“I’d rather be illegally alive than legally dead.”


Practitioners are reporting that the Crohn's mystery is solved in practice, for the most part.  Current research studies find that probiotics, sun, anti-candida diet, medical marijuana with CBD and / or THC, food combining can not only profoundly relieve Crohn's symptoms, but cure the disease, in the majority of of cases.   The standard dietary recommendations are to go light, or preferably eliminate processed foods: fried foods, sugar, dairy and flour.

Whole plant cannabis containing both CBD and THC with the essential oils retained, the terpenes are taken both orally and via inhallation (vape) in Crohn's.  This whole plant cannabis medication promotes healing of the intestines and dials down runaway inflammation which is the root cause of the symptoms of Crohn's.   The available medical research studies from the last decade or so is as follows:


1 Medical Marijuana Achieves ‘Complete Remission’ Of Crohn's

1 This inquiry examined the effects of consistent marijuana use on Crohn's Disease Patients who suffered from acute cases of the disease. The results of the twenty one subject inquiry pointed toward the cannabis's anti- inflammatory characteristics as being responsible for quieting symptoms and conditions in many subjects, and even reaching total remission in others.  

GI Disorders - Medical Marijuana Research Papers Worldwide - 2000- 2017


1 The illness affects around half a million people in North America, although many people do not get properly diagnosed until they've had the illness for years, simply because no symptoms and conditions were present to the point of major inconvenience.

** In total, five of the eleven patients smoking marijuana  daily achieved total remission of their Crohn's. They reported greater hunger and sleep patterns. - People with acute cases of Crohn's Disease Sometimes defecate twenty times per day, and may even wake up at night to do so. Moreover, "a clinical response" was found in ten of those eleven. Only four of the ten placebo patients reported any gains.

1 These findings, argued the medical scientists, showed how "d9THC rich marijuana produced significant medical-clinical, steroid- free benefits to eleven subjects with active Crohn's, compared with placebo, without side effects."

1 The medical scientists were hesitant to call the inquiry a total success, however, saying that the "primary end point of the inquiry - induction of remission was not achieved," despite the five of eleven people who reported those effects.



2 Teen Treats Crohn's With Cannabis And Gets His Life Back

2 A 2011 research effort conducted by a team of medical scientists at the Institute of Gastroenterology at Tel Aviv Uni. in Israel was the first to report on marijuana and Crohn's. Within the research effort, 70 percent of participants showed dramatic improvement. Plus, in 2013, the The Crohn's Disease & Colitis Foundation of America produced a statement, calling for additional scientific study.

** “He’s a prisoner in the state of Colorado because of medication,” Wendy says of trips other members of the family take to see relatives and friends back home. “Coltyn can’t go, he can’t go back home, he can’t go see his friends, he can’t go see his family, he is stuck in the state of Colorado… He can’t live a normal life in the place where he grew up and the place where he has six generations of family. It’s just tough.”

**“It’s great because I may finally do stuff that I wasn’t able to a long time ago, like I may finally ride my bike after three or four years, shovel snow, hike mountains and it’s just amazing,” he says.
While they still have the support of their community and family back home, the Turners are also building a new support group of fellow marijuana refugees in Colorado Springs. They frequently host families visiting Colorado from non- medical states who are also seeking answers for their children’s health issues with cannabis.


** “It’s had a larger positive effect on me than any other pharmaceuticals have, and the pharmaceuticals, all they did was make it worse,” Coltyn says.



3 Cannabis Shows Promise as a Treatment for Crohn's and Colitis

3 STUDY SHOWS REMISSION OF Crohn's Disease WITH CANNABIS  While it is evident that marijuana is a valuable therapy option for subjects with Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD, medical scientists have found that there are a variety of specific varieties that are ideal for treating different aspects of the disease. Some of these varieties are as follows:

** Cherry Pie: Cherry Pie is a Cannabis Sativa- dominant variety that is ideal for increasing hunger and soothing chronic pain in Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD subjects.

** Bubblegum: Bubblegum is an Cannabis Indica variety with a twenty percent CBD - Cannabidiol content, which contributes to its chronic pain- relieving and anti- anxiety characteristics. It is ideal for people who want to relieve discomfort and fatigue, diminish depression and lead a more normal life.

** Sour Grape: Sour Grape is an Cannabis Indica variety that may help Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD subjects struggling to maintain a social life feel more lively and less depressed. This variety is also ideal for boosting hunger and relieving anxiety.

