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marijuana patients in action


Washington DC Recreational Marijuana

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This is a Washington DC Initiative 71 discussion group for locals age 21+ to discuss legal Marijuana and Cannabis in Washington DC. What is local? Local is somebody who shows up at DC NORML meetings and events listed on This is NOT a sales group. We do NOT allow DONATION or SALES posts .....

marijuana patients in action


Marijuana Growers Helping Growers

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No promoting dangerous/harmful toxins or known poisons. No sales/advertisements without permission from John Seckar the group creator! No selling Marijuana or passing it in any way or form. No Butane or Wax making posts this is a GROW group for Marijuana cultivation nothing else! again : We are a GROW GUIDANCE group! We are just here to share information findable in your local library on how to grow Cannabis! ATTN: Regarding advertisers that advertise in this group:

marijuana patients in action


Marijuana Growers Elite

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*SECURED GROUP* You MAY INVITE FRIENDS, FAMILY, SMOKERS & GROWERS to COLLABORATE. SHOW N TELL is ADVISED !!!!! * let's see BUDS (racemes) from around the world !!!! * where you n that tree located !!!! * What Strain n REVIEWS APPRECIATED !!!! ~ WE WILL BE UNITED AS ONE CLOUD - HIGH IN THE ATMOSPHERE ~ NO SALES !!!!!!! You cannot… Include your contact details – ie: no website address, no phone number, no email and so on.



marijuana patients in action

Georgia Marijuana Law Reform

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"For I love and respect my state; that land where the Pine grows and spans as far as the eye can see. Where beautiful swamp and marsh hold a quiet temptation; where in the north, mountain's cool gives me a much needed relation. This green, this quietly confirmed nation, whom mortals call Georgia. I give you my heart and soul." Jonathon R. Weaver-

marijuana patients in action


Keep Marijuana Illegal.

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Marijuana is illegal. Somebody who smokes marijuana is breaking the law. A person with no regard for smaller laws like marijuana prohibition clearly has no respect for the institution of government and as such there is nothing stopping this person from committing greater crimes such as murder, theft, and rape. Moreover, marijuana degenerates this person's mind to the point where they are unaware of their actions, thereby rendering them even more susceptible to carrying out these greater crimes. It's best to eliminate these types of threats before they arise, and Keep Marijuana Illegal.



marijuana patients in action

Marijuana hot line Malta.

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This group is to support and share the information available about Marijuana in all her various uses. It is also here as a collaboration of information to put forward a plan to the government for subsequent Legalization and cultivation in the Maltese islands. This group also has a solidarity intention with convicted growers on the Maltese islands and appeals for their release. I encourage all who are welcome here to post any relevant facts, photos, films or news here to doctors and political representatives and any member of society that would benefit from this information and to team up with others to share thoughts and friendship.

marijuana patients in action

Educate the country about Hemp/Marijuana

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This is an open group so feel free to add, or invite as many of your friends as you want. The idea is to inform as many people as we can about the true facts about Marijuana and industrial Hemp. Either one would create more jobs in the country than any other product out there. Please do not advertise shit for sale on here. This is an information page and not to try to sell clothing or anything else here. If you advertise anything for sale on this page you will be removed from the group and ban for life..

marijuana patients in action


Stoners who like Marijuana

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Stoners who like Marijuana and Educational Subjects, Videos, Pictures. There is Group Chat. This Group is not into Selling or Distribution of any illegal Drugs.

marijuana patients in action

the fight to legalize marijuana

559 members


marijuana patients in action


Marijuana Growers

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Marijuana Growers is a FB page where growers ask questions and show their rewards. We take the complicated out of the equation. It's call Weed because it grows like one, so why is it so hard for people to grow it?

The Medical Marijuana Mission

320 members

Alison Myrden in her Mission to get Medical Marijuana recognized as a main stream medicine! Follow all the current media coverage regarding this marvelous plant and all its amazing potential! Alison also has had her web site "The Medical Marijuana Mission" up and running for over 12 years now! Please visit at and sign the guest book TODAY! Also drop by for more on this exciting issue!

Brooklyn ~ Dads For Marijuana

163 members

We are a group determined to eradicate prohibition around the world,it is up to all of us from all nations to bring forth truth and new knowledge pertaining to cannabis and or hemp and all of its many viable uses.......we must do this in order to bring forward a better and brighter future for generations to come.................peace always

Indianapolis Dads for Marijuana

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We are a group determined to eradicate prohibition around the world,it is up to all of us from all nations to bring forth truth and new knowledge pertaining to cannabis and or hemp and all of its many viable uses.......we must do this in order to bring forward a better and brighter future for generations to come.................peace always Peace be with you all, Please share and lets make Dads & Moms the largest group of concerned parents on this planet that stand UNITED

Marijuana Music N Media

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To everyone we've accepted here: This OPEN group was created for sharing and discussing MARIJUANA MUSIC N MEDIA! Welcome from the group founder, josh cannabis sativa. This is primarily a place for sharing music, videos, pictures, images, and news media related to marijuana in any way possible. Dispensary listings and hemp product advertising for legitimate businesses are also welcome, but posting about selling marijuana to anybody through text or email contact is not welcome because I'm not going to prison for aiding and abetting your felonies!



Marijuana Legalize or "Legal-LIES" Discussion Group

4,098 members · 5 active posts

Marijuana Legalization or just plain "Legal-LIES?" A GREED driven marijuana movement now sits in the doorway of OVER-Regulation and CRIMINALIZATION. The plan to raise up the "black market" yet keep black market PROFIT for the 1% elites of this world can seek to take over the Pot market. This blueprint involves ELIMINATING COMPETITION THROUGH OVER-REGULATION FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF KEEPING BLACK MARKET PRICES


Mass Medical Marijuana growers club

615 members · 36 new members

Hello everyone, this group's purpose, is to perpetuate the cultivation of Medical Marijuana for personal use in Massachusetts. This is not a place for commercial growers or people looking to grow. more then the law allows. We help our members by supplying free clones and supplies when available. This site will adhere to all Mass state Laws as will our members.


Medical Marijuana (MMJ) Investing , Your Go To Resource!

362 members · 238 new members

Welcome to MMJ Investing A place to share and discuss publicly traded Canadian & American Medical Marijuana and related companies. This will be a moderated forum although I understand there is good and bad in all publicly traded companies I will not allow personal attacks on group members. My main motivation for starting this group is


Friends of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana-NJ

2,434 members · 20 new members

CMM-NJ is a group that is working hard to encourage the implementation of the medical marijuana law in New Jersey and continue to advocate on behalf of the patients in this state. The Coalition of Medical Marijuana of NJ is dedicated to ensuring safe and proper access to medical cannabis by New Jersey residents with a Doctor's recommendation. ...

The "Marijuana Tea" Party

13,785 members · 7 active posts

Group Rules (yep, there's rules) no posts for- weed sales, hook-ups, rides, multiple submissions of the same post, off topic - any violations of these could get you tossed. only other important thing- main focus here is activist informational support, even to the point of consoling for trauma due to flower discrimination in our society. *MTP Twitter account is @ * this group is not a part of facilitating any type of transactions.,,,


West Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers.

1,279 members · 21 new members

Hi...This group is for Medical Marijuana card holders of West Michigan, either patient or caregiver. If you are a patient looking for a caregiver or you are a caregiver that may have openings for patients then this is the place for you. I try to match the two up so that the patient can get the medicine that they need from a legitimate and credible grower. I'm tired of seeing patients getting ripped off by shady black market dealers and by the ones who are in it for the money.



