10 Secrets Marijuana smokers won’t tell you - what are they?

10 Secrets Marijuana smokers won’t tell you - what are they?


Infinite Waters - Diving Deep is an online series narrated by a psychologist on the scientific, spiritual, psychological and social aspects of marijuana use.


Now I don’t smoke marijuana, but growing up, I tried it and recently I tried to weed cookies, yeah, I didn’t even know they were weed cookies.  I’ll talk about that later, it's kind of funny what happened next.


I’m going to share with you my psychology background, but also as an infinite being, some beautiful things about marijuana, but also some things that might get you to look at marijuana in a totally different way.


So let’s start with the first secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you.


They won’t tell you that the cannabis plant is over 6,000 years old.

It’s been cultivated, okay, it’s one of the oldest crops cultivated by human beings.  Now that is fascinating to think that we’ve been growing it 6,000 years, that’s a long time, so people have been using it for a long time.

You had the Emperor Shen Nung, emperor of China, he wrote in a book  the benefits it had, the medicinal qualities of the plant, how it was used to cure PMS, menstrual cramps in women, also diarrhea, constipation, nausea, a whole list of benefits.  We can talk about Ancient Egypt or Khemet the Avis Papyrus, one of the greatest documents documenting all the herbs, how they can be used to help us become our greatest version, yeah, marijuana too, so the ancient Egyptians were getting like super high, that’s probably how they built the pyramids!!

ancient use of marijuana goes back thousands of years

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Now it’s been around for a long time, but you see marijuana is illegal in many countries.  Still around the world and it was actually in 1937 that in the US had prohibition  Okay, but before 1937 in the US people were using marijuana as a pain reliever for medicinal purposes.  Okay, so marijuana has been used for thousands of years in the Indus Valley, Tibet, Brazil, Peru.   I could go on and on and on, all over Africa.

People have used this powerful plant to heal themselves and now all of a sudden it’s illegal.   I’m sorry, we’re sorry about that,  it’s just illegal and I will come to why later.  In some countries it is legal, for instance Uruguay, and a few other countries, but most of the world, yes it is still a schedule 1 drug, you’ll get arrested for it. Now thank goodness in California though you can actually use it the medical reasons.


Now, what’s the second secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?  


They won’t tell you about getting high.  Now this is where my weed cookie experience comes in, you see I was in Venice and with a friend and someone gave her weed cookies, and then I took them and I just forgot they were weed cookies. So I ate both of them, just thinking they were cookie, yeah, I know I was hungry....


marijuana helps you eat again.


I had the munchies and then I was in Whole Foods and then it kicked in, I was like what the hell is happening to me?  Because, I’d never ever taken weed cookies and I was like where the hell am I?  I was asking people for directions, I was feeling really thirsty.


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Anybody who's taken weed cookies, knows what I’m talking about, and then I was like trying to drive home, I couldn’t drive home, and then I pull over.  I went to the hospital got a big bill.  It was a crazy night, but then I woke up and then I said can I get a hello there, I’m infinite baby, but marijuana smokers there is a key ingredient in marijuana called THC.  Okay, this is what gives people the high. I got very high and I started to experience.

I started to see the world in a different way like it was almost as if reality was dissolving, and a lot of people who smoke marijuana like I eat strawberries and they ain’t even had breakfast yet, they ain’t even had breakfast yet, okay like big time, but it gives you that natural high.

But you see a lot of marijuana smokers, I know, sometimes were in a circle in Venice Beach, they will tell you that they don’t just use marijuana, the THC element in it to get high.  They use it to connect with their higher selves, slow motion aside okay.  So the THC is known for giving people that high, but also it is a wonder ingredient for helping people with cancer, no kinds of other ailments... we’ll come to that later.


What’s the third secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?  

Do you know what? Nobody has ever overdosed off marijuana. Now my weed cookie experience I thought I was overdosing, I thought somebody help me, then I realized, no, that’s the moment I was supposed to just chill out, Ralph. You know ancient shamans in Peru have been using marijuana for thousands of years. To once again connect with their higher selves, but also it takes them into different dimensions, other realities, and no one’s ever overdose okay.

In Ancient Egypt, they also have the lotus flower.  In the murky waters the Lotus grew, which also maybe one of the reasons why they were so advanced, but we often think that people are gonna overdose big-time on marijuana, but nobody has ever died from taking marijuana, but if I say tobacco, marijuana which one do you think is more dangerous? Think about it, you see, and a lot of people, millions of people have died from tobacco.  So we are programmed to think this marijuana is very dangerous, but in actuality nobody, nobody, absolutely nobody, not even the cat down the road who gets high all the time has ever died from marijuana.  


Isn’t that something okay, and you know the American Medical Association were actually against prohibition in 1937, because they actually saw this as a wonder drug, a wonder herb.


make americal great again, legalize marijuana again.

What’s the fourth secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?

They won’t tell you that marijuana is a natural pain reliever analgesic okay, a natural analgesic and that means that it can be used to treat pain. Are you going through something right now that’s very painful? Marijuana can be used to treat It, but also people who have a lot of chronic pain, okay use marijuana, and in California, scientists have even seen how it has relieved a lot of people with chronic pain. So for a long time marijuana was used, instead of aspirin as a natural pain reliever okay, and people have died of aspirin related diseases okay, of aspirin, but nobody has ever died of marijuana so it’s great for pain relief.


