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 How does MMJDOCTORONLINE stack up against this industry standard?

How does MMJDOCTORONLINE stack up?

NuggMD is one of the main MMJDOCTORONLINE's competitors in California, providing access to Cannabis in every major metropolitan area statewide. Anyone can consult with a NuggMD Marijuana Doctor, and if they are approved, they can then order Cannabis based medicines online from dispensaries.
TIP: MMJDOCTORONLINE is the easiest and first online cannabis platform in California to provide medical marijuana cards to patients online and we match any competitor's price.




Before getting into the NuggMD review, we answer the question; why do you want to get a Doctor's Medical Cannabis Recommendation in California?


  • What benefits and special privileges do Medical Cannabis ID Card holders have?

  • How can I find a licensed Doctors that gives Medical Cannabis Recommendations in California?

  • Can I get a Medical Cannabis Recommendation Online?


Interesting Fact: MMJDOCTORONLINE is among the top 3 Medical Marijuana Doctor services in California - as metered by Alexis and The Worth-of-the-Web.




No, the process is the same for both veteran and rookie.  And patients don't have to go into a Doctor's office in person.  The application process can be completed completely online, in minutes, using any of several established online Medical Marijuana Doctor services, which includes NuggMD and MMJDOCTORONLINE, among others.   Prospective patients only need California ID and a credit card and they're good to go.


Interesting Fact: NuggMD Alexis United States Traffic Rank in US is 62,952 which is not too shabby.  MMJDOCTORONLINE is not far behind in this meter.


420Recs Review


MMJDOCTORONLINE offers to meet or beat the price of any supplier of Recommendations in California.  Just send us a link of the offer to and ask us for a promotional code discount.


"NuggMD assisted more than 40,000 California patients in 2016  to obtain an online Medical Marijuana consultation with a licensed physician and with their launch, the company is excited to enable participating New York physicians to provide convenient and efficient care to patients statewide." - Yahoo Finance




4 Star HelloMD Review

HelloMD Review - Read Before Getting Your MMJ Card

A lot of people ask, since recreational Cannabis is legal for adults, what is the point of getting a Doctor's Recommendation (approval)?  Let us count the ways.


Save a lot of money: Savings can amount to $80 per ounce, which is about double the cost of a Medical Marijuana Recommendation.  Legal Medical Marijuana patients are exempt from much of the state Cannabis tax, which is typically 25% and can be up to a ridiculous 40% in some areas.  


Age 19 to 20 can become legal:  If you are in this age bracket, you may not buy Cannabis from a dispensary, that is, without a valid Cannabis ID card and Recommendation.  That means that half the university population can get busted for a Cannabis offense,that is, if they don't have their Medical Marijuana Recommendation.


Legal assistance:  Just because Cannabis is legal, it does not preclude you from being nailed for Cannabis use in some circumstances.  Employers, landlords, ex spouses and federal officers may not appreciate your use of Cannabis. However, those with a licensed Medical Doctors Recommendation fair much better in court on average.  Imagine the following court scenario where a Medical Cannabis Recommendation comes in handy;


Ex-spouse: "This guy is a lazy bum, he neglects the kids and sits around smoking pot all day."  Defendant: "I have a job. I only smoke Medical Cannabis in the evening as recommended by my doctor.  I have a valid Medical Cannabis Recommendation."


Access better and stronger Cannabis medicine:  Some jurisdictions and dispensaries may limit your access to potent, exotic strains and concentrates, while Medical patients have access to the every product.  Also, Medical Marijuana card holders may qualify for special discounts.


Interesting fact: MMJDOCTORONLINE and NuggMD are nearly identically ranked by the worth of the web calculator.   



NuggMD California advertises itself as a unique and non-traditional Medical Marijuana clinic,

The streamlined NuggMD process allows patients, old and new, to avoid the hassle and expense of driving to a doctor's office, where they may or may not get the Medical Marijuana services they want.


NuggMD created a "revolutionary" process where 420 evaluations can be completed 100% from the comfort of their own homes.   By having a licensed Medical Doctor standing by and reviewing applications right away on his tablet, the time from application to approval is cut down to minutes, as opposed to days and even weeks common to "old school" medical application processes.   This innovation in Telemedicine allows patients to nearly immediately access the strongest strains at the best prices.

A unique feature of NuggMD is that you can submit your application anytime, 24/7.  Video consultations can be accepted from 10AM to 10PM. Booking is easy through Chat or email.


MMJDOCTORONLINE is part of the Cannabis .Telemedicine revolution, delivering similarly efficient and cost effective Medical Marijuana Doctor services.   We budget $100,000 per year to our blog and cannabis informational services to our more than 3 million unique viewers. We do not bother our visitors with ANY annoying adds, product promotions nor allow other intrusions.    

Our writers have deep experience in the scientific and technical aspects of Cannabis based medicines.  By supporting MMJDOCTORONLINE, you're supporting the creation and propagation of quality content across the internet, while creating jobs for our dedicated writing staff.