15,272 members · 62 new members

Floridians chose FLORIDA MEDICAL MARIJUANA by over 58% of the vote on Nov. 4, 2014. This raised the need to be addressed by FL lawmakers and yet again the wishes of the people were ignored. It is up to each and everyone s group is designed to serve YOU!


Dads for marijuana

41,155 members · 111 active posts

We are a group determined to eradicate prohibition around the world. It is up to all of us from all nations to bring forth truth and new knowledge pertaining to Cannabis and or Hemp and all of its many viable uses.......We must do this in order to bring forward a better and brighter future for generations to come.................Peace always Peace be with you all. Please share and let's make Dads the largest group of concerned parents on this planet that stand ....


Legalize Cannabis Marijuana FREEDOM

3,056 members · 1 new member

Light It Up and  the Smoke Out! It's time we show the world just how many of us there really are! Please don't be afraid to be who you are, We are stoners and we are proud! It's time we come together and show not only Facebook but we show the world that we will not sit back and be quiet we will no longer sit and let our RIGHTS be stomped all over!  The Smoke Out TODAY and stand up for your right to live your life how you want to live it! Please refrain from using this group as a place to advertise. All advertisements will be removed as soon as a moderator sees it. CHEAP effective Ad space IS AVAILABLE on our website. Live everyday to the fullest, Keep it lit and stay FREE my friends ♥


MMM: Mothers for Medical Marijuana

325 members

Mothers for Medical Marijuana is an organization that supports the nation wide legalization of Marijuana. As mothers we want to help those who are in pain and need someone to stand up for them ....


Marijuana Mommas

270 members · 50 new members

Hello ! I created this group to serve as a safe place for moms who smoke marijuana to come together to share parenting tips, ideas, stories, advice, or to just have fun and show off your stash. I have a lot of mom friends who smoke weed but because of all the controversy on whether weed is a killer drug or helpful herb, they can't be open with their lifestyle. This page is meant for those marijuana smoking parents who kick ass at raising their kids, who do anything and everything for them. Feel free in this group, please be respectful. Let's spread love not hate! ? ....


Meniere's and Marijuana

260 members · 15 new members

This group is for people with Meniere's Disease who find relief from marijuana to help raise awareness of this miraculous natural medicine. There are no rules..just be kind and respectful of others.. this is also for caretakers and family or friends who just want to check it out. I don't know much but will try to find answers. I have found relief with this plant for ten years. Bless all of you who suffer from this terrible disease. Know there is hope!!!! People can see you posted something but only group members can read it. Peace out brothers and sisters!! Penny Rickert, Founder/Admin


south west michigan medical marijuana group

218 members · 6 new members

we are about jokes and tokes and networking yall are more then welcome to post your strains a meds for donations only


Marijuana Business Innovations Support Group

927 members · 61 new members

The purpose of this group is to bring together cannabis-industry entrepreneurs, looking to be a part of any state's licensing system. Please use this group as an opportunity to connect with each other and help each other.


Marijuana Stock Traders

636 members · 115 new members

An inside scoop on what to buy, when to buy, and a community to share tips and insights to maximize your marijuana stock portfolio.


Mommies for Marijuana

938 members · 2 new members

????Mama knows best!! ???????? We are a diverse group of PRO-CANNABIS moms, from mommies-to-be to nursing mamas to mothers with older children, mothers and grandmas with chronic illnesses and diseases, inquisitive women searching for alternatives, and moms sharing their experience using marijuana to cure their ailments or enhance their lives. We are not dispensing medical advice, only personal experience. ???????????? Share stories of how MJ makes you a better mom, uplift one another, laugh often, and stay cool. ????????????? ~Hayley O. ????


Marijuana In Dallas Oregon

110 members · 26 new members

This group is about marijuana in Polk county. This is about all cities and towns. Not just Dallas. Dallas is the main focus. This group is for marijuana users and people who are pro marijuana only. Please be respectful and mature or you will be banned for good. If you screenshot or leak info I will ban you. This is isn't a group to bash at all in period won't be tolerated! Rules for group below. Thier plain and simple. Admins will boot and block if rules are broken. ...



taca fire in marijuana no I.P.C

1,205 members · 12 new members

Curta sua viagem ?????????


Daily Marijuana users

3,164 members · 40 new members

this group is for fun and fun only No puting other people down.Bullying will not be tolerated.There will be no selling of anykind.There will be no sharing of other groups If you DO NOT have permission from one of the admins.We are hear to talk about marijuana and related issues if you can't enjoy yourself without putting other people down or selling or sharing of groups without admin approval we don't want you hear or see it ....Drama and selling Is not welcome.We don't care about other peoples drama or what your selling.........NO DRAMA....NO SELLING.....Thank you and enjoy the group


The Medical Marijuana Community

1,484 members · 117 new members

Discussion place for all things related to medical Marijuana. A place for Patients, caregivers, businesses and enthusiasts to ask questions, share experiences, connect with others & more RULES No advertising your facebook pages or groups without Admin approval. All shared links must be medical marijuana related For less restrictive rules please check out Any attempts to sell marijuana in any form including seeds will result in instant removal from our group and you will be blocked Please also take a second to visit our official community at its a new social network for the medical marijuana community to connect, share and ask questions with other medical marijuana patients, advocates and businesses.


michigan medical marijuana growers helping growers

2,372 members · 51 new members

No sales just knowledge


Marijuana Legalization. Let's get our voices heard.

245 members · 53 new members


Cannabis/Medical Marijuana

2,363 members · 28 active posts

The pure medical cannabis oil has provided relief to men and women suffering several medically diagnosed issues, including epilepsy, cancer, chronic t pain, and PTSD.


The Marijuana Movement

5,890 members · 15 active posts

This group is dedicated to the open legalization of Marijuana. We do not feel there is any need to regulate it, beyond the same limitation already being applied to other legal substances of comparability (ie. Alcohol and Tobacco). We do not need to be imprisoned. We do not need rehab. We just need the legislative bullying of our lifestyle to stop. People who use marijuana are not criminals. Marijuana should be legal. Plain and simple. Feel free to add your friends and discuss any topic you wish. Enjoy the group!


Minnesota Marijuana

1,681 members · 38 new members

Thank you for ing the extension group for Minnesota Marijuana Please add EVERYONE YOU KNOW LET'S BLAZE THE WORLD


Oregon Recreational Marijuana Friends

5,341 members · 46 new members

Welcome to Oregon Recreational Marijuana Friends facebook group. There are no sales or solicitation to buy Marijuana flower, seeds, clones, concentrates, edibles etc etc allowed in the group. (Including OMMP) Please enjoy sharing your pictures, selling your pipes, selling grow equipment etc. Free Seed and Clone exchanges are encouraged!!! Learn to Grow, and teach to Grow> share your Grow!!! This facebook Group supports The Legal Use Of Recreational Marijuana By Adults 21+ yrs of age.


Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Smokers

1,147 members · 25 new members

a group where Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Smokers can help each other find the Marijuana we must be from Massachusetts and over 21


New Mexico Marijuana And MJ concentrate Enthusiast Page

463 members · 2 new members


Marijuana smokers worldwide Group

10,207 members · 303 new members

Welcome all smokers around the world. Have fun post memes or knowlegde about growing smoking the laws or our rights. So smoke up and  us. No selling pot on wall


The Maritimers Unite for Medical Marijuana Society

5,230 members · 44 active posts

Bill C-10 now places the onus on the patient to prove that their cannabis plants are strictly for medical purposes. With countless physicians remaining reluctant to sign the paperwork that would provide the patient with legal protection, hundreds of thousands of ill Canadians will continue to be left out on a limb. Chronically and critically ill patients rely on medical cannabis because pharmaceuticals have failed them. Who is being protected by sending patients to jail? Please  MUMM as we work to protect patients and promote change. We should ALL be free to choose!


