Cannabis might be legal locally, the Fed and your employer may disagree, and reprimand you for testing positive for THC.

Cannabis might be legal locally, the Fed and your employer may disagree, and reprimand you for testing positive for THC.


"What makes fruit pectin effective before a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass your urine test."


While marijuana may be legal to consume, outdated employers and law enforcement are still busting people for weed.  The Certo Test is the one Home remedy that has been proven to work very well, for all but the extremely negligent.  While it's perfectly legal to use cannabis in many states, in violation with Constitutional law, the Fed and your Employer can still bust you for weed some days or weeks after last consumption.


Understand Marijuana Drug Testing


Certo Sure-Jell Drug Test Detox Method

There is a lot of buzz online over the Certo drug - Sure Gel/Sure Jell drug test method. as it’s as its popularly referred to.

The Certo drug test method is used to pass a urine (and blood) drug test.  This so called detox method uses fruit pectin is the “primary ingredient” which actually stops THC from being excreted from and absorbed into the body, so that the blood and urine contain much less THC than if one was fasting.   In fact, if you detox, exercise, eat healthy and less, then your body will burn fat and detox.  In this process fat is burned and THC is released into the blood and urine.  So the last thing you want to do just before a test is detox.  However, detoxing works very well if you are a couple or more weeks out from the test.  


The Certo test, to repeat, stops the detox process and THC levels are minimized in the urine.


"What makes fruit pectin effective before a drug test is that it temporarily “forces” THC to leave your body through your poop instead of your urine. This leaves you a window of time where you can pass your urine test."


The more likely reason that this fruit pectin detox method is so effective has to do with a combination of how fiber and liquid consumed and interacts with THC and your body, To pass drug tests, you must drink a lot of water, which will dilutes the further lowering THC levels.  It is a good idea to drink triple (one quart, 4 x day) your water consumption between meals two days out.




Certo is the brand name of a type of fruit pectin which is used to make jams, jellies and other food preparations that need a thickening agent..  The second most common fruit pectin is the Sure Jell brand. Both Certo and Sure Jell are manufactured by Sure Jell, which can be a bit confusing, but since both work just as well it’s no big issue.

This method has actually been around for ages, but it's only started getting traction.

It's a very convenient and cost effective method.  You can buy all the ingredients at your local food store or on Amazon for cheap.  While this method is effective, it's not 100% guaranteed.  You have to follow the recommendations and method precisely - or your chances of a positive go way up.  Also, if you have a very high level of consumption too close to the test time there could be trouble.  Nonetheless, some people have used the Fruit Pectin method combined with hydration, multi-vitamins and the lot and passed when the surely have ought to fail.

THC detox  method

If you do have at least a few days of time to prepare, you can first spend a day taking a Toxin Rid formula, where THC is mobile in the system for a couple of days while you piss it out, and then stop the detox Rid and follow the Certo method.

There is a common assumption among stoners who use this fruit pectin based method that the pectin coats the insides of your stomach and more importantly urine bladder, blocking THC or other toxins from entering your urine temporarily.



  • THC is primarily eliminated from the body through your stools.

  • THC and its main metabolites are fat soluble.

  • Pectin which is Certo or Sure Gel stops absorption of THC into the blood, which also reduces it in the urine.

  • Your body makes bile to bind to ingested fat and make it dissolve in water.

  • Fruit pectin (fiber) binds to bile in the intestines.

  • Fruit pectin can only leave the body through stools and is thus automatically sent to the colon.

  • Fiber increases bowel movement.

  • You know that many of the marijuana metabolites leave your body through urine, else they wouldn’t be able to test for them that way.





THC that ends up in your urine is mostly what was reabsorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream before it could leave that way, much of it residing inside fat cells from ingested food.

This detox process increases your bowel movements, which is a good way to make sure as much THC as possible leaves the body before it gets a chance to be reabsorbed.   Fruit pectin fiber (Sure Jell/Certo), when leaving your body through “the back door”, takes some bile with it on its way out. The bile, which is a fat transporter, takes fat with it when leaving the body.  And since fat binds the fat soluble THC, it brings THC out of your body along with it in the feces rather than the blood and urine.

sexy bitch

Certo drug test instructions


  • A packet of Certo/Sure-Jell Fruit Pectin

  • A 32 Oz Gatorade Lemon-lime

  • Two vitamin Vitamin B supplements

  • A gallon of water

  • 3 1/2 hours before your urinalysis, mix a whole packet of Certo in the Gatorade (if you need space just take a few sips from it before).

  • Shake it until the Certo has completely dissolved in the the Gatorade. It will become thicker, a bit like jam or jelly.

  • Drink it! All of it. It may be unpleasant, but you have a test to pass so just man up.

  • Have some water right after, and then for the rest of the time until your drug screening, you’ll want to down you entire gallon of water.