Interesting Fact:  California and Nevada have the only reciprocal agreement for Cannabis in the United States.  This means that your California Recommendation is valid in Nevada and vice versa. No other states have this advantage.

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Yes, NuggMD has a solid reputation and presence on the internet, with news coverage of Yahoo Finance  plus deep informational testimonials on Yelp, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, though it seems they may be ditching their Facebook platform, and this may not be a bad thing.



The NuggMD MMJ Card application and verification process was designed to be very easy and quick, while complying completely with the new Californian Cannabis laws and the California Medical Board's Recommendation for TeleMedical services

New and old patients seeking Recommendations and renewals can simply go to their website:   Patients may request a free-consultation with a licensed doctor and documents are submitted entirely through their intuitive website application.  Patients can use NuggMD apps on their mobile phones, tablets or PC to complete the forms.


NuggMD is extremely flexible and applications can be done anytime, and video consultations with a Medical Doctor can be booked from ten-am to ten-pm.  Their confidential consultation takes about 15 minutes - and patients are only charged if they are approved. At a list price of $39, this is an extremely cost effective Medical service.  


MMJDOCTORONLINE policies nearly the same as those listed above.  However, our routine policy does not include video conferencing, making the application process especially quick for routine cases.  With that said, non-routine cases should request a video conference consultation.




Both NuggMD and MMJDOCTORONLINE approvals are same day.  Hard copy and plastic ID arrive in a couple of business days - in the mail - and in non-Cannabis marked envelopes.

Using the e-Recommendation, customers can literally order online the same day.



Doctors are fully licensed by the Medical Board of California and operate under the guidelines for Telehealth and laws for Medical Cannabis. NuggMD is HIPAA compliant and maintain client confidentiality. NuggMD states they've helped 100,000 Cannabis patients since 2008. That is a very impressive total indeed.


Compliance by MMJDOCTORONLINE is the same as NuggMD, as every online Medical Cannabis service should be.


"I couldn't believe how easy the NuggMD process was. My 420-Doctor was friendly, easy going, and answered all of my questions. I was approved in about 10 minutes, and I was able to order delivery online immediately after, I didn't even have to leave my house. Truly amazing!" - Brian M.  First-Ever NuggMD Patient


WARNING: Is Your PrestoDoctor Marijuana Card Legal ...




$39 Basic Package + $20 extra for a Plastic Cannabis ID card (optional)


  • 12-Month Recommendation

  • Accepted by all CA dispensaries

  • 24/7 Online Verification

  • E-rec emailed same day, paper copy by snail mail in 3-5 days.


MMJ DOCTOR ONLINE offers a discount - to meet or beat any online quote.  Email for your generous promotional discount today!




Yes, NuggMD offers discounts of up to $20 from time to time, applicable to full service packages.




Yes, but the cost is the same for a renewal.




Yes, applications can be made from anywhere, sent anywhere, but Cannabis products may be purchased only in California and Nevada.


EarthMed Medical Cannabis Services - Illinois




According to our analytics, NuggMD is #1 in California with MMJDOCTORONLINE and 420EVALUATIONSONLINE not very far behind.  WorthoftheWeb has NuggMD and MMJDOCTORONLINE ranked dead even.


  • Go to their website.

  • Sign up - create user name, enter email address and password.

  • Complete questionnaire in a minute or so.

  • Upload ID and Photo.

  • Wait for the evaluation to be complete.

  • Pay by credit card.

  • Receive E-rec by email, paper copy rec and ID mailed same day.


MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES: Our process is similarly streamlined, but we offer better discounts and we also accept cryptocurrency: Bitcoin and Litecoin.



Verify any Recommendation online at




Commentary about Reviews:  Basically, anyone that gets their e-rec and e-ID within the hour for $60 is going to be ecstatic and give it up - a five star review.  But you can't keep all the people happy all of the time. Anyone that does not get what they want right away can flip out, no matter the cause, anyone can shout Scam.  NuggMD good reviews are about 9 out 10. Here is a snapshot of several great reviews, a testimonial about as silly error that was corrected and a silly customer that shouted Wolf!.


***** 5 STAR.    Excellent! After payment I saw the doctor within 5-10 min. I already submitted proof of my condition so after a question or two I immediately was approved. 15 minutes later I got my certification . I live in NY, the doctor provided directions on how to register with the state. Followed directions online and 6 business days later I have my MMC!!!  So relieved I was not scammed or had to play the waiting game and be with anxiety. Smooth and easy! AND did I mention they let you know all the dispensaries around you. Smooth


***** 5 STAR.   I still can't believe it! The other day I woke up and decided it was time to apply for a med card. In a little over 2 hours,  I had in my hands my first ever delivery. I can't believe how easy and pain free the whole process is! I am one very satisfied customer!


