Patient and Google Faves - Top Medical Marijuana Articles - 2016

The best of the best - medical marijuana net-papers

The best of the best - medical marijuana net-papers


"Six top medical marijuana articles from 2016, as defined by our patients with, special love from Google search engine."


An easy mini course on medical marijuana


You never know for sure what will go viral on the internet. Our number one hit definitely caught us by surprise.  Without any special fan-fare, the audience decided to blast the piece into the internet literature stratosphere  All of this, despite being published in June 2016. Now the moldy weed article gets more play than ever...



Rating: 4.33 votes....Jun 18, 2016 - Did you know that smoking moldy weed can make your symptoms and conditions worse? While patients receive relief from pain and anxiety, ...

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Moldy Weed can make you Sick


If you thought smoking moldy Weed with a is no big deal, think again my friend.  "We raided 30 grow operations and took a total of 407 fungal spore samples. Two independent types of tests identified elevated fungal spore levels...... click on photo for more.


#2  The Many Ways Cannabis Might Treat Thyroid Disease

Rating: 4 - ‎13 votes  Jun 25, 2016 - Can new strains of medical marijuana treat Thyroid disease? The literature reveals some interesting studies, clinical evidence and patient ...

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Cannabis and Thyroid Disease


Let's look at an example Thyroid disease case.  A woman in her late 40's has developed a swelling, a lump on her neck  In error, prescribes hormone replacement therapy without result.  What might Medical Marijuana do for this poor woman?    There are many issues to look at in Thyroid disease.  The condition could be cancerous, there could be an excess or deficiency in iodine, there could be an infection and fluid build up, a benign on photo for more.



Rating: 3 - ‎16 votes...Jul 29, 2016 - It is easy to pass or fail a marijuana drug test. By following these simple steps, you can avoid disaster. In many cases, law enforcement and ...

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quality control in the medical marijuana clinic


Whether you smoke marijuana or not, you definitely don't want to fail a drug test that may result in a loss of employment or have a black mark - as a drug user - on your ever so important computerized portfolio.  Imagine that a Bill Gates and Steve Jobs could not be employed at many major corporations because they smoked grass.  Asinine. Our ethical position on this topic is that Marijuana is not a hazardous drug and is on photo for more.



Medical Marijuana in China Today

China Cashes in on Medical Marijuana

Rating: 3 - ‎31 votes....May 4, 2016 - What strain of marijuana is best for me? What are the TOP 10 California list of the most popular Medical Marijuana Strains? Answers, plus ...

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properly stored medical cannabis


The basics about the most common and popular Medical Marijuana strains - and answer the important questions most users should have:

What you need to know about Marijuana to self medicate intelligently.
What is the difference between strains?
What are the top 10 Strains in California?
How can I get legal access to Medical Marijuana?


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#5  420 Evaluations in California - Everything You Need to Know

Rating: 4 - ‎16 votes...Mar 22, 2016 - An online 420 Evaluation is a simple process that allows patients to legally access Medical Marijuana in California. Since 1996, Medical ...

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a doctor's first choice - in twenty years


A 420 Evaluation is a simple process that allows patients to legally access Medical Marijuana.
Since 1996, Medical Doctors and Physicians are allowed to recommend Medical Marijuana to their patients, age 21 and over, for many specified conditions and symptoms.

” After trying and failing, to get denied a medical card, there was solace knowing that those who needed Marijuana could get it." --  Patient that temporarily failed to get a MMJ Recommendation.

Under the California Compassionate Care Act, Proposition 420 and Senate Bill 215, patients and their designated primary caregivers may possess and cultivate.....


#6  10 Outstanding Health Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Rating: 4 - ‎16 votes...Recently, a tidal wave of new research indicates that Cannabidiol (CBD) may equal or exceed THC's medicinal effects, as well as surpass many orthodox ..

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CBD - the miracle molecule


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  We specialize in MMJ ID Cards and Medial Doctor's Recommendations 100% Online for California and Nevada.  This California Telehealth compliant  process is same day and takes only a few minutes of patient's time.  Our documents are accepted by licensed dispensaries, clubs, cooperatives, cannabis clinics and State law enforcement.  Apply now here...


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