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Vape Alchemy - Better Medicine - Better Experience


The issues in a nutshell.  E-Juice contains a carrier with pure nicotine.  Provided that the carrier of the nicotine is not carcinogenic or toxic, vaping E-Juice in our not so uninformed opinion, is probably 95% or more less toxic than cigarettes.  

People don't understand it is the tar and chemical additives that make cigarette smoking so deadly.  Nicotine is also highly medicinal and is perhaps the best choice for many nervous and psychological disorders, as are cannabinoids, the active ingredients of cannabis.
Make no mistake that nicotine is addictive, but the lower toxicity of E-Juice has many scientists stating that it probably does very little harm in all but extreme examples.  Surely E-Juice and vaping is a great improvement, 95% better over smoking a pack.


Also mixing cannabinoids and nicotine in the form of vape juice will deliver very different effects, depending on the THC, CBD and other ingredients, in combination with users biochemistry, the array of results is fascinating.


“Rats are not prone to self-administer the nicotine in laboratory settings, for instance, as they will a substance like cocaine and opium, it's a disservice to portray nicotine as being as addictive as heroin when it absolutely is nowhere close, that is when nicotine is removed from tobacco with chemical additives."

How much, what form, how to start, what about vapes and edibles, what ater they all about?




They tossed cannabis in the waste bin back in the 1930’s.  They tossed cigarettes in the waste bin in the 1970’s. Today nicotine is seen as a horrible addictive substance and anything but a medicinal, that is by the general public, a public educated on hearsay mostly, with very little real science.

Nicotine as a medicinal has gotten a bad name.  It’s not the criminal in the crime, but it tags along with the Ax-murder, the tax and the man made chemicals, which cause disease.  Nicotine while addictive and relative non-toxic is infact a miracle molecule from nature, a substance that is in the waiting to be used medically.  



“City hall morons will ban E-cigarettes because of emissions “risk” when their stupid plastic water bottle gives off more shit smoke at incineration than 1,000 cigarette users.  These people have no clue. Someday Darwin will take care of these people and we’re going along for the ride." - Johnny Rod


What happens if you mix Nicotine E-Juice with Canna M-Juice?

Nicotine is both sedating and sharpening, delivering calmer and greater focus, along with a host of other benefits.  So too are the cannabinoids, the active ingredients found in cannabis. The effects of cannabinoids, the THC and CBD (mostly) vary widely between individuals and their history of use.  

Mixing Nicotine and Cannabinoids is something that may afford extremely useful benefits for many, particularly in the elderly.   The amount and ratios between nicotine, THC and CBD would be critical and should be modified in cooperation with an experienced healthcare professional well versed in cannabis based medicines.


“No question smoking cigarettes is the worst habit.  But the drug nicotine itself is not very toxic and could take the place of many more addictive and toxic pharmaceuticals.  In the War on Good Drugs, the pharmaceutical companies bury Nicotine because they can’t patent it and profit from it. So goes their anti-human campaign.”Situation Normal, All Fucked Up - Johnny Rod

Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist whose father died from smoking, and who believed the technology could evolve, in a sense, into what smoking was always meant to be: a risky indulgence, without question, but not a deadly one. Like traditional cigarettes, e-cigs are designed to be a means of inhaling nicotine. But by replacing tobacco with a synthetic and non-toxic nicotine-laced "juice" (equal parts propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin), heated by battery rather than fire, the most harmful components of smoking are removed from the equation

Nicotine, cannabinoids, and other medicinal components of their respective plants, in the form of E-Juice reduces the carcinogenic dangers by, perhaps 99%.


“Nicotine is not harmful, but it’s addictive.  To get the nicotine you have to smoke a cigarette full of tar and chemicals and that’s what causes all the problems, cancer, heart disease and the rest.”

Nicotine itself can be a very powerful and useful medicinal substance.  Nicotine is not especially harmful in moderate amounts on its own becomes a very addictive substance when smoked because of the byproducts created from smoking, and especially the carcinogenic substances added to modern cigarettes.


“Realize that in the 50’s it was pretty much the same type of people that supported cigarette use, that now demonize it.” - Johnny Rod


The biggest issue today is Fake Information.  In the case of cannabis and tobacco, depending on the time and place, these plants are seen as great medicines and drugs from hell.  Back in the day, tobacco seems to be used only in the evening after supper and before love making and beddy by. They smoked is through a pipe and shared,  There were no sprays and additives. Lung cancer was not reported in the historical record.