Mermaids for Marijuana

225 members · 12 active posts

We are a female group celebrating being a stoner chick! We post mermaid themed pics and support each other in trying times and in celebration! Any males in this group are vouched for and had to wear a dress to be accepted in. We are no longer accepting male members unless you are a drag queen. We love drag queens! #mermaidsupportgroup


Marijuana Club

3,567 members · 8 new members



16,229 members · 64 new members

if your serious about getting marijuana legal then walk with me.... do not just show pictures and talk about It. we can do it together free the weed There will be NO SELLING of pot, seeds, paraphernalia In my group. If you post selling of anything you will be immediately removed from the group. Please respect the rules and have fun.


SensibleBC - Your Voice for Marijuana Reform

2,289 members · 24 active posts

YOUR VOICE FOR MARIJUANA REFORM. We are active at the municipal, provincial and federal level, as Canada's largest cannabis reform organization.  our team! To find out more, visit us at


Marijuana Freedom Smoke with a Friend.

14,426 members · 85 active posts

Marijuana Freedom. LEGALIZE Cure our families


Marijuana in Virginia

251 members

Welcome! This page is dedicated to our God given natural medicine. If you have information on this culture or have questions, please share. Add your family and friends to come together with these final steps in our forum to ask the group questions and share posts.


Bo's quality marijuana group

226 members · 9 new members

Post watchu smokin on!!


Michigan Medical Marijuana

5,668 members · 3 new members

Our goal at Alternative Solutions Plus is to bring medical marijuana certification clinics to all areas of Michigan. Our professional staff and ability to travel allows us to bring high quality care even to the smallest of communities. Unlike most travel clinics, we try to exclusively deal with local compassion clubs ......



San Diego North County marijuana/weed/stoners/enthusiasts

110 members · 3 new members

Hello fellow marijuana lovers and welcome to the group. Please feel free to ask any questions about the page and as well as any concerns you might have about our page and or members. Congrats everyone!!!???????????????? prop 64 was passed and now we can smoke in peace :) any further opinions on the rules please let me know and have a good day guys!! :) ???????? Please be friendly, if you don't have something nice to say then just don't say it. If you have a problem with one of the other members then please contact myself or one of the other admins. .....



5,625 members · 2 active posts



2,390 members · 18 new members

Support to legalize Medical Marijuana in North Carolina and other states so we have a choice in OUR own medications instead of being stuck with pharmaceutical companies killing us.We want the whole natural plant - CBD Only is NOT enough for everyone. Cannabis can save lives by curing cancer and treating many other diseases. It can alleviate symptoms from stress, nervous disorders, migraines, chronic pain, seizures,Parkinson's, .....


Legalize Medical Marijuana

7,998 members · 9 active posts

Regardless of the fight for legalization of marijuana, the medicinal benefits of cannabis should be understood and legally recognized as an option for patients. Currently, marijuana prohibition applies to everyone, including the ill and dying. Without legalization, thousands will be denied the therapeutic benefits of the herb. Since 1996, voters and legislators in 21 states -- Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine,



Legalize Marijuana in the Marianas

2,399 members · 12 active posts

Legalizing marijuana in the Marianas.


Texans For Medical Marijuana

10,639 members · 12 new members

A group for patients, caregivers, medical professionals, supporters, reformers, protesters, revolutionaries, and reasonable people.


U.S. Marijuana Party

19,517 members · 51 active posts

The U.S. Marijuana Party Is a motivated group of Americans who are tired of living in fear of their Government because of marijuana prohibition. We are fed up with the intrusion into our personal lives, with urine testing at work and at school, with armed home invasions, and with the possibility of prison because of a plant. We are Americans and we do not submit to drug testing for anyone but our doctor, for medical reasons!




5,310 members · 21 new members

This is a STRICT group about marijuana. The only posts that should be posted on this group page should contain to what the group is and nothing else. Unnecessary posts should and will be reported to Admin. If found crude/vulgar or sexually inappropriate it can lead to deletion. Otherwise have fun!!!! No posting links of other groups and/or pages/sites. If you have a problem just contact one of our admin(s): -Kyle Sanborn -Ally Rose Boucher



HEMP (Help End Marijuana Prohibition) ACTivists!

7,249 members · 22 new members

Welcome! Trying to prohibit peaceful and consensual voluntary actions among adults is a failure. Prohibition just drives the activities underground and makes it more dangerous for all involved as prohibition requires a larger state, higher taxes, and restriction of personal freedoms that don't match the values American's claim to embrace. Consequently, we urgently need a return to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness....


Cannabis Oil and Medical Marijuana Treatment and Information

1,866 members · 18 new members

The goal of this group is to provide a variety of information and support on the use of Cannabis Oil, the cannabis plant, other essential oils and herbs for the treatment of various ailments and diseases. There is NO SOLICITATION ALLOWED. I



1,374 members · 4 new members


Medical Marijuana for cancer and any other disease process

11,225 members · 18 new members

The goal of this group is to let everyone know that Medical Marijuana is not just for treating cancer. I have been an advocate for medical marijuana for about 2 years and as a retired RN I am convinced this Herb is the best thing sense the discovery of penicillin. I have other groups but I feel we need more teaching about all the other benefits of medical marijuana.



Texas Medical Marijuana

782 members · 7 new members

This is a group for people who desire to make a difference in Texas' Laws concerning Medical Cannabis. Although marijuana has been legalized, in a Very limited basis; there is still much work to be done. A person's zipcode should never determine whether or not they have access to LEGAL medicine that is necessary to a better life. We will work within our state and national government, in a lawful way, to help bring these changes about! .......




1,049 members · 4 active posts

This Group is to inform and to assist in the obtaining of information on Medical Marijuana. There is a natural remedy for all the ailments. This is one of the better ones. We are very cautious as to who we allow on this group. Our approach is strictly of a medical nature. To Contact me Personally Whats App only 0739850279.



4,516 members · 16 active posts

A group dedicated to the reform of Oklahoma's marijuana laws.


I.M.M.A ( Iowa Medical Marijuana Alliance )

5,140 members · 22 new members

*VERY FIRST POST BY THE ORIGINAL CREATOR AND LEADER OF THIS GROUP-Hello to you all, my close friends and distant aquintances. I've created this group in order to raise awareness of the growing Medical purposes and economical advantages of Cannibis for the world and for us in Iowa. Please post any and all knowledge thoughts and your feelings towards the openness of Cannibis. I will be hosting gatherings in the park this summer to spread the word, where we can all talk about the good of whats to come for Iowa......



Moms for Marijuana International

6,353 members · 2 new members

The Official FB Group of Moms for Marijuana International. Feel free to post Cannabis related articles, pictures, websites, questions, and information. This is a place for education, awareness, and discussion. The rules - all posts and discussion must be Cannabis related and you must use your Manners - NO HATE, ONLY LOVE. No illegal sales of Marijuana allowed. If you post Marijuana for sale, you will be removed and banned.


Legalize Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and/or Recreational Cannabis

7,492 members · 5 active posts

Cannibis Sativa, hemp, is not only one of the most useful industrial plants on the planet, that can feed people more cheaply than corn, provide the only source of fuel alcohol less expensive than gasoline, make clothing softer and more durable than cotton... But it's also a non-addictive recreational drug, safer and healthier than alcohol, tobacco, or even caffeine.


