New Rules - prior marijuana use won't prohibit you from guarding TRUMP!

New Rules - Prior marijuana use won't prohibit you from guarding TRUMP!


The US Secret Service is reportedly relaxing its marijuana policy in a bid to recruit better men,  who might like to light up a joint once in awhile.  Because of the widespread use of medical marijuana among foot soldiers, ex-servicemen, and now includes retired senior commanders, generals and admirals.  By word of mouth among peers, sanity is starting to seep in.  


"Jeff Sessions, can get out of his echo chamber for a moment and listen to the secret service brass?"  


CALI  wacky tobacco laws


The change to the marijuana policy is an acknowledgment that cannabis is more prevalent in today's society and is used by good men and women, as opposed to deadbeat losers.  It's a notable shift that moves the secret service and other federal law enforcement agencies from the 1950's to the twenty-first century.  



cnn terrorizes america

More work, CNN chips in with home grown ISIS inspired domestic terror.  


CNN, while not exactly a reliable source of information, reported that The Secret Service is relaxing its drug policy for potential hires.  The new director, Randolph Alles, laid out a plan to hire 3,000 spooks this coming year.  You have to wonder, what kind of secrets they're looking at, given that there has to be a massive decrease in the number of secrets out there..... given that Wikileaks has published millions of documents.... with validity never challenged officially or in court, at any level or jurisdiction.


Randolph Alles, in his first press briefing since his appointment, described a force of  very dedicated agents facing near unsustainable levels of around the clock protective coverage.

This change in the drug policy, which is in effect now, is an acknowledgment that marijuana is not an immoral, irresponsible act in today's society, and this decision will allow for a younger generation of applicants, many of whom have "experimented with the drug" when they were teenagers, access to the hiring process.   Editor's note:  They still have to play around with the bullshit speak, and say something like;


"The past use of marijuana will not disqualify applicants or employees, so long as they are never under the influence of cannabis, nor any other drug, while on duty, or when it's use affects performance at any time." - What the boss should-a-said.


A new buzzword was born, the agency says it is a "whole-person concept" in hiring, the Secret Service will no longer disqualify an applicant who has used marijuana more than a certain number of times, which allows potential candidates to be truthful and  can admit to using the "drug", taking into consideration the time between the last use and their application to the agency.


What's missing in this statement is certainty for applicants, and exact definitions about last time of use, and ongoing drug testing and the like.  The want to hire marijuana smokers that pretend that they are no longer marijuana smokers, keeping up the Fed double-speak-credo, the mantra of the War on Drugs.


"It's a shift that puts the force in line with other federal law enforcement agencies, the agency."


Will Donald Trump Sessions?


Despite the change in marijuana policy, the process of hiring remains stricty for those who will be within feet of a head of state.   A polygraph test is fundamental and critical.. Credit checks and vision tests are also a high priority for recruits. With many older agents exceeding overtime requests and the ever-present terror (created by past administrations) threat.


Alles' is looking to hire young people and does not want past marijuana use to eliminate the best candidates, obviously.  


"We need more people. The mission has changed. it's more dynamic and way more dangerous than it has been in years past," - Alles


Alles cited post-9/11 threats that include terror groups like al Qaeda and ISIS, as well has homegrown terrorists, all of which have been cultivated by forces within the US government itself.   


secret service investigates CNN for terror threats.



Interestingly Alles was hired by Trump after only one meeting. The interview was the only time Alles had ever met the President.  On the other hand, many of his officers have certainly become acquainted with POTUS Donald Trump, his family and his many properties. The law requires 24-hour protection of the President's family, as well as the properties that he might be using, even if unoccupied.  The secret service has been allocating resources in accordance.


"I think between that and the fact that he has a larger family, that's just more stress on the organization, we recognize that." - Alles


Trump spends many of his weekends at his waterfront property in Florida, as well as his golf course in New Jersey. Trump has yet to  visit Camp David, the military installation in Maryland that's a popular retreat for many presidents in the past.


"Obviously, we won't be able to dictate his travel, we interface with his staff on how they schedule things and what works better and causes us less resource demands."


