Cannabis a gateway drug.


On it's own, Marijuana, however, is anything but a gateway drug because in every case, where's MMJ has been legalized, death from DUI, hard drugs including heroin went down dramatically by 20 to 30% in the first year.  MMJ Doctors round the world use Marijuana to get addicts off hard drugs.  Previous to legalization, Marijuana was often sold by the same folk dealing in heroin, crack, amphetamines, LSD. 


Zero Tolerance Drug Law is  the best possible policy for Drug Dealers.

Government guarding grow operations.

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In the US, most Marijuana used to be smuggled in from Mexico across the Rio Grande. Many of the people involved in the trade were not nice people; murders, thieves, lowlifes'. 

Marijuana is the cash crop king at $50 billion per annum.  These figures click in after 50 years with the war on drugs.  With all the king's men and all the king's horses, and with billion dollar budgets, Marijuana thrived. Yet there are still people out there in the various Town Halls or even Presidential Candidates speak of zero tolerance. 


Now times are a changin.  Medical Marijuana is legal in 25 states and recreational use is approved in 5 others.  States with Legal Medical Marijuana.  R denotes legal recreational use below:

1. Alaska - R 2. Arizona 3. California 4. Colorado R 5. Connecticut 6. Delaware
7. Hawaii 8. Illinois 9. Maine 10. Maryland 11. Massachusetts  12. Michigan 13. Minnesota
14. Montana 15. Nevada 16. New Hampshire 17. New Jersey 18. New Mexico 19. New York 20. Oregon R 21. Pennsylvania  22. Rhode Island 23. Vermont 24. Washington 25. Hawaii


The legalization of Marijuana in the US has dealt a serious blow to the Mexican Drug cartels.  The Mexico Marijuana has collapsed and prices have dropped as much as 70%.  Illegal operators are at a complete disadvantage.  Would you trust a legit grower, with a fine facility you can tour - or a guy of the street selling Mexican weed with god knows what kind of shit in it?  Do you think the average wiseguy really cares if the weed is sprayed with toxic shit? 

5 Reasons Why Marijuana Users Prefer to buy  legal US home grown Medical Marijuana over Illegal Street Weed.

  • Most Americans don't want to give money to crime syndicates
  • US Medical Marijuana is generally more potent than Mexican Weed.
  • There is a greater variety  and quality in Strains
  • Street weed might contain pesticides and toxic chemicals.
  • Marijuana users don't consider smoking weed to be a crime, they prefer to buy it legally


Dealers Profits Way Down - Mexican Cartels on the Way out with MMJ legalization

Dealers profits are way down too, a member of the Sinaloa Cartel said in confidence that profits dropped from $100 to $30 per kg.  Border patrol on both sides of the border notice the huge drop in smuggling.  That means huge savings provided the Federal government actually wants to save money.  This kind of news has been reported directly to the United Nations via their representative in Mexico, yet in May of this year, the UN rejected a proposal to change their hard line stand on Marijuana.  The UN currently opposes legalization and decriminalization. 

As recently as the late 2000's, seventy percent of US Weed came from Mexico.  About 30% of Drug Cartels total revenues came for Weed.  Now it's down to less than a third, maybe 20% of US consumption. That means that partial MMJ legalization alone of wiped out 20% of the Cartel's lifeblood   Certainly, drug dealers that have no money will cease to exist.  You're terminated MFukr.

Will Donald Trump Sessions?



“If Mexico legalized marijuana production for domestic consumption and exports to the U.S. remained illegal,there would still be incentives to smuggle marijuana to the U.S. " - RAND Drug Policy Research Center


Mexico is now holding a National Debate on Cannabis Legalization which a good thing but it emphasizes the fact that the human being is such a head case. Mexico's top cash crop for decades, by a wide margin is illegal.  Mexican legislators now "debate" the pros and cons of legalization. Good luck with it is all we can say.


Donald Trump - Presidential Candidates Survey on Marijuana Score #2


"Mexico is currently considering changes to laws that would legalize or decriminalize cannabis. That could further reduce cartel profits by adding small-time growers and smugglers into the mix."  - BBC reporter before he raced to the bar to cover a Jagerbomb contest.


The Expense of Needless Incarceration for Nonviolent Personal Drug Use.  

Chart - Marijuana Busts - Blacks and Hispanics

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While making people pay for their crimes, and eye for an eye, makes sense, it makes no sense to breed and educate criminals while punishing the relatively innocent for a bag of pot that causes no harm to no one.. Does Incarceration create Losers and Master Criminals  They say you go to prison because you had a half assed plan.  Then you emerge with your Ph.D. and a master plan. 


So while the big argument for drug legalization is to reduce drug cartel's power and corruption around the world, the savings in law enforcement and incarceration amount to a few hundred billion dollars.  You do the math.  

Right now an estimated 4.5 million adults aged 18 or older were on probation for a drug offense at some time during 2013.  The most common drug offense was related to Marijuana. 


War on Drugs Facts and Figures Marijuana - Year 2004 Before Substantial Legalization

Estimated Number Of People In The US Sentenced To State and Federal Prison For Marijuana Offenses.

  • Total Federal Prisoners 2004 = 170,535
  • Total State Prisoners 2004 = 1,244,311
  • Percent of federal prisoners held for drug law violations = 55%
  • Percent of state prisoners held for drug law violations = 21%
  • Marijuana/hashish, Percent of federal drug offenders, 2004 = 12.4%
  • Marijuana/hashish, Percent of state drug offenders, 2004 = 12.7%
  • (Total prisoners x percent drug law) x percent marijuana = "marijuana prisoners"
  • Federal marijuana prisoners in 2004 = 11,630
  • State marijuana prisoners in 2004 = 33,186
  • Total federal and state marijuana prisoners in 2004 = 44,816
  • Fed totals do not include 700,000+ offenders in local jails


Ask yourself, do you care about money? There are almost 2 million americans in jail in county, state and federal jails and nearly 5 million probation or parole.  The cost of incarceration varies from $30k to more than $100k across the country.  You do the math, say and average of $50k per head times 2 million marijuana criminals. Then add in court costs, costs in lost wages to the families of the incarcerated, the cost of policing at the municipal, state and federal levels. 

Chart - Drug Arrests greater than all other crimes combined.

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"Free-market economics have long stymied the war on drugs. Efforts by the Mexican government to encourage farmers to grow legal crops fell flat because high profits from cannabis cultivation were so appealing. By now it seems market forces may actually be curtailing illegal activity." -  Rand Corp. 


Comment on the above statement, do you think the above analysis is funny-strange, in essence they are stating the obvious, as Marijuana is legalized, its curtailing illegal activity.  Duh?  Can we join  Rand's MMJ "think thank"?


Of course the US will proceed with it's very costly and confusing piecemeal legislation, but if the Feds back off on their hard line approach and approve nation wide Medical Marijuana legislation, then we expect an avalanche of states to follow suit.  After that, there is a chance nationwide  recreational use will follow across the majority of the country, some time in the next five years, give or take.

At the end of the day, the citizens of both countries have the ability to say bye bye to the Drug cartels while making a ton of money in tax revenue.  It only depends on the leaders.  Do they want it to happen?

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New Rules - prior marijuana use won't prohibit you from guarding TRUMP!





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