MARIJUANA CLUB... ????????????™

5,230 members · 25 new members


Marijuana International

8,640 members · 6 active posts

For news & views on cannabis(marijuana & hemp), as legal consumers & producers and workers in the marijuana & hemp industries.


Legalize Marijuana in Missouri (Official Group)

14,108 members · 50 new members

Help make Marijuana legal in the state of Missouri. add your friend, and spread the word. Share your stories, pics and/or links on why legalizing Marijuana would help you. visit for more info


SmoØker gRoups .....Guys leTs legalize maRijuAna.

13,705 members · 36 new members

SmoØkers this is our sMoØkeR gRouP so,....add sMoØkeRs onLy..... m jUst jOkeiN guYs add ua more n more frnds......lets take mAriJuAna toGetHer.....


Canadian Weed, Pictures and The Latest in Marijuana Technology and News

137 members · 45 new members

Beautiful Cannabis Pictures, Canadian Weed Contests and Giveaways, The Latest in Marijuana Technology, News, and Marijuana Reviews (Edmonton, AB Chapter)


Tennessee for medical marijuana

4,589 members · 5 active posts

People should post what they think about Tennessee Medical Marijuna and how they feel about legalizing and regulating it and taxing it...Please share Medical Studies and all advances in science and legal regulations.....Thank you! NO CYBERSHOPS!


People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida

8,173 members · 13 new members

People United for Medical Marijuana -Sign up for the newsletter -Print, Sign and MAIL IN the petition -Review the Resources section -Share the information with your friends! -Donate Just 2 Hours A Week!! This is a group that supports the political committee registered with the State of Florida to get medical marijuana legalized through a ballot initiative.



WE like the cannabis / hemp / marijuana plant leaf emblem

4,995 members · 7 active posts

The Leaf represents us! The use of the image of the hemp / cannabis / marijuana plant is not it itself encouraging the illegal possession, cultivation or supply of cannabis. Rather, in most cases, it is used by groups, individuals and causes on Facebook to support or oppose changes in law. Whilst Facebook users are ultimately at the mercy of what Facebook admin, we hope that Facebook acknowledges the above and continues to allow the use of the leaf emblem in its many forms Chez Chester " freedom of expression is what social networking stands for!!!! take it away then it's controlled like everything else in this world, it's either social networking or not,,,double standards don't work in a free world (sic)"


Stoner's Only Marijuana Group

286 members · 6 new members


Michigan Medical Marijuana Network

830 members · 9 new members

A place for all things relating to Michigan Medical Marijuana.


Canadian Medical Marijuana Association

1,680 members · 6 new members

Canadas foremost organisation for providing safe effective information on the benefits of naturopathic medical marijuana since 1998.


Marijuana Supporters

10,030 members · 110 new members


Florida Medical Marijuana Guidance And Help

154 members · 4 active posts


Veterans for Medical Marijuana

2,171 members

This group is for Veterans who don't feel like they fought overseas to come home to a country that arrests sick people for trying to alleviate their pain. I feel like Veterans might be particularly interested in this issue not only because they have stood for freedom, but also because studies have shown Cannabis to be very helpful in treating PTSD.


TX MAMMA - Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism

219 members · 2 new members

If you request to  this group, expect a PM from admin asking you a couple questions!!! This group is for Texas MAMMAs (and dads)! We need to be heard loud and clear in the upcoming Legislative Session! Our kids need and deserve legal access to whole plant medical cannabis. Our examples are states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Illinois - fighting to get autism covered, but leaving no one behind.


Legal Marijuana Now

2,536 members · 5 active posts

Next General Election Nov. 8, '16?Vote for President, Congress, MN Legislature (more info: )


Denver Relief Medical Marijuana

513 members · 89 new members


Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients and Caregivers Connection

346 members · 17 new members

This is a new group for Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients, Caregivers and Potential Patients. Here is a place where you can ask questions and get educated on medical marijuana, how to get certified and how to find a caregiver or be a caregiver.


Marijuana Community

12,496 members · 17 active posts


Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party of Australia

5,329 members · 16 new members

Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party of Australia. Political organisation to re-legalise and regulate Cannabis for personal, medical and industrial use in Australia. ------------------------------------------------------ Main HEMP Party Policies • to re legalise and regulate cannabis for personal, medical and industrial uses. • to allow for health education, home growing, and regulated sales through



Weedbook Marijuana Social Media

196 members · 14 new members

Weedbook is social media for marijuana activists and enthusiasts Chandler Culler, Weedbook Social Media Owner/Founder Click the link for questions and comments


Minnesota Medical Marijuana

2,767 members · 8 new members

This is grassroots movement to get people the medicine they deserve. Thanks for your interest.


Medical Marijuana Growers of MA

256 members · 43 new members

This group is a group for medical Marijuana Growers especially in Massachusetts, I'm TJ Richards and i grow mainly for my wife April who has ms, but i too use medical Marijuana because of my stomach issues and my ptsd. This group is for people to share information, tips, progress pics and anything about growing as well as sharing pictures of their gardens. I post daily pics of my plants to show how much they grow daily. So please  our group and let us know how were we're doing.


Missouri Marijuana Legalization Movement

40,104 members · 30 active posts

Collecting enough Signatures for "our Initiative" 2018- 090 for 100% legalization


RVers and Travelers for Legalized Marijuana

274 members · 5 new members

We are dedicated to provide knowledge of marijuana laws for travelers, we also welcome posts about the struggle for legalization. Whether recreational or medical, we will try to have resources for you or get answers to your questions. We do not want solicitation except by members and allow that so you can find cannabis when you are visiting the blessed states.




4,695 members

Hello And Welcome To All New Members Please Read The Following Before You Post Anything On This Group : - Any Unrelated Posts and Comments Will be Deleted - Don't Advertise Here of Any Kind,Do Not Advertise Your Products,Other Facebook Pages Or Websites.if Anybody Advertise Here Will be Banned From Group Without Notice ... - Do Not Insult Other Members Thanks For Your Cooperation And Have Fun ((?(_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?_?()??


Marijuana legalize

4,751 members · 60 new members

#LegalizeAMaconha Doutores a fumam Enfermeiras a fumam Juízes a fumam No entanto, advogados também...Legalize,Yea-Ah Ye-Ah Essa é a melhor coisa que você pode fazer


Medical Marijuana Ohio

3,181 members · 26 new members

Its time folks to gather the signatures needed! Please ask questions here if you are looking for answers! If you come here to promote your page/group/band/website your post will be removed, and your profile will be banned if the content is not about medical marijuana news - preferably it will be about information in Ohio.


Legalize Marijuana In Nebraska

3,593 members · 2 active posts

If you support legalization in Nebraska like this page.


Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensary Guide

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Good Intentions Medical Marijuana Services is pleased to announce that The Comprehensive Guide to Illinois Medical Marijuana Dispensaries is currently in production. The guide will provide important details related to dispensary location, accommodations, pricing, experts on staff, products and services. Each volume of the guide will focus on a different aspect of the industry. Volume one will highlight dispensary locations and the people behind each organization. The use of visuals to enhance the experience will provide an exciting exploration of this new and emerging industry.


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Marijuana, kush, weed and pills Xanax dizapam tramado

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Legalize Marijuana for Mississippi

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Supports ballot initiative #60, A NEW, 2016 legalize marijuana initiative. Mississippi wants to vote to regulate & tax marijuana like alcohol, allow farmers to grow Industrial hemp.7% tax revenues 4 schools. Gov 2 pardon non-violent cannabis offenders Volunteers R needed: w/ name, county, phone 2 Volunteer


Dirty marijuana porn for freaks only

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Growing Medical Marijuana Indoors

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This groups sole purpose is because we want to educate the Medical Marijuana community on how to grow their own medicine. We are tired of paying these ridiculous prices at dispensaries that provide low quality medicine. As a Medical Marijuana patient growing your own medicine is much more beneficial for many reasons. This site is not a sell and trade site meaning that there is no selling of anything period.