What has remained constant across administrations is the number of threats made against the President, on an daily or even hourly basis, much of which is encouraged by certain celebrities, news media, so called leftist basement dwellers, Soros lackeys and even appreciable numbers of university professors.  


"Six to eight threats come into Secret Service against Trump -- an average range that's remained steady for the past 10 years."  


Two days after comedian Kathy Griffin apologized for a gruesome photoshoot involving a bloodied mock-Trump head, Secret Service officials declined to comment on the case, but normal reviews of similar actions in the past have warranted an official interview.

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420EvaluationsOnline:  If you're applying for a government job and you've smoked marijuana in the past, it might be a very good thing to say that you've got a medical doctor's recommendation for cannabis, so long as that condition does not disqualify you on the basis of physical and mental fitness.  

We provide - 100% online - licensed physician's evaluations, Cannabis-ID, and grower's permits for the States of California and Nevada.   This Telehealth process takes only a few minutes to apply and your file is usually processed within an hour or two.  Patients don't pay unless the doctor approves you to possess and purchase cannabis based medicines from MMJ dispensaries, cooperatives, cannabis clubs, compassion groups, delivery services and marijuana clinics.






Today, celebrity is spoiled, they are narcissists, who believe that they can do or say anything they want, no matter if it's illegal, insights riots, or encourages murder.  Like a bully who finally picks a fight with the wrong guy, after he feels the reality of a solid blow to his face, the lights come on,  his world isn't funny anymore,  he's in for a shit-kicking.  In this article, Kathy Griffin folds like a low class bully, and tries to insinuate that her bully-actions make HER the victim.  The Secret Service, in the real world of blood, death, warfare, and covert operations won't be ......  



BREAKING: After Threatened to Behead Trump, Secret Service Gives Kathy Griffin the WORST NEWS Of Her Life!

Secret Service has launched an investigation into “the circumstances surrounding the photo shoot.”  T.M.Z. first posted the pic, shot by famed photog Tyler Shields. We’re told the Secret Service does not jump to conclusions that incendiary photos or writings are serious or in jest. They also will not automatically pass the photo off as art. They routinely investigate and that’s exactly what they’ll do in this case.   We’re told agents will most likely attempt to interview her and Tyler.  T.M.Z. posted a flick of Griffith apologizing for what she did, but I don’t think that will keep her out of hot water with the Secret Service.


Secret Service loosens marijuana policy in bid to boost recruits: Report

By lowering the bar, Mr. Alles hopes to boost the agency’s roster for 6,500 employees to 7,600 within the next two years and to nearly 10,000 agents by 2025, CNN said. “We need more people. The mission has changed,” Mr. Alles said Thursday. “It’s more dynamic and way more dangerous than it has been in years past.”  Editor's note:  It's ain't lowering the bar, in effect it is raising the level of competition, MMA fighters, Joe Rogan, and many ex-military that have a toke now and then can apply and compete with non-pot smoking smurfs.



Drug History Considerations for Marijuana ... An applicant who has used or purchased cannabis during their lifetime may still be eligible for employment with the USSS. Marijuana includes, but is not limited to; marijuana, hashish, hash oil, medical cannabis, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in both synthetic and natural forms.  To be eligible for employment with the USSS, the applicant should meet the following criteria regarding how recently marijuana was last used or purchased.....  



Quick summary: I'm hoping to start a career as a FLEO in the near future, hopefully an 1811 position, but I'll take whatever. Main agency goals: USMS, FBI, ATF.  My problem is, I've got a couple skeletons in the closet that I can't seem to shake, and it all pertains to past drug use. I experimented with/used marijuana a handful of times in my high school days, never really cared for the stuff. Not too worried about that aspect. My primary source of anxiety is over cocaine, which I used all of ONE time. One time, about 2 years ago, that's it. It was a small amount, I was drunk, and I regret it every day.  In future FLEO job applications and potential polygraph examinations, how should I go about addressing this?  


Hillary Clinton for  Medical Marijuana, Not.

Hillary Clinton Presidential Marijuana Poll, Finishes at the Back of the Pack

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