  • You should urinate at least 3-4 times before leaving your sample for the UA (to get rid of any contaminated urine from before when the certo bound the THC in your intestines).

  • 1 hour before the urine test, take a B-vitamin pill to add some color to your urine (else it’ll be very clear) and continue finishing your gallon of water.


Your ready for testing. .Finito - Asta la vista baby.  What’s your experience with the Sure-Jell/Certo drug test method? -  Quality posts follow.


MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes:   It is better to have a medical marijuana card and doctor's recommendation if you fail a drug test for THC.  Authorities tend to be more lenient with people that are using weed for medical reasons as opposed to getting high.  In Cali right now, medical patients pay about 25% less per ounce over Recreational users, so it is wise to apply for a Cannabis ID.  Simply list your conditions and symptoms in your 420 evaluation.  It's free to apply and payment is only required after you are approved.  Documents are used at dispensaries, online delivery services, cannabis clubs, compassion clubs and other points of access within the state.




Real Test Cases - How People Pass a THC test.


About 8 my little brother was picked up by a university football team but he had to do a drug test. He did the certo method with a gallon water and puked over and over on the way to testing.


My first drug test(current score is 6-0) for a job, I did this method and passed, but further reading showed that it simply doesn't work like that. What most likely happened is you simply dilute your urine from drinking the large amount of water. This is actually a legitimate way to help pass, in most cases, they will pass you or call you back for dilution, giving you more time to get clean.

The best method I've found is simply knowing your body, and abstaining if you can.


If you have smoked within the last couple of days and you are expected to show up to take a test, this is a sure fire way to know you are safe. I will admit, I was skeptical at first. I've passed 12 drug tests using this method.


I'm 21 and drug testing at a lab in 3 hours. I havent smoked in around 2.5 weeks, but before that I was dabbing about half a gram of wax every day for roughly a year and smoking weed daily before that for 2 years or so. I just put 2 packets of Certo sure jell in a 32 oz yellow gatorade and chugged it, I then slammed a water bottle with Emergen C, B vitamin supplements in it. I am 5'8" 155lbs with a decently fast metabolism. I shall keep you updated on whether I pass, fail, or have to retest because of a dilute sample. I got this trick from a friend who has sworn by it for NCAA drug testing over the last 4 years. I'm hoping things will turn out well.  Welp I took the test earlier and I was most worried that my pee would be visibly too dilute and they would make me retest the same day, but it was yellow enough for them to accept it. I won't get any results from it at all if I tested negative, but I'll hear if I failed. So I can only hope dilution with Certo works. Either way I'd say my levels are pretty low as I have a really fast metabolism. I am a wrestler and pay attention to my weight constantly and I lose 1.5-2.5 pounds a night in my sleep (we wrestlers call this "floating weight"). I am able to lose 5-6 pounds in a 90 minute wrestling workout, but I haven't been any more active than usual lately. Working out maybe 3 times a week.


Okay. You are getting drug tested soon. You're probably nervous and scared. Well don't be, dammit. Don't waste money on expensive detox kits that will work, but are priced exponentially more than my method which has aided my friEnds and I for 6+ years. I keep seeing posts of people freaking out when they should relax. (Please sticky this friggin post or something bejeezus).

Firstly, go scrounge up some loose change from your couch and the piggy bank and swing by the nearest grocery store and pick up Sure-Jell or Certo from the "jello" aisle. Either or, doesn't matter, both are one and the same, different type of matter (gel/powder). Now swing by the juice/drink aisle and get yourself two powerades/gatorades. Pay the cashier/clerk a whopping $6-8 for your makeshift detox kit.

Drug testing day. 2 hours before testing, mix 1 packet of your gel/powder with 1 drink. 1:1 ratio...not that hard. If you workout and take supplements it shouldn't be a problem swallowing down that delicious mix. Tastes like diluted thick gator/powerade. Finish your first drink, mix another, same as before 1:1 ratio and hold that precious urine inside you until after you finish your SECOND drink (drink both without peeing). Urinate after you have finished both drinks and an hour before your test, 30 minutes after that glorious dirty first pee, force some more pee out before you start driving then head on over the clinic/urine people. Piss freely and trouble free. I hope this helps. If you want some scientific jargon to prove this works fcking google.

Toke on.

TL;DR Sure-Jel/Certo, drink 2 gatorades with 1 packet in each gatorade. Don't pee until after drinking both and before drug test. Pee twice before the big finale so urine that's coming out at testing facility will be coated with gel.

If anyone doubts, why don't they just buy a mary j drug test kit from walmart or cvs and then drink the homemade mix to see if you could pull this off when it's the real thing.

Because those cheap tests are known for the ridiculously high percentage of false positives. You have to buy a few of those tests, and the only way you could actually 100% know if the test was really accurate was if it tested negative. If they test positive for trees, then you can't know if it's working or not.