Legalize medical marijuana in Indiana.

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Medical Marijuana has helped kept jails / prisons from over populating and keeping more violent criminals in than out. It is also good for the government as instead of going to jail you might get a small fine for the amount you have. It also can be used to ease pain and help the Diseases/Conditions below.. =================== Diseases / Conditions AIDS (HIV) & AIDS Wasting Alzheimer's Disease Appetite / Nausea Arthritis Asthma / Breathing Disorders Chemotherapy Crohn's / Gastrointestinal Disorders Epilepsy / Seizures Glaucoma Hepatitis C Migraines Multiple Sclerosis / Muscle Spasms Pain / Analgesia Psychological Conditions Tourette's Syndrome Terminally Ill ...



Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Marijuana Enthusiasts' Group

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For fans of both Jojo and, well, weed. Fan art is cool, the manga is cool, cosplay is cool, shittalking and flaming is cool (within limit) other Araki is cool, pretty much anything is cool. Especially cannabis. I will delete shitty meme posts though, and straight-up ban you if you're only here to promote your shitty weed page / try to sell drugs / be an FBI agent.


VA Veterans for Medical Marijuana & Cannabis Products

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Having a "Medicated" state of mind it's pretty straight forward... we are here to Support our Brother's & Sister's at ARMS for Healthy and Happy Veterans by legalizing Medical Marijuana, Hemp & Cannabis Products. If you have Drama or BS take it someplace else, we want positive Energy Following in this GROUP. Cheers, pdj


Medical Marijuana 4 Florida

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Over 58% of Florida voters voted YES to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, not just for themselves, but out of compassion for others. While we needed 60% of the vote to legalize it, we are not discouraged. Over 70% of Americans now believe medical pot should be legal. We want to change the stigma associated with this herb. You don't have to use pot, want to use pot or need to use to to be a part of this group. Just believe in the mission to help others who can benefit from the use of medical marijuana.we expect to win!



Florida Medical Marijuana-420

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Amendment 2 is now passed- Let's use this group to help Florida succeed in the Medical Marijuana Industry

Request sent

Help us Reform today's Marijuana Laws

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This group was created by the owner of and the groups intentions is the legalization of cannabis, ending the prohibition and finally decriminalizing marijuana once and for all. We have created this social network for you, the people. It's important that we educate the masses so the public has a positive view toward marijuana. We believe our first responsibility is to provide the largest marijuana social network for like-minded individuals and also help other companies grow their businesses through our social network.......



Growing Marijuana in Northern Nevada

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This group is geared towards helping Northern Nevadans grow marijuana for use under the new law taking place on Jan 1st, 2017.


Florida Veterans for Medical Marijuana

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If you're a veteran, family member, or a friend of a veteran who supports Medical Marijuana. This page is for all who use this medicine or need access to this medicine for medicinal purposes. Veterans suffer from all kinds of illness and/or disabilities around the world. Some who suffer from mental illness such as PTSD, Depression and Anxiety just to name a few find relief from this natural medication that the FDA refuses to study. This page is not limited to veterans, but is mainly focused on veterans who suffer from mental and physical illness.


Maine Medical Marijuana Growers Group

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Helping medical marijuana patients with any and all questions, help & suggestions. Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have. Please no solicitation, no one under the age of 18, no law enforcement & no selling anything.


Virginia Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition

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VARAMP (Virginia Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition) is a non-profit organization and political caucus within the GOP that supports marijuana law reform. Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition (RAMP) reforms marijuana laws by working within the GOP to educate and connect with lawmakers, party leadership, and grassroots activists.


Marijuana Events in Maine

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This page has been created to help marijuana events in Maine organize, publicize and be as successful as possible. Please feel free to post marijuana legislative update meetings, festivals, fund raisers, classes, MJ trade shows, mj parties......etc. Everything is in one place and I will try to list a easy to read calendar each .....



Marijuana MEMES & More

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Memes that you just have to post! No Nudes.


Marijuana Reconsidered

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This is quite a sad group, it shouldn't need to exist, but it does, and it's important. We need change of norms and understanding regarding cannabis and the healing effects it has. We need to educate ourselves and our peers in this issue. These days only a few countries and states have dared to take a stand in this issue. Most people understand that this plant is harmless in terms of damage, but many people don't know that it is a fact that the plant has good healing effects and is very harmless compared to the chemical substances .........


Friends of Recreational & Medical Marijuana

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Do you support the use of Marijuana? If you do, then  our group, Friends Of Recreational & Medical Marijuana. A place to discuss anything related to recreational or medical Cannabis. Use of cannabis is NOT a prerequisite for membership. We exist primarily to promote nation wide legalization and legitimate scientific research into the risks and benefits of medical cannabis use. This group is for those who support the medical and/or the recreational use of Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica.& Cannabis ruderalis.aka Marijuana. We are NOT a 'stoner' group nor do we condone the recreational use of so-called hard drugs.


Marijuana Extractors - Extraction Community and Information Sharing CO2 BHO

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This is a group to provide a safe, private, and open community to discuss the newest and greatest in marijuana extraction methods, products, questions and answers, as well as so much more. Especially in regards to topics such as Rosin Tech, CO2, etc and maximizing yield while maintaining the most effective and clean purges. We do not endorse any kind of ad's or spam! You will be banned immediately


Medical Marijuana in Florida (YourCannaLife)

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Medical Marijuana Consultants: If you are ready to open a dispensary & you’re seeking medical marijuana business creation advice, establishing a network with medical marijuana patients, physicians, advocates or businesses then we can discuss hiring us as Medical Marijuana Consultants. Physicians: YourCannaLife is seeking to establish a medical marijuana network. We would like to build a network of licensed physicians...



Largest Facebook Cannabis Seed Stock Marijuana Seeds Group

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Free Market to Post your favorite strain info and where to buy the best Cannabis Seed Stock that you can find. Cannabis Growers Helping Each Other With Tips tricks and cool pics.

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California Medical Marijuana

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Stayed informed on Medical Marijuana Related Topics in California.


Nurses and Doctors for Medical Marijuana

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Health care workers for medical marijuana.


Marijuana Maintenance Recovery

671 members · 4 new members Welcome! Marijuana Maintenance Recovery (MMR) is a group comprised of people dealing with substance-dependence/abuse and parties affiliated with, or interested in cannabis substitution as a form of harm-reduction therapy. Our intention is to stay abstinent from, or reduce our use of dangerous substances, by using cannabis as a replacement. We are an all-inclusive group that allows people using all types of recovery methods. Our goal is to remain a supportive structure that cultivates positivity and acceptance, and encourages healthy behaviors.




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Nevada Marijuana Legalization 2016

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Legalization is on the ballot in 2016!!! Our goal is now to spread knowledge, and create traction to help this ballot measure pass!!!


Marijuana Club Of Canada

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This club is for the sharing of anything related to Cannabis in one of the best countries to live in the world ????


California marijuana growers

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This group is for growers only. To help each other out with growing tips. Sell of equipment and nutrients supplies are allowed . No selling of any kind of plant's or bubs. If you break the rules you will be remove from the group and block. Let's grow some weed.


Medical Marijuana For A Better Life

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We are here to inform and help people who are seeking knowledge about medical marijuana.


