Joe Rogan: I thought the same thing, you know I didn’t start smoking pot until about 5 years ago, I thought pot makes you stupid,  I bought into just as much as anybody did, I realize, like when I was 30 years old that I was tricked.  I went like, you gotta be fucking kidding me.



Well, upon review of more than one hundred medical studies, journal articles and peer reviewed reports, we find that cannabis and its components cannabinoids THC and CBD protect and encourage the regeneration of neurological tissue.

In 1974, the Heath/Tulane study results, Ronald Reagan announces; the most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana.


Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush Obama were all War on Drugs Warriors


In the study, monkeys pumped full of marijuana apparently, 30 joints a day had begun to cause atrophy and they died after 90 days. Brain damage was determined after counting the dead brain cells of both monkey’s who have been subjected to the marijuana and the ones who have not. The study became the foundation of the government and other special interest groups claim; that marijuana kills brain cells.



Here’s what they didn't tell you, after 6 years of request how the study was conducted was finally revealed instead of administering 30 joints a day for 1 year Dr. Heath use a method of pumping 63 Columbian strength joint thru a gas mask within 5 minutes over 3 months.

Todd McCormick:  They suffocated the monkeys, what they did is, they put on these gas masks, basically on their face, and they pumped pot into it  But without additional oxygen, so after x amount of time, the brain shut down.  Well if you suffocate, the first thing that’s gonna happen is your brain cells are going to die from lack of oxygen.

So what they did is they suffocated the monkey, showed all these dead brain cells, and then went on to associate it, saying cannabis use causes your brain cells to die, and how many people not knowing the origin of the study have gone on to quote it, and re-quote it? And now people believe it.



Studies since have shown no signs of brain cell damage.  In 2005, new research suggested that marijuana could possibly stimulate brain cell growth. That study hasn’t received the same attention.  Another common belief: marijuana causes lung cancer.

Todd McCormick:  In the 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine that was paid for by the United States government, they had to use words like ‘may’ and ‘should’ cause cancer.

Rielle Capler:  We’ve been hearing for years, them trying to say that it causes lung cancer, and we say really that’s interesting because you can’t even show us one case of cancer being caused by cannabis use alone.



With an average of 430,000 deaths per year, considering it’s the number one killer, it’s interesting to know that tobacco receives government subsidies and is grown with radioactive fertilizer.  Number two on the list, if we don’t include poor diet and physical inactivity, with well over 85,000 deaths a year: alcohol.   

As we look much further down the list there are others that may surprise you, caffeine comes in with 1-10000 deaths a year. Some of our most popular pain relievers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin: still make an appearance with over 7,000 and a half death annually. 

Where does marijuana lie in this? What kind of staggering number do we find? 


Dr. Strangeglove would fit right in Today



Dr. Lester Grinspoon:  There are no deaths from cannabis use, anywhere. You can’t find one.  Anybody who is at all sophisticated about marijuana would rate them the way two researchers were asked to rate drugs in order of addiction. Nicotine was one, alcohol was two, and then heroin, and cocaine, and coffee, and then marijuana. There may have been a couple of other drugs but marijuana was at the very bottom, below coffee. You know in the days of Harry Anslinger, it was called the stepping stone hypothesis. If you stepped on this stone: marijuana, you are bound and determined to go onto to the next stone, which would be one of the so called hard drugs. There is no inherent psychopharmacological property of the drug which pushes one toward another drug.

Norm Stamper PhD: I drink alcohol, that’s my drug of choice. It could be said ‘I started on milk.’ I mean this is crazy.  If I use marijuana, why does that automatically make me a candidate to black tar heroin? It’s a nonsensical argument. 

But what about the potency of the drug? 

Joe Rogan: Marijuana is dangerous, there is a higher THC level than ever before."

Ian Mulgrew: Anytime you got a bag of Colombian dope 20 years ago, it was way better than the Mexican schwag that you normally got, so there has always been a range of THC in plants, and the fact that we can now grow stuff that’s now equivalent to what Columbian was 20 years ago, doesn’t mean that we’re boosting THC to unheard of levels, it just means that there are some nuances in this discussion that people should be aware of.

Joe Rogan Marijuana Advocate



Joe Rogan: People say well you can abuse marijuana. Well shit  you can abuse cheese burgers too.  You don’t go around closing Burger King, because you can abuse something.  I can take a fucking fork and jam it in my eyeball, does that mean forks should be illegal? 

Norm Stamper PhD:  There are far more crimes committed under the influence of an adulterated state,  of your will emotions anger, rage, jealousy.  

Dr. Tim Stockwell, PhD:  A lot of our understanding is driven by what’s in the paper and on the television and the radio these days and we get extremes and the black and white thinking is reinforced I think by then.

Jack A Cole:  Marijuana is just a weed. Marijuana is worth more ounce for ounce than gold.

Marc Emery:  You don’t find legal commodities at two hundred dollars an ounce. You don’t even find them at two hundred dollars a pound. Heck most things are two hundred dollars a ton for corn and grain and barley.

Kirk Tousaw:  We should legalize marijuana, tax the hell out of it and put every dime back into the healthcare system.

Taxation and legalization? Doesn’t that seem a little extreme? Wouldn’t it be better to just decriminalize? 

Norm Stamper PhD:  The distinction is simple. Legalization of marijuana makes it a product that is legally available to adults.

Dr. Tim Stockwell:  That doesn’t mean that there is unregulated distribution, unregulated sale, and unregulated use.

Norm Stamper PhD: The decriminalization of marijuana still makes it an offense. You’re not going to go to jail for it under a decriminalized model, but society is still saying no no no.


Editor's note: "Society" has had to listen to scientific diatribe blown through their minds from all directions, TV, Movies, newspapers, schools and the rest.  Yet 65% of Americans want it legalized and its by far America's biggest crop.  So it's only the last 35% of brainwashed people that oppose marijuana, they're the only ones left for the Fed to preach to, and their numbers are declining year by year as their diatribe is exposed.



Dr. Tim Stockwell: Decriminalization doesn’t address the problems of organized crime, and it doesn’t create a situation where you have retail sales.” 

Jeffrey Miron: Decriminalization is just kind of a goofy concept to say that it’s legal to own something, to use it, to possess it, but not to produce it or sell it, just seems like this illogical position because where did this stuff come from? 




Senator Larry Campbell:  it’s the worst of both worlds and sends out an incredibly bad message.  It should be controlled like alcohol, like tobacco.

Even Francis Young: the DEA owns judge who took medical testimony for over 2 weeks made this statement:  "Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. Yet despite this and the ever mounting number of real world patients success stories cannabis remains listed as a schedule 1 narcotic. Under that category marijuanas classified having no known medical value."

Greg Cooper: I have multiple sclerosis since…When I first met Greg, his shaking so severe he informed us that he would need a few puffs of marijuana, in order to participate in the interview.  The difference was night and day.

Interviewer:  What do you say to those that say marijuana needs to be tested, and regulated, and has to be taken out, for pharmaceutical companies to consider it a valuable medicine?




Greg Cooper:  That’s a pretty, it's actually a pathetic thing to say that the pharmaceutical system needs to say its OK. I mean just look at me, yes it not bluntly obvious that it works.  It takes away my discomfort let’s call it. It does enhance my very being.

Greg has been using marijuana for years, and stated to us that he never experienced any negative effect.

What politician can come before their constituents today, and say marijuana should be decriminalized when yesterday they said it was evil and dangerous?  Their constituents are going to want to know why they changed their mind.  Were you lying to us, or were you stupid?  In either way, you will not be elected next time.          



Marijuana Facts They Don't Want You To Hear Before It's News


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