** Amerimay Beauty: Amerimay Beauty is a Cannabis Sativa variety that is potent enough to provide all- day pain relief while also soothing sleep issues and depression. Slightly stronger than some other strains used to treat IBS, Amerimay Beauty will leave the user relaxed and happy for hr. after use.
As it stands now, there are dozens of high- quality studies that illustrate the fact that medical marijuana  serves an important purpose in treating and alleviating the symptoms and conditions of painful Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD disorders. In addition to relieving chronic pain, muscle cramps and pain, anxiety, sleep issues and inflammation, certain strains of marijuana also promote hunger, produce mass gain and enhance the mood of affected subjects.

3 Colitis and Crohn's are both incredibly disruptive conditions that affect people's ability to hold a job, maintain social relationships or even plan everyday events. Because the symptoms of these conditions are so unpredictable and painful, they often rob affected individuals of their ability to lead a normal life. Fortunately, the soothing effects of medicinal marijuana have the potential to treat some of these symptoms and help people with Colitis and Crohn's do everything from maintaining a job and social relationships to helping them live a healthier life despite their condition.


Cannabis for Pain Management - A Rant from Germany


4 Crohn's Treatment / Colitis Treatment

4 Journal of Pharm.- Medical Researchers R.Schicho, Ph.D. and M. Storr - Cannabis Finds Its Way into Treatment of Crohn's.

4 The first medical-clinical trial involving marijuana and its effects of Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD, medical scientists discovered that the cannabinoids present in marijuana were able to provide anti- inflammatory and symptom reduction for the vast majority of Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD subjects.

*“… an 8- week therapy with tetrahydrocannabinol - d9THC rich marijuana caused a decrease in the Crohn's activity index in 90 percent of subjects without producing significant side effects.”

4 As the cannabinoids are known to interact with the CB receptors in the colon, intestines, brain and nervous system., the endocannabinoid system works in several ways that help Crohn's Disease Patients.

4 Epithelial Permeability – d9THC is protective in its effect; cannabinoids have the ability to increase the speed at which wound closure occurs  in the colon.

4 Recruitment of White Blood Cells  – Leukocytes, otherwise known as white blood cells are involved whenever an organism is fighting illness or experiencing inflammation. They protect the organism by inhibiting the inflammatory responses.

4 Brain – Cannabinoid receptors in the brain offer a reduction in chronic pain, relief of nausea and feelings of being unwell.

4 Enteric Nervous System – d9THC was discovered to relieve motility and prevent the secretion associated with inflammation of the gut.

4 The research effort was able to relieve the symptoms and conditions for 90 percent of the subjects involved. Patient's mind you who had been unresponsive and/or resistant to the conventional therapies prescribed. Steroid and immunosuppressive medicine oftentimes create further complication to the patient, making the side effects just as bad as the symptoms and conditions.



5 Cannabinoids as Treatment for Colitis/Ulcerative Colitis

5 We show that activation of the CB- 2 receptor protects against experimental colitis in rodents. Increased expression of CB- 2 receptor mRNA and aggravation of colitis by AM630 suggests a role for this receptor in normally limiting the development of colitis. These results support the idea that the CB- 2 receptor may be a possible novel therapeutic target in inflammatory bowel disease.

** "The atypical cannabinoid O- 1602 protects against experimental colitis and inhibits neutrophil recruitment  Our data showed that O- 1602 is protective against experimentally induced colitis and inhibits neutrophil recruitment independently of CB1, CB2, and GPR55 receptors. Thus, atypical cannabinoids represent a novel class of therapeutics that may be useful for the therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases. - Inflamm Bowel Dis 2010;


5 Cannabinoids are known to reduce intestinal inflammation. Atypical cannabinoids produce pharmacological effects via unidentified targets. We were interested in whether the atypical cannabinoid O- 1602, reportedly an agonist of the putative cannabinoid receptor GPR55, reduces illness severity of dextran sulfate sodium - DSS and trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid - TNBS- induced colitis in C57BL/6N and CD1 rodents.

5 The latest studies have suggested the role for cannabinoid - CB type 1 and CB2 receptors in modulating gastrointestinal inflammation in animal models of experimental colitis. However, the immunosuppressive effect of the cannabinoid system has not been fully investigated. Our preliminary studies using delta- 9- tetrahydrocannabinol - d9THC showed promising results in a 2,4,6- trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid TNBS- induced colitis. fifty milligram/kilogram body mass of TNBS/ethanol was administered in ten female BALB/c rodents.

5 Each group received intraperitoneal injections of vehicle or d9THC - ten milligrams/kilograms once every other day. At day 6, rodents were sacrificed and cells from spleen and MLN were analyzed for the expression of surface markers for T- cells, myeloid- derived suppressor cells - MDSC and regulatory T- cells - Treg by flow cytometry. The body mass increased in TNBS- treated rodents administered d9THC when compared to vehicle. d9THC improved the survival up to sixty percent of rodents in TNBS- induced colitis when compared to vehicle treated rodents - thirty percent.