Pro-Recreational Marijuana Activists (central FL chapter)

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2017 India Global Cannabis March ( Million Marijuana March)

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The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is an annual rally held at different locations across the planet. It refers to cannabis-related events that occur on the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts, and may include marches, meetings, rallies, raves, concerts, festivals and information tables. The Global Marijuana March also goes by the name of the Million Marijuana March (MMM). It began in 1999. Around 700 different cities worldwide have signed up since 1999.....



Hoosiers for Medical Marijuana

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Hoosiers for Medical Marijuana supports and promotes legalization of cannabis in Indiana. We have the human right to choose to medicate ourselves with a scientifically proven ancient herb. Including parents who choose to medicate their children. Let's get the word out together!


America Marijuana Movement

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We are supporting the Legalization of Medical Marijuana to help patients that need it to live life to the fullest, to have opportunities to easy or a better way of life for that if they didn't have the medicinal usage of a plant that cures an slowest down diseases.


marijuana and friends

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Medical Marijuana NY

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This is a place where the latest news in medical marijuana space is shared. Learn from top doctors in the medical marijuana community and get tips on where to find certified providers in your area as well as dispensary's.


Talkeetnans for Marijuana Reform

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This is a page for those in favor of having legal marijuana in our friendly, quaint, little village. This group is only for those who support legal mariuana and the means to obtain it.


Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Patients, Growers, And Caregivers

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This group is for patients and caregivers to learn and network with each other. Sales of anything containing cannabis is prohibited on here. If you wish to help others with services, please keep that to direct, private messages. To be in this group, you must be a Massachusetts resident with exception on neighboring New England state that recognize medical cannabis. This is not for street dealers and street users. Any indication of street dealing will get you banned. Most of all, remember, this page is to help, not to pick fights.


Legalize Marijuana Worldwide

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this group if you agree that we should "Legalize Marijuana" This group is aimed at Legalizing Marijuana Worldwide, if you support Marijuana in any way then !


Marijuana Kingdom

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the herbal life- medical marijuana Tucson AZ

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Medical Marijuana Barbados

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A movement to engage the government of Barbados on the making of laws to permit the controlled use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.


Ohio Marijuana Jobs

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Coming Soon, Stay Tuned:


Northern Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients And Caregivers

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This is a closed group for card holding Michigan medical marijuana patients and caregivers better north of US 10! The main purpose is to bring information and a place for patients to advertise they need a caregiver and for caregivers to advertise they have patient openings! Also a group to post marijuana information. Please do not post donation prices for phone numbers.


Boston's legal Marijuana grow swap and meet

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New York Patients for Medical Marijuana

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New York Patients for Medical Marijuana: A place to safely share and discuss our advocacy and fight for the legalization of MMJ in the State of New York. This page is parent, patient, and caregiver ....



Florida Medical Marijuana Help & Education

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Diane Gracely is educating Florida patients about medical marijuana and helping them get their medical marijuana recommendation and state ID. INVITE your FLORIDA FRIENDS to  this Group. I recommend Doc MJ to get your Florida State Medical ID and your scripts for medical marijuana. This is who I am using and I love my doctor, Dr Bruno. I pay $19.99 a month. This covers my doctor visits and scripts (recommendations as they call it) for medical marijuana.


Marijuana Directory

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This is a CANNABIS DIRECTORY! New Stock Investors 101 Basics Hot Stocks Venture Capital For New Business Need Help? Ask A Question


NORML Canada, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws Canada

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NORML Canada is a non-profit, public interest, member operated and funded group, chartered at the federal level in Canada since 1978. The organization aims to eliminate all civil and criminal penalties for private marijuana use – through government lobbying, public education, research, and legislative and judicial challenges. NORML Canada believes that the present policy of discouraging marijuana use through the use of criminal and/or civil law has been excessively costly and harmful to both society and the individual.


The Purple Noodle: Stoners Getting High Smoking Marijuana Weed Pot

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Why is marijuana not legal? Why is marijuana not legal? It’s a natural plant that grows in the dirt. Do you know what’s not natural? 80 year old dudes with hard-ons. That’s not natural. But we got pills for that. We’re dedicating all our medical resources to keeping the old guys erect, but we’re putting people in jail for smoking something that grows in the dirt. You know we have more prescription drugs now.


Marijuana Drug Free World

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marijuana our future

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there will be no selling no buying no pornography.there will be respect towards women no racism.if you do not follow the rules you will be exceptions


Simi Valley Medical Marijuana Alliance

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Protect the rights to safe, affordable access, and home cultivation of cannabis medicine for the patients living in Simi Valley


1,000,000 marijuana march 2012

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The 1,000,000 marijuana march group is run by rapper DITCH. Please visit please also add your friends to this group


Medical Marijuana

474 members

JuanaMed? ...An innovative leader educating our community on the natural benefits of Medicinal Marijuana. A Not-for-profit organization recognizing holistic alternatives & Medical Marijuana Resources PLEASE feel free to ask questions, post answers to questions, express yourself, network ... & SHARE with anyone & everyone you think could benefit from the group, spread the word! 248-895-2563


Supreme Court fight for Medical Marijuana coverage

337 members

I have started this group for injured workers that use cannabis for they pain control due to a work place accident and have been denied coverage from WorkSafe B.C for there cannabis costs. This group is also for family and friends that support medical cannabis for pain control. WorkSafe B.C has denied cannabis for injured workers suffering from chronic pain. They state there is not enough evidence to support cannabis for pain control. I have filled in B.C Supreme Court on March 10th 2012 to fight for injured workers to have cannabis covered for seriously injured workers .


Marijuana Love ??????????

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Kr gai chull


THC Creations (not marijuana)

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Since i cannot work full-time due to a serious back injury, i am building products in my garage to supplement my income. Please feel free to inquire about any product you are interested in. Thank you in advance. Have a great day.


Marijuana party of canada

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I LovE MarijuanA... !

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petition to legalize medical marijuana in PA

387 members


CT Residents for SB 1014 (Marijuana Decriminalization)

454 members

This is a group for all residents of Connecticut who are in favor of decriminalizing marijuana. Our legislature has gotten close in the past, but circumstances, along with Jodi Rell pledging to veto any law passed, have stopped us from making progress. With Dan Malloy entering office this spring, reformers and activists in CT have a great shot at making marijuana decriminalization a reality. If we work hard, call our representatives, lobby the politicians, and make ourselves heard through protests, we can do this. WHY WE SUPPORT DECRIMINALIZATION:


marijuana fans club

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Guys you can share pictures, videos, links your creativity your experince .... your knowledge whatever you like


New Hampshire Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy

1,509 members · 4 active posts

Since 2007, the NH Coalition for Common Sense Marijuana Policy has advocated for sensible marijuana policy reforms in the New Hampshire Legislature. In 2008, the NH House passed a bill to "decriminalize" possession of marijuana in small amounts, and in 2009, the House and Senate passed a medical marijuana law, only to see it vetoed by Gov. Lynch. The House has now passed a total of 6 decriminalization bills since 2008, but none has been approved by the Senate.

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Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine

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This is for everyone to come share their stories. Please do not spam the walls with similar posts over and over....


Pontotoc for the legalization of marijuana

200 members

Hello this page is for the legalization of medical marijuana regulation in Oklahoma. Feel free to post information about the subject. Seeing that is respectful informative and legitimate. I would really like for this venture to come to be. If you have any questions about the ways to sign or just info on the subject I will personally give you an answer. It is time people see this for what is.


Regulate Marijuana Like Wine 2012 Volunteers

368 members

Welcome to the volunteer community group for the Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Volunteer Field Campaign on facebook. Petitioner Hotline: (323) 413-7263 Like our Page at: Help us print more signs and petitions:



88 members



Vote YES on question 2 in november! DECRIMINALIZE MARIJUANA IN MASS!