Enter so called modern man, who took tobacco, and selectively bred for higher nicotine, and then added in a horrendous blend of carcinogenic chemicals.  This kind of “western brain power” permeates all of your consumables, food, drugs, etc. The thought that a little is good, a lot is better. And so goes the addictions, from concentrated sugar, over refined flour, nuclear opium, and weed with 30% THC.   


“E-cigarettes are safer only if you don’t add some chemical bullshit to the juice , and that is exactly what will happen if big-corp gets a hold of it.  They’ll use plastics, toxic solvents, preservatives and what not. Guaranteed. City hall won’t approve of an organic mom and pop solution, but they’ll let in FDA approved toxic chemicals.” - Johnny Rod


You have the sage advice over and over throughout the world saying the same thing.  All things in good measure, everything in moderation, from the Greeks to Confucius.  In effect the process is devolutionary, from natural herbs and preparations thereof that tended to encourage moderation, to concentrates and chemical derivatives that encouraged addiction, and poor health with ongoing use.  

Fake science, fake news, fake relationships, fake everything.  We’re all to blame, top to bottom, big and small. We’ve all been trained to work or bend the truth, for our employer, to fit in, to make others feel better, to get what we want.  This human basic instinct to manipulate, this art of deception, is taken to a totally different level by the elites, the powers that be.


Are e-cigs toxic?



“Your town hall does not know their head from their ass.  People don’t die from nicotine, they die from tar. Time for America to reboot.” - Johnny Rod


To learn something like nicotine and cannabinoids (the active ingredients of tobacco and cannabis respectively) from academia from a human health or even recreational standpoint, functionally, it is required to sift through the spin, sift through the bullshit.

An example from another sphere, global warming, for example, the global warmers push a lot of propaganda in the times when its warming, and in times of cooling and ice build up, they skip over that info, and republish the old reports.  This is the art of propaganda, the art of the sucker, and so contaminated academia is with compliant professors, that most of politically or business connected science has become extremely suspect.

In the field of drugs and medicine, the BS could not be piled higher nor deeper.  It's gotten to the point where, it cannot be piled higher, due to the law of bullshit physics, it's starting to roll down hill.  The once respected institutions, the EPA, FDA, DEA, media, and scientific institutions are increasingly looked upon as perpetrators of disinformation, politically correct rhetoric, delusional diatribe and outright propaganda to expose whatever cause that suits their agenda, either professional or other.

People don't know, as a rule anything really about the real science, having “learned: from TV and their science class.  In this process, sadly, the average university student has to be entirely trained from scratch when they enter a real industrial lab or application.  


"Potential to make a significant contribution to the endgame for tobacco."

At the end of the day, it is the powers that be that are Nazi in their propaganda and invert the argument, and label their enemies – folk with contrary findings – Nazi.   With that said, there are still wealth of researchers that have escaped the clutches or big pharma, big corp, and the extreme political correctness of today’s academia.  Today’s reality is sliding into madness, and at the top levels.


For example, Google has branded the Green Party as Nazi, Facebook, the US constitution as a hate crime, reports on increasing ice cap buildup are branded a climate change denier, again associating nothing to do with Nazism, with Nazism.  

Under these guidelines, admittedly, it's difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, given this hurricane of bad science rampant in Western societies.   For example, if you ask what is the major ingredient in cigarettes that kill? They will say nicotine. Well, nicotine in the amounts found in cigarettes is not particularly harmful.  It is the tar, and byproducts from combustion, particularly chemical additives that kill. That's right, chemical additives that make cigarettes more addictive and burn more quickly to encourage over consumption.


"Landmark review around 95 percent safer than smoking."  

Understand that the majority of the shares of cigarette companies are owned by the same people that own the majority of the shares in big pharmaceutical companies.  And understand that these same people are poised to buy up the main players in the marijuana business, once the pioneer's have developed the science and the lawmakers have settled most of their messy disputes and legislative duties.

So who do you trust to get your information.  Well, if you study the matter at hand and have common sense and trust your own logic, then it's really not that hard to decipher the bullshit.  

There is reliable test data about what is in marijuana, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and so on.  The LD 50 (lethal dose 50%) in rodents gives you some insight into toxicity. Carcinogenic studies conducted by independent researchers - ones not seeking tenure by producing results that the university brass wants to hear.

