Infinite Waters is diving deep once again, deep into the psychology and metaphysical aspects of the herb, its magical and therapeutic uses, and the downside of psychological dependence, and the traps, the avoidance of really dealing with life's issues.  


As a psychologist, people have been asking me for such a long time to share my views on marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed.   What do I think? Can it help with our spiritual growth and our health in general as human beings on planet earth?

Beauty and the Bud

How Marijuana Affects a Woman - In Body and Mind

I’m not here to say whether it’s right or wrong, that’s a choice you have to make, but I’ll share a unique perspective, and I’ll give you the bigger picture, because as a psychologist, I have so much experience in dealing with people who smoke marijuana.  Also, growing up I was in a boarding school for a short period of time, they smoked sometimes, they close the window, so I got high on their supply, and I tried it a few times but it didn’t do much for me, so I’m here right now.

Cannabis has been used by human beings for thousands of years in ancient times.  It is a plant found in Central Asia, but grown all around the world, and the cannabis plant produces a resin, which contains compounds called cannabinoids.  Now cannabinoids are fascinating, because they have active cannabinoids called Delta 9 THC.  

What does that mean?  it means it’s a psychoactive drug, so when you are taking cannabis, it’s altering your mood, your central nervous system.  It is impacting your whole physiology, more so we have to realize that cannabis is a plant and all plants are for healing ,but at the same time, we have to ask ourselves, healing what?   Do we need to be healed?  So what I always say which is, you have to ask yourself, why are you using marijuana in the first place.  Because a lot of people start when they’re young, so they’re impressionable.  




What this does is we are shaping our identities, so a lot of people might smoke because they're lonely and now they still do it, but it is a psychoactive drug, it can make you very mellow, because through neuroplasticity, our brain is changing, based on our experience and through epigenetics.   Our DNA is changing, based on our environment, and what we are taking in,  so that’s why many times if you’re smoking a lot of marijuana, you start embodying the same vibrational frequency as the plant itself.  

The vibration of marijuana is unity, peace, joy, serenity. You just want to relax take it easy, that’s great, that’s why a lot of children who smoke it, they don’t want to go to school,  because it is allowing us to tap into other dimensions, we start to see that we’re living in a multi-dimensional universe.   But we’re living in this 3D-material world right now, so when you’re taking a lot of marijuana ,it can be very difficult to adapt back to reality, and many shamans have taken it.  It’s been used as a gateway because plants are messengers.


Natural Hemp and Marijuana are Herbs of Nature




I’ve realized that you don’t need plants to become your greatest version, you can get that natural high just by eating healthy plant-based foods, going on the journey within, exercising, but at the same time, we have to remind ourselves what these cannabinoids do.  There have been numerous studies showing how you can treat cancer through the use of cannabis.  It may serve as a potential cure.


   The journal of pharmacology and experimental therapy showed how taking cannabis stopped tumours.


Cannabis has anti-tumour properties, so this is awesome.  It also reduces inflammation, it creates,  it makes the ego dissolve.   That’s why a lot of times when people are smoking, they stop wanting to hug everyone, not always, but it’s lots of love, is peace, is harmony.  We are essentially realizing the cosmic truth of oneness, because there are a lot of us in this world. There’s a reason why a lot of these plants aren’t available, because once you start connecting with them, now you start seeing through the illusion of this 3D dimension.  But at the same time, it is very easy to use cannabis as a crutch to spiritual enlightenment.



Telehealth Marijuana Services is a no Brain-er.



So now, it becomes a learned behaviour and you associate cannabis with a higher experience, your higher self.  When cannabis, the plant is only a reminder of who you are.  it is not who you are, I say just embrace the sun, and that alone can activate your pineal gland,  but at the same time it is beneficial, it can be used to treat people who have intense pain.  

  Ask yourself, why are you using cannabis? Are you doing it to escape from reality, because all anxiety is born from the desire to escape the present moment.




Many people use cannabis as a coping mechanism, because it’s a way of escaping the harsh realities of life.  At the same time, a lot of people smoke cannabis because they’re conscious of what it does in healing the body.  Ask yourself, are you a vibrational match to this plant you are using?  Not all plants are for everyone.  If you are resonating on the same frequency as the plant, then it’s good to go,  but if your frequency is lower, now there is not enough resonance.  If it’s higher, there’s not enough resonance and you may need another plant or you may just need to go and dive in the ocean.  

I always remind myself that all we need is love, and many times when people are smoking cannabis, it is all about letting go, releasing resistance, and that is where it excels because it allows us to surrender. We have to ask ourselves; can we surrender without marijuana?  I say yes, I do it, people say do you smoke?  I said I have to be a hundred percent in focus, but at the same time, I practice mindfulness meditation every single day, because cannabis allows you to tap into the present moment.  It’s almost as if time stops, and there is only now, but mindfulness meditation also does the same thing.

Now a lot of us, we have peer pressure growing up,  Oh try this, try that, and we don’t realize that we’ve been forming this routine from such a young age .  Now it’s part of our story.   So many times people are taking marijuana, not because they want to, but because if they stop now, they lose their identity, which they have created from childhood.  So I say, do your own research and question why do I need this?   Can I live without this?  Because,  if you can't, now you become powerless.  you feel like a victim.

History of Marijuana Runs Long and Deep



I definitely feel that every plant should be legalized, because we are supposed to be living free on the planet, and plants contain information, but at the same time, there was a reason why, in ancient times for instance, ancient Kemet Egypt, you have people taking the lotus flower, to see other worlds, but it was only a few from the priesthood in the mystery schools, not for everyone, because you have to be prepared.


 Editor's note: The Elite never want to share Enlightenment with the masses, the people, because that means sharing power.


Marijuana relaxes you totally.  You feel less stressed, but that means less dopamine, so now you can become apathetic.  What happens is we can lose motivation, and that’s why you want to stay focused. to step into that radical action.  I have to be aware a hundred percent of what’s happening, and to raise my frequency.   I am eating natural organic food, but every plant has its purpose, you have to ask yourself?  Is it the right time and do I have the wisdom to partake in this plant.  You might be using marijuana to escape from your problems, but I’ve seen that no plant will take away your problems,  it might suppress them.  

Once you stop smoking, it reappears, so we have to address whatever we’re dealing with head-on, and not  be afraid, once you let love guide you.  You can overcome any obstacle, so if you don’t smoke pot, what do you do to relax?   

Ralph: Well to escape, I use hemp as an alternative, now the hemp plant and the cannabis plant are like siblings, they are from the same species and the hemp plant has virtually no THC.  That means it is not a psychoactive drug, so it won’t alter your mood, but you will receive the amazing health benefits.  It’s a great protein source.  If you are into a plant-based diet or not, and it improves our cardiovascular health. It's full of zinc.  I could go on but now I’ll be spoiling you.  Hemp is wonderful, so that’s what I use instead of smoking a joint, but to each his or her own.

The hemp plant has over 50,000 uses from cars to clothes, what say it again? 50,000, really. That is saying something about that plant, that’s why I use it.




Many times I say life is very simple.  Why do we complicate it, but it’s about being free and if it is working for you, I’m happy for you.  If it is not, you have to start questioning, why are you using marijuana as a crutch to become your greatest version?   What I’m most fascinated about though, is that it is potentially a cure for cancer.  Now this information is being suppressed.  That could be a big reason why it’s illegal in so many countries.  So we always have to see behind the agenda, to start freeing our minds.

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Now we are high.  I’m on that natural high baby, we’re here in infinite waters diving deep once again.  Stay well, stay healthy, Peace.  


Psychologist of Weed        



What Does Marijuana Do To Your Body And Mind?


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