336 members

Congratulations Massachusetts voters! Yesterday, you won! Here are the results: Question #2 Yes - 65% No - 35% I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate The Committee For Sensible Marijuana Policy for all of the time and hard work they have put into bringing their grassroots campaign to an overwhelming victory. I would like to thank all of the people who dedicated their time and money to CSMP and the Yes on Question 2 Campaign,


Legalize Marijuana In Arizona. Support Safer Arizona. Non Afishel Site

128 members

Safer Arizona Is looking for your HELP to make Marijuana Legal in #ARIZONA.They are competing with a Washington, DC based company. Looking to monopolize the Marijuana & MEDICAL MARIJUANA industry and keep Prohibition laws in place witch have some of the harshest laws in the world riddled with FELONY'S. If you enjoy #SMOKING #DABBING #GROWING with out the fear of going to jail. PLEASE help Safer Arizona By Sharing,Liking there Page and signing the potion to get on the Ballot for 2016.


Legalize Marijuana in North Carolina

297 members

To promote the legalization and ethical distribution of Natural Marijuana.


Our governor is a fat liar...legalize marijuana in NJ

159 members


Bob Marley & Marijuana Lover

277 members

"Whn you smoke the herb, it reveals you to urself. And it is nt a Drug. It's a leaF"-Bob Marley


Recall Bach if he vetos marijuana in Springs!

96 members

Recall Bach if he vetos marijuana in the Springs !


Thumbs up for legalizing marijuana

82 members

Helping get more likes for justin Trudeau in legalizing marijuana cause soon enough it will be! And should be legal in Canada just like alcohol and cigarettes!


marijuana band

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Legalise Marijuana

101 members



161 members

HB 1705 allows the purchase and use of marijuana by adults, regulates the purchase and use of marijuana, and imposes taxes on the wholesale and retail sale of marijuana. This bill has been scheduled for a public hearing Wednesday, January 25, at 11:00 a.m. in Room 204 of the Legislative Office Building in Concord. We need to get as many people as possible to go to the Legislative Office Building to show NH's politicians that we're sick and tired of prohibition!


Boost our Economy..Go Green. Legalize Marijuana

302 members


Ban the production and sale of Synthetic Marijuana

117 members

Hi Everyone! Dear friends! I organized this group in an effort to gain support for the petition I just created with th White House. Below is a description on the petition-- as you could probably tell from the title of the group, I am attempting to once again get White House eyes on banning the sale and production of synthetic marijuana. Below will provide an explanation on this rising epidemic. I have 30 days to get 25,000 votes to have the White House look at it.


Legalize marijuana

107 members

"LIKE" this if you think that marijuana should be legalized in the united states. this is why: There is no medical evidence that shows high-potency marijuana is more harmful than low-potency marijuana. Marijuana is literally one of the least toxic substances known. High-potency marijuana is actually preferable because less is of it consumed to obtain the desired effect; thereby reducing the amount of smoke that enters the lungs and lowering the risk of any respiratory health hazards.


marijuana lovers

56 members


Marijuana should be legalizes\ 4:20

138 members


Go Green! Legalize Marijuana initiative in Broward County

194 members

There are currently 3 states with bills going through voting that promote 100% legalization of marijuana... and Florida is not one of them! Why? because we have so many interest groups in the state that have invested in the police departments and private prisons that would lose a lot of money if it became legal... Well I say FUCK THE INTEREST GROUPS! all it takes is money and if 3 states can do it, so can we. We need to build a community of volunteers...


"MARIJUANA" open buiznss

76 members



106 members


Great "MARIJUANA" lovers

150 members

<3 ALL the gRt Marijuana loveRs are mOst wlCm 2 ths Grp <3 . <3<3 BABA IS IN OUR HEART <3<3


2018 AR Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative

212 members

This group is for sharing information related to and building support for marijuana legalization in Arkansas.


Marijuana Survey

119 members

Hey everybody! This page is dedicated to a survey for our Market Research class at Pacific University. The purpose of this survey is to gather the opinions of Pacific University’s stakeholders on the recreational use of marijuana. This survey should only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time and your answers will remain anonymous and confidential. Here's the link:


Medical Marijuana Movement of America

260 members

This group is the power of the nation banding together to voice their opinions about the current and future state of legalization of medical marijuana. **Warning** -any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website ...


I support HR 5843 (Marijuana Decriminalization)

259 members

This measure, if passed, would strip the federal government of its authority to arrest responsible adult cannabis consumers. NORML founder ( and Legal Director Keith Stroup worked extensively with Representative Barney Frank’s (D-MA) staff to write this important legislation, which represents the first cannabis decriminalization measure introduced in Congress in 24 years.


RxMMj - Rx Medical Marijuana Group

255 members

RxMMj - Rx Medical Marijuana Group Is a Facebook Group and Website Community dedicated to Medical Marijuana Issues. Please feel free to  if you support Medical Marijuana. This is not a debate, just a place for people with like minded beliefs can come together and meet with each other and discuss all topics related. If you know of someone who could benefit from this group please tell them about us or invite them in. Thank-You


Legalize marijuana in western australia

211 members


Regulate Marijuana like Wine - California 2016 Initiative

1,213 members

Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Supporting all 'good' legalization and decriminalization measures.


Vermont Marijuana Minority Group

87 members

We hope to enlighten those in the dark about marijuana and legalization! Let's get serious and get Illinois moving forward toward legalization with the rest of the country! No selling of any sort.



26 members



14 members

You need marijuana for one reason of the others


Help Stop Attacks On Medical Marijuana!!!

247 members



151 members


How many people worldwide think Medical Marijuana should be legalized?!

241 members



114 members


Michigan Marijuana Lobbyists

71 members

Michigan Marijuana Lobbyists is a pro-hemp group. We are here to ensure the laws voted into effect by we the people are respected by Law Enforcement Officers, Municipalities, Legislature and Courts. Unfortunately the government disrespects the vote of its citizenry in favor of vocal lobbyists representing big business and the likes. In practice the more visual and vocal a group is on an issue, the more likely legislature will conform to the wishes of said group.


marijuana lovers

66 members


Legalize Marijuana

223 members

This GROUP is deadicated to the cause!!!!!!


Marijuana is life

103 members

Smoking Marijuana


Legalize Marijuana in Kentucky!

125 members

Pushing forward to get Marijuana legalized in Kentucky! As well as any other state that hasn't yet!



97 members




190 members

Better United By Ganja Rather Diversified By Politics & Government. Ignore them :P & Concentrate On Your Kush :) :)


Marijuana Art & Creativity by GanjaGoji

152 members

There are many creative People on the Net. I love sharing my work and seeing what others create. The mind is a beautiful thing. There is no denying that partaking in cannabis awakens the creative parts of the mind. Poetry, Graphics, Writing and much more. Come on over and enjoy what you friends are creating, thinking, expressing. Any posts depicting violence or the like will be deleted.


-Should Marijuana Be Legal?-

67 members · 1 new member


Marijuana Voters

218 members

Vote for Marijuana legalization in all states. Help people who trying to legalize marijuana.


Med Marijuana, BC

125 members

If your interested in living healthy and pain free, this group is for you. Medical Marijuana capsules are NOT habit forming and they will NOT cause you to test positive to a drug test. Another thing they will NOT do is give you a high. What they will do is manage your pain and overall health.