Back in the 1950’s cigarettes were literally advertised as being good for you.  The medical profession, in part joined in trumpeting the benefits or lack of harm that cigarettes might cause.  Today the paradigm is inverted, where everything cigarettes is bad and evil. When people who smoked cigarettes turn to e-cigarettes to get the benefits of nicotine, while reducing 90+% or the harmful chemicals, the politically correct and certainly non-scientific public reflex action is to ban e-cigarettes use in public spaces.   


"It was what I've been preaching for years! Maybe we're seeing a shift where people like me don't sound so fringe and crazy."



The same organizations that espoused the health benefits or non-hazards of smoking cigarettes a handful of decades ago, are not declaring that minute amounts of vapor from e-cigarettes is a significant health risk.   The emissions from 1 million E-cigarettes is less than one bus. This is called fake science. The universities pump out delusional grads without basic fundamentals and populate industry and government, further perpetuating utter "scientific" nonsense.  





“While anti-smoking advocates are trying to save lives, supposedly, they are actually depriving many patients of the opportunity to take their cannabis medication.  As they say, it's pennywise and pound foolish. The threw the baby out with the bath water.”

“At the end of the day, if you sat many of the people involved in the process and asked them some basic questions, like what are the chemicals given off from an e cigarette?  What is their LD50. Actually, most of these do gooders won't know what an LD50 is. They won't be able to name the main combustion products from an E-Cig, nor a Vape. They won't know how much more toxic gas is given off by stains, synthetic building materials, household cleaners, bleach and the list goes on and on. “  

“The acceptability of E-cigarettes bounces up and down like a yo-yo.  There is no science at the base, it is only hearsay, from who’s got the biggest voice on social media.”

“There are some guys on social media have some good information, like Joe Rogan.  Joe is a smart health nut and he will suck up some nicotine in some form or another. Joe Rogan, old Joe was legit,  Now he’s compromised because he’s getting in the way of people's agendas. Still, Joe ran the ball a long way up the field.” - Johnny Rod

“The biggest hurdle for e-cigs in the U.S. is the very thing that makes them so appealing: by mimicking the hand-to-mouth ritual of smoking and delivering the same drug — nicotine — found in tobacco, they look and feel a whole lot like smoking. As a result, concerns about e-cigs center on whether encouraging people with a deadly habit to switch will rollback a decades-long trend of historically low smoking rates.”

“Nicotine, when removed from cigarettes, is relatively benign. Though not entirely free of risks (in pregnancy in higher doses), nicotine operates as both an upper and a downer depending on the state of the user, proven to simultaneously sharpen focus and calm nerves.  As such, nicotine in micro or macro dose can be a substitute for PTSD drugs, now associated with extreme psychotic or autistic behavior “

"In some ways I think of nicotine as the perfect psychotropic drug, to improve cognitive functioning in those suffering a variety of conditions, from Alzheimer's to Parkinson's to the mental fog created by chemotherapy and HIV medications.”
"The nicotinic receptors in the brain act as modulators rather than classic transmitters, scanning the system and stimulating what needs to be stimulated and relaxing what needs to be relaxed, That's why you have a smoker who uses a cigarette to wake up and to go to sleep."

"Current rules prohibit  marketing E-Cig products as anything but another vice. There is so much anecdotal evidence out there supporting the idea  E cigarettes have helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit. Then there is the obvious fact that almost all of the harmful substances from cigarette smoking are removed. "

“The people that are supposed to be against smoking are not doing their job.  E Cigarettes can help millions of people quit.”

“While nicotine can be ingested in a variety of generally harmless ways, it is only when inhaled that its full powers — and potential for addiction — are unlocked. From the lungs it reaches the brain within seconds, providing the satisfying jolt that smokers crave. (A nicotine patch, by contrast, takes many minutes longer.) “

“Harvard released a study suggesting at least one aspect of vaping might be as detrimental as traditional smoking. Researchers at the university found that 75 percent of flavored e-cigs contained a chemical called diacetyl, commonly used in artificial butter flavorings. While safe to eat, the dangers of inhaling diacetyl were revealed in the early 2000s, when workers at several popcorn factories came down with a condition that became known as "popcorn lung."





Cannabis is the only medicine that really works.


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