* TERRIBLE.    If you are not in the state of California (or now they serve NY), Do NOT go through them!  I am in NV. Before I even got started with the process I got on chat asked if I could get a card through them, being in another state.  They said it might not work in NV, but that it should be just fine in CA. I have treatment in CA, so I figured it would work when I am there. I went though the process, talked to the doctor.  He also said the card wouldn't work in NV but in CA it should be fine, and a dispensary that delivers will take the Recommendation FOR SURE. I expressed many times over, to the doctor and to the customer service reps on Nugg that I really didn't want to pay for a card I couldn't use. Oh, they repeatedly ASSURED me that it would work.  The doc even said that the rules are stricter in Southern CA, but that in Northern CA and the Bay area, they're more relaxed and it would be fine. It will work. more


***** 5 STAR.   Quick and efficient. Quick referral via webcam and phone.  Copy of certificate available same day through email, which instantly downloads into your profile. Same day ordering made possible. Received my Medical Marijuana I.d within 2 weeks through the mail


*** 3 STAR SO FAR .. I'm seeing so many different reviews of people in NYS that have legit back pain and everything, still getting denied. I answered all the questions and I'm not at the point where I have to pay the $150. I'm nervous about throwing my stuff online, on top of getting denied. Pain pills in the past have ruined my life and now I'm hurting with out them. I'm 28 and I'm trying to push off going back on them


***** 5 STAR.   The delivery and getting the Medical card was simple.  The delivery was here in no time. This allowed me to get some sleep and get up for a long holiday road trip the next day  
Thank you Nugg!


** 2  STAR "HAPPY ENDING"  After following up with Hansen's reply to my review, I got a full refund today. Thus, another star.  And after I asked 3 times, "Hansen" promises that he sent out my corrected Recommendation himself. We'll see! So far, 10 days after I requested the replacement, it still hasn't arrived.


* ONE STAR - SCAM!  This is a scam! Ordered my card through them. They never shipped it out. I contacted them 3 different times as I waited patiently for over a month. Each time they said sorry for the delay, it was just sent out today.  (editor note: we looked into this and in the end it seems the customer was taken care of very well.)


***** 5 STAR RESPONSE TO SCREW UP.  Hey Amy, my name is Hansen and I'm the Customer Success Director over at Nugg. I cannot believe that we sent you a Recommendation with misspelled name. Not only is that an embarrassing mistake from a .Telemedicine company, ... I'd like to make this up for you by providing a full refund for your Recommendation. ...please send me an email to ...and confirm that your replacement Recommendation is on its way


***** 5 STAR.   Awesome service! Obtaining a card was a nice and easy process, and ordering for delivery was as easy as using DoorDash for food. You can track the driver and the products came in a nice little reusable bag.




NuggMD is one of the MMJDOCTORONLINE's main competitors in California for providing Medical Marijuana Cards.  From the database of customer testimonials, it is easy to see that most customers are very satisfied, however, there are documented screw ups for a variety of reasons.  We like the management's response and corrective action when a mistake does occur.


If the MMJDOCTORONLINE process is not complete same day, clients are definitely encouraged to contact us immediately by our website chat or email.  

We want our customers to be very happy and to say so!




NuggMD on Yelp

Loads of testimonials.


NuggMD, The Leading Online Telemedicine Portal for Medical Marijuana, Expands Services to New York, Connecting Qualified Patients with Licensed Physicians Marketwired Marketwired April 13, 2017


NEW YORK  - NuggMD, a California-based leading .Telemedicine portal which connects qualified Medical Cannabis patients with licensed doctors online, extended their services to NY. NuggMD is the first company to combat the policies that currently restrict access to Medical Marijuana, despite it being legal in the NY.  In 2016, NuggMD assisted more than 40,000 California patients online via Medical Marijuana consultation with a licensed physician and with their launch.... click title for more.


420 Doctors: The Secret to Getting Your MMJ Card Online


It's no secret, unless you've never done it.  High Times explains how NuggMD does their thing.

Medical card, Cannabis card, weed license, Recommendation, prescription, 420 card—call it what you want’s a written, certified doctor’s consent to legally purchase and consume Medical Cannabis to treat your condition or ailment ...while there are a handful of online Medical Marijuana health care services that allow you to get a Cannabis card without leaving your home, not all are created equal. .....NuggMD has changed the perception of and approach to getting a Medical Marijuana card here in longer do you have to research a “420 doctor near me,” compare prices, travel (possibly to a shady part of town), wait, then see a “Doctor” who isn’t as informed as he or she should be and finally pay a hefty fee for an evaluation—only to find you have pay another sizable one for the actual Recommendation.... .click title for more


NuggMD on Reddit FAQ


***Update...I went ahead and used NuggMD to get my green card. It's definitely legit and it's glorious! Easiest thing I've ever done in my life. Just search for it online, register, they'll give you a quick call, and you're good to go. Cost is $39, but worth it for the convenience.  


***How long did it take you to get your Recommendation in the mail and did you run into any trouble when you took the paper into the dispensary?

***It took about 4 days to get the rec, but you can start ordering online immediately. I've also used my rec at a dispensary and had no issues.... click on the title for more.



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