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The term Telemedicine refers to the use of telecommunication and information technologies to access remote clinical health care. 

Today, the healthcare system has changed dramatically. It can be difficult to find quality, affordable health care in many areas. Rural hospitals are closing, or have long lineups or waiting lists.  Telemedicine is the way of the future and offers a solution of convenient, sensible health care

Telemedicine is rapidly developing and now offers a variety of platforms; laptop, smart phone, PC loaded with applications such as two-way video, chat, email, and texting.

Why Telemedicine?

The Telehealth process is cheaper, faster and more convenient than the traditional clinic visit and the entire process is automatically documented.

Nightmare Clinic Testimonials Illustrate; Why Telehealth?

"Never go here!!! What a nightmare! There prices are double what everyone else charges and the staff is rude. Waited 2 hours while they called everyone but me, charged $60 for a renewal, then didn't even register it in the system. Went to get meds for my broken back and was turned away even though it was a renewal!!! I would give it 0 stars if i could."

"Called in the next day to see what was going on. Had to call about 10 times, finally got through, then put on hold for over 10 minutes. Once they answered it was the typical rude demeanor. It definitely wasn't a compassionate place."

--  Josh, Sacramento, CA

Telehealth Marijuana Services is a no Brain-er.


"It was my only day off in a month. Came in and i could see that there's couple of people in the waiting room so i know it would take some time. Waited for 1 hour and 30 minutes when staff told me it was going to be 45 minutes. I've seen people who came after me got called up before me so after waiting for so long i just left without getting my card renewed.. Maybe I'm just unlucky but extremely disappointed because i don't know If i come back next time i have to wait for 2 hrs again.. And it doesn't seem like it matters if you're renewing or first time because you'd have to go through the same process again."

--  Jets L, Elk Grove, CA

Can Doctors Recommend Medical Cannabis On-Line Using Telemedicine?

YES. In California, you can communicate with a licensed doctor online and get a Medical Marijuana Recommendation.

It is not clearly established in some states whether or not a bona fide doctor-patient relationship may be established virtually. 

California's Medical board, however, has explicitly said that telehealth can be used to establish the qualifying condition for Medical Marijuana.

“The initial examination for the condition for which Marijuana is being recommended must be an appropriate prior examination and meet the standard of care. Telehealth, in compliance with Business and Professions Code section 2290.5, is a tool in the practice of medicine and does not change the standard of care.

An important factor in establishing a provider-patient relationship is to properly document the qualifying condition.

In effect, there should be little difference between a visit to a clinic and an online visit, as almost all record keeping is now virtual in nature anyway. When specialists and general practitioners exchange information, decisions are usually based on documented opinion and test-data that is interchanged via email or other internet based communication. 

To establish a legitimate medical condition virtually (online), the licensed health care provider forms a professional opinion during an 420 evaluation.  In some cases, access to patients medical records from another provider may be required.

The Medical Board of California's Stated Position on Cannabis and Telemedicine - 2014

Senate Bill 643, January 1, 2016, set forth standards for licensed medical physicians who recommend Cannabis for medical use.  California doctors can recommend Medical Cannabis using Telemedicine without fear of losing their license to practice medicine.

"California continues to consider a doctor-patient examination through telemedicine a legitimate “appropriate prior examination.”

"The initial examination for the condition for which Marijuana is being recommended must be an appropriate prior examination and meet the standard of care.  Telehealth, in compliance with Business and Professions Code section 2290.5, a tool in the practice of medicine that does not change the standard of care."

"No person or entity may prescribe, dispense, or furnish, or cause to be prescribed, dispensed, or furnished, dangerous drugs or dangerous devices,on the Internet for delivery to any person in this state, without an appropriate prior examination and medical indication."

Medical Marijuana ID Card California


Patients in California can avoid the hassle (above) by booking an appointment with one of MMJDOCTORONLINE state-licensed doctors.  Your condition will be evaluated, here online, within the hour.  If advisable, the doctor will write a 420 Medical Marijuana recommendation and a MMJ ID card can be mailed, next day.

CTN - California Telehealth Network - Everything Patients and Providers Need to Know

CTN is California’s leading agency that assists remote access to health care using innovation and technology for:

  • Telehealth Consulting and Training
  • Telehealth Specialty Provider Matching
  • Legal Guidance
  • Public policy and legal guidance provided through the Center for Connected Health Policy
  • Video Internet Conferencing, Bridge Services, collaboration via Internet
  • Access to clinical specialty care providers
  • more

CTN now serves over 800 California health care providers in underserved areas via a dedicated state and nationwide broadband network.  Clients include hospitals, rural clinics, tribal clinics, FQHCs, and school-based clinics.

Words of Wisdom from the Who's Who in Digital Medicine

“To enable this futuristic form of medicine, we will need more physicians to move from analog to digital. For physicians to support letting go of things that can be done better by algorithms (as long as they have been rigorously tested) and embrace the new era of patient-generated data. It’s about having patients take a major, active technology-assisted role in their care and enhancing a vital relationship through a true sense of partnership."

-- Sona Chawla, President of Digital and CMO

“We believe it is important to advance the use of Telehealth and information technology,”, the, in a written statement, “because they are playing increasingly important roles in expanding access to high-quality care and improving the health of underserved and rural communities throughout California.”

--  Bernard Tyson, Chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente

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