5 In the spleen and MLN, the amounts relative toof T- cells is lower in d9THC treated rodents compared to vehicle- treated group, whereas the amounts relative toof Treg is increased in d9THC treated rodents. d9THC also reduced the ratio of MDSCs in TNBS- treated rodents. d9THC therapy ameliorated colitis by modulating the immune response towards Treg and altering the T- cells and their subsets. Future experiments will address the potential of other cannabinoids in modulating the inflammatory response in colitis.


** Medical Advice:  Use Medical Marijuana as adjunct therapy for control of symptoms and conditions.  You will probably find you do not need to take pharmaceuticals or over the counter medications.  Just one medicine with little or no side effects.

*. to relax the smooth muscles - slow or stop diarrhea and prevent hemorrhoids and nutrient loss.
*. relieve vomiting
*  analgesic effects to relieve abdominal chronic pain - spasms
*  anti- inflammation - by suppressing certain parts of immune system
*. anti- bacterial characteristics to fight infections
*  immunosuppressive characteristics to relieve Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD symptoms and conditions

5 Use whole plant extracts of Cannabis ....Cannabis Indica x Cannabis Sativa cross:  you need marijuana that has as many of the cannabinoids in it as possible:  cannabigerol, caryophyllene, cannabidiol, d9THC - 8 and 9, cannabinol and cannabichromene.  - just a few  Make your own tincture, oil, decoction, infused oils.  These extracts are more potent if taken orally - under the tongue.  A vaporizer is very fast acting i.e. the cannabinoids get into your system very quickly.  Edibles take quite a bit longer and must pass through the liver.  However the effects last much longer



6 Beating Crohn's: A Cannabis Journey

6 She says, “I was unwilling to surrender to the plague of emotional depression and physical defeat. I began channeling my energy into creating a unique raw marijuana based die for recovery. Within six months, I was completely healed of Crohn's.”

6 She claims that just three days after taking CBD - Cannabidiol, her excruciating chronic pain disappeared, and the side effects from the pharmaceutical drugs stopped as well. She was consuming dietary marijuana now for seven years and has not experienced any outbreaks from Crohn's since.

6 In August of last year, she had a colonoscopy and to her relief, the doctor told her that her colon wall is completely restored and does not show any traces of Crohn's. Her doctor confirmed that she had not received any Crohn's Disease Treatment since she started her marijuana therapy.

** “I made the impossible possible and cured an incurable illness with dietary cannabis!” she says.

6 A teacher from Berlin, Germany, she remembers: “Finding out that Crohn's is considered to be incurable was terrible. All I had in those dark days was my laptop, and that's when I began searching for something else that could cure me. I couldn't accept I was going to be a victim of the pharma industry. Dietary marijuana helped me make the impossible possible, and allows me to live a pain- free life without any side- effects.”

6 Fatin developed a desire to share her liberating encounter with others. Her book The Medical Marijuana Healing Bible, which describes her miraculous recovery journey, will be published in spring 2015. She is now campaigning for changes in the laws worldwide to allow marijuana oil and other forms of marijuana to be legally used medicinally to treat other people.

6 Latest scientific studies published in the journal Pharm. and by the National Institute of Health has found that marijuana is effective in treating Crohn's, which is a form of inflammatory bowel disease - IBD. IBDs such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease Affect over a million people in the United States today. Many Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD victims suffer from extreme chronic pain, diarrhea and poor ability to digest food. Up to half of Irritable Bowel Disorders - IBD cases are so acute that they ultimately require surgery to remove the affected bowel segment.



7 How Cannabis Helps Lyme Disease

7 Cannabis is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and fungus. All five major cannabinoids - d9THC, CBD - Cannabidiol, CBN, CBG, and CBC was shown to kill MRSA, known as the “flesh eating virus.” Less studied cannabinoids such as 8- hydroxy cannabinol have potent antibacterial characteristics, and single extracts may provide new targets to kill the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.  Cannabis may also be effective at treating the later stage symptoms and condition of Lyme disease.

7 Cannabis may help reduce chronic pain, spasms, headaches and nausea. Doctor Sanjay Gupta stated that marijuana is one of the safest and effective therapies for peripheral neuropathy, a crippling symptom most Lymies - subjects with Lyme disease suffer from. Many Lymies take opiate chronic pain medication to deal with their chronic pain, which may be ineffective, addictive, and may even end in gross overdose. Every 19 minutes a patient dies in the United States from prescription drug gross overdose.