The Legalization of Marijuana

130 members

FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR POT AND FREEDOM!!!  us. We are freedom fighters for the legalization of marijuana. We believe legalization in all fifty states will create jobs. We will treat our group members with courtesy and respect. We are here to disseminate information regarding medicinal uses of cannabis and industrial use of hemp. We will promote discussion to accomplish our goals. Our group consists of our best and brightest, we believe in the promotion of equality and freedom of speech.


Legalization of Marijuana

55 members


Fidels Marijuana Heaven

192 members

Fidel's Tobacconist. The Paddocks, Racecourse Road. Milnerton. Shop 38. Ph: 021 551 7965 Shop S21c Goodwood Mall


VaBeach Marijuana Supporters

78 members


Georgia’s Medical Marijuana Upgrade May Have a Fighting Chance

129 members

Monday, Jan. 4, 2016 ATLANTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- Senator Harold Jones II has introduced a law to eliminate felony marijuana possession laws in Georgia.


Marijuana Nation

145 members

This is here for anyone and everyone interested in Mary Jane!


Medical Marijuana

161 members

Thanks all! I have been coming across both so much good information and so much bad information that I feel it is useful to have a forum where the benefits and statistical implications can be discussed to dismiss state propaganda. Please feel free to Post any study with either positive or negative findings and we can examine the methods used in each. Thanks. Furthermore, willfully ignoring my request to maintain this as a non commercial endeavour will result in permanent banning from this group.


Medical Marijuana Info

90 members


marijuana club

45 members

?????? ????? ??????? ????? ???? ????? ?????


Vote to leagalize marijuana????????????????

67 members

????????Smoke. Weed every day


Leaglise Marijuana

134 members

heyy guyzz dnt ew ol thnk dat weeb izz goin mre n mre expensive day ba day...datzz ol b'coz itz illeagle n itz dimand izz vry hiigi amgst 2dyzz youth.... Soo, we ol 2gdr shud make an effort to leaglise it in india...


People for the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana on WE

165 members

This page is for the uncensored discussion and the promotion of the regulation of Marijuana on White Earth Indian Reservation.


Friends Who Like Marijuana World News

103 members · 2 new members


Marijuana Baby Awareness

200 members

This is for a school project. we are trying to kep people aware of what drugs do to you and the baby when a female is pregnant. Women smoking Marijuana while they are pregnant affect the baby.Marijuana remains in the babies fat cells for as long as 7 to a 30 day period.Smoking marijuana increases carbon monoxide and dioxide levels in your blood, which lowers the oxygen supply to the baby. Marijuana is never safe if you’re pregnant or not; it affects the baby during any stage.



May the 4th b with you 2 day marijuana event

39 members

marijuana all day @ queens park Toronto Ontario. this is the global marijuana march. it takes place on May 4th to May 5th


End Marijuana Prohibition

199 members

The War on Drugs costs the American public about $50 billion per year. Despite that, it has failed to serve the national good in almost every way. This prohibition has had the same effect as the Prohibition of alcohol, and it's time to learn from the past. - First time and non-violent offenders are given long mandatory sentences that force overcrowded jails to release violent criminals.




152 members


Washington Marijuana Minority Group

72 members

This group is for learning about medical marijuana. With mmj becoming legal in many states and hopefully nationwide soon we feel that everyone should know about mmj in order to make an informed decision. Medical marijuana (cannabis) has been shown to cure most all forms of cancer as well as many other diseases or conditions with little to no side affects. We absolutely DO NOT ALLOW anyone to advertise for any products or drugs. You will be banned if you post about selling anything!


End Canadian Marijuana Prohibition

45 members

This is a group in hopes to end the prohibition or marijuana in Canada. To stop the billions of dolars of our tax money from being wasted on an endless, pointless battle that has gone nowhere. We want quality marijuana, without the toxins from it having to be smuggled here, we want medication that we can produce, hell we want cheaper clothing, housing , paper, and fuels. If this prohibition ended we would save millions and on top of that add billions to the tax revenue.



165 members


This November, Vote 'Yes' for Medical Marijuana in Michigan!

191 members

******IT'S OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL, WE ARE PROPOSAL ONE ON THE BALLOT. VOTE YES ON PROPOSAL ONE!****** This November, us Michiganders will be given the choice to have medical marijuana available for people with chronic or debilitating illnesses or not. This would mean that Michigan has the chance of ing the 12 other states that have set an example by allowing medical marijuana. This group is for all people who are going to vote "yes!" this November for medical marijuana.


Alachua County for Medical Marijuana

77 members

Our cause has made to the ballot for the Mid-Term election. Do not forget to vote this November. If you are not registered within the County that you live in make sure you update your registration prior at least by October I am not sure when the cut off is. If you have never been registered to vote you must also have your form in by October. You can go to your local Supervisor of Elections office or the DMV and they can take care of it for you. Its best to go to the Supervisor of Elections if you want to make sure its done as quickly as possible.


Legalization of Marijuana

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My name is Jonathan Reed. I am senior at Maury High School. I am doing my senior project on the legalization of Marijuana. So i'm here to spread the word in hope of a change. Add friends too.LEGALIZE MARIJUANA


Utah Marijuana Minority group

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This group is for learning about medical marijuana. With mmj becoming legal in many states and hopefully nationwide soon we feel that everyone should know about mmj in order to make an informed decision. Medical marijuana (cannabis) has been shown to cure most all forms of cancer as well as many other diseases or conditions with little to no side affects. We absolutely DO NOT ALLOW anyone to advertise for any products or drugs. You will be banned if you post about sellling anything!


End Missouri Marijuana Prohibition

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This is a place where people can voice their concerns about the prohibition of marijuana. You can be like me and be a non-user and still support this cause because it's the right thing for Missouri to do. Nothing will change if we aren't willing to push for it. Post news about legalization, studies, pictures, and anything else that relates to legalizing marijuana in the state of Missouri.


Petition to Legalize Marijuana

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1. Marijuana does not cause overdose deaths. In 1994, fewer than 2% of drug related emergency room visits involved the use of marijuana. 2. Marijuana helps with: Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Meditation, Eating Disorders. 3. Marijuana has been around since ancient times. It wasn’t considered a problem until a disinformation campaign about it was launched in the 1930s by the Americans. 4.


Support Marijuana Legalization In TT

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Marijuana Party of Canada

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This group is for all of those who are in favour of legalizing Cannabis and of supporting the Marijuana Party of Canada in its efforts to see the plant legalized.


Maine Medical Marijuana *Caregivers and Patients*

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I'm starting this group mostly for Caregivers and Patients to get connected. Figure the internet is used for everything and Facebook has become more of just a place to find old friends and family. SO... why not find that patient you've been looking to help, or for the patients to find there medication needs?!?! Or information about growing?!


Legalize Marijuana Supporters & Movement

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This a group to talk about legalizing Marijuana and plan out how to do so!



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marijuana patients in action


L3GaLiZ3 MaRiJuAna sOciEt¥

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sum people sayz smoke marijuana is a mah frnzz i say its nt a crime ........its a connection between human and lord shiva coz lord wntd to make peace fr his childrn(us)..wen a person smokes a chillum he/she ollwaz nama SHIVAYE ""


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marijuana patients in action


Supporters of Marijuana Decriminalization

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This is NOT a group for selling and buying illegal drugs. Nor is it a group made to harass people who persecute Marijuana users. Rather it is a group to bring cannabis users and friends together for a cause and to help stop ignorance about it. I encourage everyone to click that link and like the page to help raise awareness. Medical marijuana could be legalized in Kentucky 2013. It would be difficult but possible if it gained enough support and awareness is raised. I know there are enough people out there to make this possible, we just need to come together and raise awareness for this cause.



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