The Highs and Lows of the Weed Business

The Highs and Lows of the Weed Business


I am a registered Medical Marijuana patient here in the state of Colorado, which means I have a license - to be able to cultivate cannabis at home for medicinal use.  I’m not stoned, I’m not. You know I’m not stoned because I don’t want to be and I’m medicated now.




I make a lot of my own edibles, so this is actually canna butter that I’ve made myself and then I keep them. These are about two tablespoon chunks and I keep them in the freezer, then I just thaw out what I need, and I can make cookies or muffins.


"Edibles refers to beverages and foods infused with cannabis of some form or shape.  Most common are cannabis cookies, brownies, coffee drinks, breads, candies, butters, oils and candy.  In home baking cannabis butter is most often substituted into traditional recipes.

CBD Guide Edibles

The effect of edibles lasts about eight or more hours, as compared to inhalation, which lasts an hour and a half.  Edibles are infused with decarboxylated marijuana or are baked at 340 deg F where non-active THCA is converted into THC.  Edibles are ideal for all night relief of pain and are an excellent sleeping tonic.  Dosage must be watched carefully as overdosing is very common.  Look at the label or compute the number of mg in an edible before consumption."




I use cannabis medicinally to treat the variety of symptoms that I experienced from fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition.  Most people think of it as being chronic pain, but there’s also chronic fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, mental clarity and focus.


Fibromyalgia and Cannabis


With recent legalization, Marijuana stands to rival Silicon Valley in revenues in the world's 6th largest economy.



"Fibromyalgia (FM) is set of disorders that cause aches and pains, that are especially tender to touch or external pressure.  Fibromyalgia affects 2-4% of the population, predominantly females.  Fibromyalgia is sometimes linked with psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety, and post traumatic stress syndrome.

It is now well established that Cannabinoids, components of Medical Marijuana, are effective for many patients in the treatment of pain, gastrointestinal disorders, psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and other neurological disorders."





Because of the way marijuana is classified at the federal level, it is considered to have by the federal government no medical value, and in fact, that makes it almost impossible to get federal funds to research.  Any medical value it might have, we have gone for so long with indications that cannabis can have such dramatic benefits on some of our most difficult conditions and illnesses, and we haven’t followed up.




Government Joints


"The Federal Government condemns the use of marijuana, while hypocritically holds medical marijuana patients and funded the basic research that became the Israeli Medical Marijuana program, that treats thousands of patients, especially military."




It definitely saved my quality of my life, probably saved my marriage, you know, it saved my relationship with my grandchildren and my children, because I can be more active with them. I can participate now. Pain at that level is completely overwhelming. I did use pharmaceuticals before. I think after 28 years, part of the reason why I was so excited with cannabis, it was something that I felt like I could live with for the rest of my life.





You can consume an enormous amount in terrible times, but it doesn’t actually shut your brain down, you can certainly over consume and then make bad decisions that could lead to your death.  Sometimes people go a little overboard and say, no one has ever died because of marijuana and it’s technically true, but you want to understand; there are risks involved.


Marijuana Overdose - Edibles - Not a good Trip


"While DUI, suicide, overdose death and consumption by teens have all gone down with legalization, marijuana overdose is an issue for emergency wards, where freaked out over consumers need to be hand held until their anxiety attack subsides.  No deaths have been documented for overdose, and in practice, it is impossible to consume a lethal or permanently harming dose."




I consume probably every way you possibly can with cannabis  I rely primarily on edibles.  I like the long-acting effect that I get.  I augment edibles with smoking or vaporizing, sublingual tinctures.  We also have patches and creams.


The Great Variety of Cannabis Based Medicines


Cannabis FUBAR Scenarios


We grow everything for our medical patients. We make it in so many different forms, you got the lotion, so if you have arthritis, you got you know types of little pains like that, you can use it as a topical, whether than smoking, you know just like the edibles, for people who don’t want to smoke, they can induce it that way.


Another great one is tinctures, the hemp tinctures of the CVD tinctures.  This is what the children are moving all across the world for around here. This stuff right here, this is what the people want, you know this is what they’re giving their kids that’s not getting them high and that’s stopping them from having a hundred seizures to three seizures a day.



Tinctures - An Old and Great Form to Take Herbal Medicines


"Tincture also know as "green dragon", is an ethanol alcohol extract of cannabis that concentrates the active ingredients, the cannabinoids, THC, CBD among other ingredients. Tinctures can be swallowed or used sublingually (under the tongue).  A few drops of tincture may contain 10 or more mg of THC of CBD.  A few drops of a CBD tincture taken sublingually can stop seizures in epileptics in certain individuals in a minute or so."




The kids that are using cannabis for epilepsy, a lot of them are using the high CBD form, that’s cannabidiol, that’s what you’re hearing about with Charlotte’s Web or Haley’s Hope strains.


"Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa based variety with almost no THC (<0.3%).  Originating in Colorado, Charlotte's Web is gaining a reputation as a superior Med for treating seizures other neuromuscular disorders. This Medical Cannabis has High-CBD content with a fresh piney aroma. was originally bred by The Stanley Brothers to treat for an epileptic patient named Charlotte, who did not respond to any other medication."


"Hayley’s Comet is a patented-cultivar with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio (about 8% each) that was discovered and developed by noted researcher Dr. Paul Hornby of Vancouver.  Dr. Hornby has the intention of making Haley's Comet available to all patients worldwide. Cannabis capsules are made by decarboxylating plant material and the end product is a standardized extract (cannabis oil), which is verified by a three HPLC tests for consistency and active ingredients (cannabinoids)."  


There are people whose lives have been completely changed by access to medical marijuana.  But are there people out there who are maybe exaggerating their claims in order to get access to marijuana?  Sure! But at this point, the stories are just too overwhelming (positive) to deny.


"Epilepsy is a group of neurological diseases characterized by seizures. Epileptic seizures are episodes that vary from brief tremors to long periods of torturous, convulsive shaking . The mechanisms that cause Epilepsy are not fully understood, but it is well known that seizures come hand-in-hand with abnormal electrical activity in the brain."





If this was your child wouldn’t you do anything, you know it to save their lives.  I am just really grateful that Colorado has been able to play this role, to be this beacon of hope, which is healing so many people.       



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We specialize in Medical Marijuana Telehealth Services' 420 evaluations, Cannabis ID Cards and Cultivation Permits for use in California and Nevada at dispensaries, delivery services, cooperatives, cannabis clubs, compassion clubs and marijuana clinics.  The process takes only a few minutes, is 100% completed online, and your approval is usually same-day.  Patients don't pay unless they are approved.  These services comply with the guidelines set forth by the California Board of Medicine.




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