7 Initial therapy with antibiotics for Lyme disease may harm your gastrointestinal - GI system as well as kill all the beneficial bacteria in your system, leaving your body open to fungal and bacterial infections. Painkillers may also harm the lining of your GI tract, which is lined with cells containing CB1 receptors. Eating marijuana or taking marijuana oil may stimulate these CB1 receptors to repair the GI tract and reduce unwanted symptoms and conditions such as chronic stomach pain, food sensitivity and diarrhea.

** Future Research - While whole plant marijuana or extracts has not been examined in a medical-clinical trial looking at its effectiveness against the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, this is something that should be done in the future. We have strong hope that it will be effective. If you’d like to sponsor a future inquiry or be part of a medical-clinical trial, please contact us.

7 How Can I Take Cannabis For Lyme disease? In order for marijuana to be effective at fully eliminating the bacteria that causes Lyme disease from your body as well as reverse the long- term harm to your nervous and immune system, we suggest eating as much marijuana oil or marijuana in edible form as possible. Merely inhaling  it will not cure your Lyme disease, but may aid in chronic pain and nausea relief as well as help you sleep.


7 Eating marijuana tincture, marijuana pills, marijuana drinks, or marijuana edibles may help control your symptoms and conditions. If you take marijuana oil or pills, you may want to take as much as you may afford as these products are expensive. Sprinkle flax seeds on your food at every meal you can, as they naturally contain CBD - Cannabidiol.

7 Vaping marijuana is preferred over smoking marijuana in a joint, pipe, or bong because it doesn’t incinerate the cannabis. Smoking marijuana produced toxins much the same to cigarettes, may cause lung irritation and often disintegrates cannabinoids with recovery characteristics. Vaping marijuana heats the air around the cannabis, releasing a range of cannabinoids, each with unique health benefits.


7 A new way to get marijuana into your body is via a transdermal patch, much the same to the birth control patch or the nicotine patch. This discrete method provides extended release medication for up to ten hrs. and is perfect for people who feel unhappy with other protocols such as inhaling  cannabis.


A Solution Finally ,for Crohn's



SELECTED TESTIMONIALS FROM Marijuana and Treatment of Digestive Disorders EDITED FOR CLARITY

Testimonial by Irisch- Today’s MJ strains or nearly absent of CBD - Cannabidiol which our pot of the 60s and 70’s ad a proper balance of. This would explain why “Anonymous” didn’t have her physical problems in her youth as a pot smoker. It's important for medical MJ seekers to learn about the various compounds that are in assorted types of MJ and to seek out dispensaries that are well versed in medical usage and well supplied with appropriate types for medical usage, including for chronic pain.

Testimonial by Irisch- *If you don’t want to get high, you don’t have to. I use CBD - Cannabidiol for neuropathic pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia for therapy of the Trigeminal nerve and d9THCA - not /THC for sudden acute shock like attacks of acute chronic pain, and compounds in different ratios of both. Sadly, we are somewhat on our own because so little accepted medical scientific study was done and our primary care and specialists are not well learned about MMJ. Hopefully if the Federal Government ever make it legal, proper and plenty of scientific study will get done.

Testimonial by JJ- There are some factors involved that determine how quickly the effects are felt.
*. Grade and variety of marijuana
*. Age
*. Body Mass
*. Other health blockers I.e., high blood pressure, copd, and so on.


Testimonial by JJ- Cannabis is great for these conditions, but often dictate how quickly mj blocks chronic pain. I suffer from PERMANENTLY pinched sciatic nerve. Was given prednisone for ten days and did very little to alleviate the chronic pain. Once off the prednisone I smoked a pipe of pineapple trainwreck variety and within ten minutes the chronic pain was gone. Now, I am 65, 5’5″ and weigh 135 lbs. hope this helps

Testimonial by Carl- I started using marijuana  to stimulate my hunger when i was bulimic/anorexic in my younger years. I must have had IBS most of my life. Now at 49 I use marijuana  often and have found it has become a vicious cycle. I use it to combat my cramping, chronic pain and loss of hunger, but then when my hunger is stimulated i over eat so i go and adjust it. I get very hungry again so it is a vicious cycle. I wish I had the help of a doctor to regulate. I have a happy marriage, 2 wonderful sons who are completely drug free, have jobs and are just really good people. I have ZERO desire to “do drugs”. So this is certainly not a stepping stone or a gateway drug for me. I’m tired of doctors giving me pharmaceuticals that are way worse than POT. I just want a life with quality.