Now the fifth secret marijuana users won’t tell you, is that check this out.


Cancer let’s talk about cancer, cancer do you know in 1924 Dr. Otto Warburg said he had the cure for cancer and he did because he talked about how cancer was created from a lack of oxygen in the cells okay. The journal, the British journal of Cancer found that marijuana actually slowed down tumour growth, it inhibited tumour growth. So therefore, marijuana is fantastic for cancer prevention, right lots of people are treating themselves through naturopathic medicine, with cannabis and it’s helping them heal from cancer isn’t that something.


What’s the six secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?


They won’t tell you that marijuana, the reason why they smoke it a lot, is because it’s safer than alcohol. How drunk did you get last night? Look they know that once again, nobody dies from marijuana okay. Now let me give you the psychology of counselling people who take marijuana. There are some side effects, so and they are some people say they have paranoia. Let’s dive into it okay, reduce a dopamine level, that’s why some people say you’re a pothead, you’re lazy okay, but the benefits definitely outweigh the negatives, and I definitely feel each case is different.

Maybe you can enlighten me on that because once again I don’t smoke marijuana. I need you guys who are always smoking, in whatever you’re smoking, I won’t show your location now, yeah, okay, but once again some people do experience paranoia and forgetfulness, but the paradox of that is that marijuana has been found by scientists in California to actually treat our sinus, okay, but marijuana is safer than alcohol in 2012 , 3.3 million people died of alcohol related diseases okay so it’s safe, but there are side effects safe side effects that works.


What’s the seventh secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?



They won’t tell you this, that hemp the hemp plant it can be used for practically anything you know it was like the first kind of paper the textile industry, hemp seeds, seven-day vegan challenge packed full of protein a complete source of protein, but hemp is responsible for over 25,000 products out there anything you can think of hemp made it, from building materials yeah it goes on and on and on and on so hemp is part of the cannabis family and hemp is amazing okay like amazing.

the many products made from hemp.


What’s the eight secret cannabis users won’t tell you?  

They won’t tell you that cannabis helps people with seizures okay. Now it is an empty spasmodic hub right, it produces antispasmodic quality. That’s why people who have a lot of seizures they take marijuana. It’s a muscle some muscle relaxant, so there are lot karma and actually helps them okay.


What’s the ninth secret marijuana smokers won’t tell you?

They won’t tell you, I used to work with people with ADHD a ADD and do you know what they were given? We would administer to them Ritalin okay, and I could talk about Ritalin and what it actually does, the side effects which aren’t too good at all, but you see cannabis is actually a natural alternative to Ritalin, and it can actually can be used to treat people with ADHD, ADD, and I just feel these all labels anyway, but it can be used as an alternative to Ritalin.


What’s the tenth secret cannabis users won’t tell you?

They won’t tell you that they just feel amazing. A lot of them when they smoke it, they feel like that ego is dissolving. Now in our society we have created so many rigid laws based around separation, and a lot of cannabis users won’t tell you when they smoke it, when they use it, as a when they ingest it anyway they consume it okay it’s almost as if that ego dissolves. Now my short experience on those two weed cookies, I was like who the hell am I sometimes you can probably see these memes or people who smoke a lot of marijuana.

They just want to hug people right and that’s probably why, it’s illegal because it’s so beneficial now as I see it you gotta do your own research like my weed, my weed cookie experience, my weed cookie experience wasn’t the best. So I would never say okay, just go and smoke marijuana, go and take a lot of weed cookies, you gotta know why you’re doing it and for some people is gonna help, but for me I get on a natural high every single day, breathing in that good ass prana baby. At the same time I definitely realized how beneficial cannabis is, hemp plant marijuana, because it’s been used for thousands of years and the science is there that it cures so many ailments. We can even talk about multiple sclerosis okay we can talk about glaucoma, once again the intraocular pressure, it reduces it you want me to break down the science we ain’t even had breakfast yet can I get a hello there.

arthritis, glaucoma, pain, cancer mitigated with cannabis

So why might it be illegal, you see the pharmaceutical industry is a big business and can you imagine if everyone started hugging each other and if it was made legal a lot of people might start seeing reality in a whole different way okay. So you always gotta do your own research and ask yourself should I be taking this? Will it help me become my greatest version? I say that God’s pharmacy, the universes pharmacy whatever you want to call it, the forces pharmacy, is in nature, but also in your body a bonus one for you.

Oh, we ain’t finished yet baby, do you know that our body produces natural cannabinoids? once again that an ingredient found in marijuana, but also it has its own endocannabinoid system, isn’t that fantastic, so it’s almost as if we have our own pharmacy in our body, slow motion that side, that is incredible so once again our body mimics nature, anything and about there, our body can practically produce, it’s all in us.  So what I always love to say is that through meditation, I’m getting on that natural high baby and it feels fantastic.

So once again have a beautiful day , breathing in that good ass prana baby, getting high off the good ass prana.  We're out here were in nature. You’re amazing, I’m amazing and the marijuana plants are amazing. I reckon so infinite waters diving deep once again.

Stay well, stay healthy. Peace.    

psychologist on cannabis and its medicinal effects



10 Secrets Marijuana Smokers Won't Tell You   


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