Testimonial by Emmy- Find high CBD - Cannabidiol - low d9THC marijuana  and use it in oil form or edibles. CBD - Cannabidiol is more important to recovery and low d9THC weed doesn’t get you wasted.  Today I started researching marijuana as an adaptogen and found this site. I’ve had Crohn's since I was 17 and I’m 69 now. I see Doctor Jeff Hergenrather here on Northern California and started seriously using marijuana  medicinally and was finally ready to go off Humira - a very heavy medication and I’ve never been preferred. I’ve experimented with different protocols - including vaping but ingesting in food and taking tincture work best.


Testimonial by Emmy- My husband makes my tinctures now from local plants and taking that also helps his afflictions. I still have a GI doctor and agreed to stay on Sulfasalazine. As I see the medical evidence of these recovery characteristics more I keep gaining more insights. In addition to as being reminded of the ill effects of other drugs. Finding this site was important today, because I see that my anemias were probably induced by the Sulfa and I’m ready to let it go. I also realize the years in my life when I was healthiest - as a theater worker/actor/playwright/teacher were the years when I did marijuana  recreationally. DUH! …


Testimonial by Emmy- My three month old daughter was recently medically determined as having gerd .... she was on breast milk fortified with marijuana for four or five days, before she was apprehended, due to discrimination against my alleged mental health.  Since being apprehended and put on formula, she just pukes up, in addition they have changed the brand of formula at least three times. Breastfeeding expert Jack Newman told me, I may and should breastfeed while using marijuana for my own health benefits. I have read about other children and the uses of medical marijuana . Any info would be great ty


Testimonial by Gio Navarrete- This paper and the comments have been very helpful. Marijuana definitely was helping me battle my sensitive stomach for over five years now.


Testimonial by Marcel - It looks like I have IBS. Doctors doing all the tests and ruling out other potential causes, but its a lot of bloating, chronic pain, discomfort, nausea - in the morning, night sweats, mass loss, no hunger, loss of motility–and have to go to the bathroom every twenty mins - at its worse.  Based on my own scientific study, I decided to try medical marijuana , and I want to confirm that marijuana really does work for IBS symptoms and conditions.

Testimonial by Marcel - I’m too health conscious to smoke it, so I vape and eat it. I found vaping does away with the discomforts–no more chronic pain, and I feel much preferred. However, my bowel movements don’t go back to normal until I eat substantial amounts–of at least 1/2 g. (gram) a day–up to 1 g. (gram) a day—of edible marijuana oil extract. It's used to treat serious diseases like cancer, and so on. Often goes by the name Rick Simpson oil.

Testimonial by Marcel -  I wanted to report that eating a little bit of this with food, completely clears all the symptoms and conditions of IBS - at least for me. But the symptoms start to come back slowly if I stop using it for 2 days or so. So it is not a cure. But it does work. Its too expensive so i’m hoping this conditions goes away. Until then medical marijuana  was nearly like a miracle–as if someone tailed make the perfect medicine for this condition treating all its symptoms and conditions. I love that it dials up my hungers again, as I usually love food, and have gained back some of my lost mass.


Testimonial by Anon - My husband was hurting with an very rare disease  which causes crippling abdominal chronic pain. We have gone through all of the proper medical channels and nothin worked. Yesterday I strongly urged him to try marijuana . - We both live at the gym and have not used any type of recreational drugs. The marijuana  worked!!!! We now have hope that he may not live a life of agony! Frankly, I would rather he have the marijuana  than “approved” drugs like dilaudid or Percocet. This is a no brainer and so many people could be helped. So glad the marijuana  laws are changing! Keep up the good work educating the public! So many medicines come from plants, aspirin, tamoxifen, what’s the difference, right?


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:  Getting a medical doctor's recommendation is required to buy marijuana anywhere in California - until 2018.  At that time, medical marijuana patients were exempt from paying sales tax, which could amount to $30 to $85 dollars per ounce.   We also provide Cannabis ID cards, cultivation permits and renewals - all 100% online.  The process takes only a few minutes and patients don't pay unless they are approved.  Cannabis ID is used at licensed Californian dispensaries, cannabis clubs, cooperatives, delivery services and at other points of access.




Breakthrough Study: Fungus May Trigger Crohn’s Disease

Probiotics, sun, anti-candida diet, CBD, food combining.   A fungus may trigger Crohn’s disease, a devastating inflammatory bowel disease that often requires heavy-duty drugs, surgery or a combination of both to keep at bay. The new finding, published in the September 2016 edition journal mBio, opens the door to more probiotic-based treatment options that could more gently treat and possibly even cure the digestive disease.    



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