I've seen those tests at Dollar Tree. Pretty cheap way to get peace of mind.

Not to be picky, but Jell-o mix is gelatin-based, whereas Certo and Sure-Gel use pectin.
Gelatin is made from collagen, which is animal based. Pectin is found in the cell walls of plants, and is a different chemical.  I only bring this up in the name of accuracy, and so someone doesn't end up using Knox gelatin, Jello, or any other gelatin product in lieu of pectin, since your success is based on pectin.  That doesn't mean that gelatin is necessarily bad, or won't work, but since it's a totally different chemical, I'm interested to find out if it will work the same way. I would just like to find out without having a job on the line.

I did some quick googling and this method seems to work for typical stick and pee tests, but isn't completely foolproof. Still, sounds promising. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

Here's some great facts about detox. They're surprising. Heavy smokers able to get it out of their system naturally within a 10-20 day span. Thought this might belong in this post. Interesting method though.

Buy a 10 pack of drug tests from the internet and stash em away. take some time off smoking and test yourself every couple days or 2. I found out that when I'm running I'm passable in about 3 days and clean in a week or so, but everyone is different.

if you're unsure drink a lot of water day of test. eat some red meat to raise your creatine levels and take a multivitamin(b12 specifically) to make your pee yellow. Also never get tested on the first pee of the day, that's the dirtiest.

There is no magic fix like this unfortunately. so please do not think you can smoke all you want and then just do this and pass, especially if a job, kids or freedom depend on it. toke smart boys and girls.


"my first drug test(current score is 6-0) for a job, I did this method and passed".

It works for you, It worked for me but, this method alone will not work for everybody. Its more than likely that I passed simply because I don't have too much body fat and this diluted me below the 50ng/ml cutoff.  I don't want to see someone think that they have a shortcut to smoke till the day of because it is just not surefire.  there's a good discussion about this here(about 3 stickys down): Either there or in the grasscity forums there is a "post your results" page, with people doing this method and failing.

Its a product of the health insurance industry, they give companies a cost break if they drug test their employees. Of course a company will want to pay less for healthcare. Its a lame scheme

Will they be able to tell that the urine has a different consistency since its being coated with gel? Also will it come up in testing that the urine has been altered or tampered with in some way?

Yes and no to both. They (testers) work at a lab, they do not know you're food intake or what you eat. At most, they will ask you to come back in because of clear pee. I've been told that I would need to take a second test multiple times, but alas it is $70 per unit test so I have never had to do a second round. I've been asked to pee again twice and they never went through with it and I was hired on the spot. Feel free to ask me any other questions as I feel this information should spread like wildfire throughout the community.

They test for temperature nowadays, and it has to be bodily temperature. One could argue that you could tuck it under your ass and in between your thighs and that would warm it up. They'll know when you "smuggle" in pee.

I've done the piss in a bag method and warmed it up before I went used a thermometer to get it right and used those hand warmers to keep it warm...pissed with flying carpets  Lunchables , I like the way you think

I'm actually a bit surprised this method hasn't gained more traction. It's super cheap and easy. Plus it's exactly what's needed when it comes to "last minute" tests. Hopefully our fellow Ents spread the word.

It's about time someone posted about this! I've been using this trick since my first drug test i ever took and it helped me pass with flying colors.


Thank you and yes, it works EVERY time. Spread the word. XD

Your timing is impeccable Lunchables 22, thank you for this! Quick question though, I was originally planning on a dilution method (N2's), and I was wondering if I ended my dilution method with your 2 gatorades and certo packets- would the previous dilution cause any issues to with your planned procedure? Thank you for sharing this information, I had done some research and found similar findings, but the more people who support it, the better XD. Thanks again!

Sorry, I was away at dinner. No, it shouldn't cause any problems, as all the jel/powder does is coat your urine in a jelly-like substance.

Ok dude, I tried this out yesterday cus my parents pulled a surprise drug test on me... I had just enough time to grab the supplies. And I fucking passed it!! Thank you so much, I thought I was so fucked because I was smoking the whole night before and the week leading up to it. This is coming out from an net who is in deep gratitude to you

Had my doubts but did it exactly like you said and fucking passed that shit!

Works. I learned it from my sister a while back while she was on probation. Admittedly, it probably wasn't the brightest for her to take that risk, but I have used it successfully every time when getting a test for a job. From what I understood reading about it, it has to do with routing fat cells out of the body in... a different fashion for a temporary period of time. There is a window, but it is a generous one.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being safest and 1 being terrible, its about a 9.5. Spread the word. XD

Multi-vitamins work very well too if you have some time to spare. I passed a lab test in 3 days by just taking my multivitamins and drinking water.

Nope, IMO gatorade gets rid of some of the nastiness that is associated with the powder/gel.

another method is to take 2 shots of 100% vinegar and then drink 2 liters of water. this method takes 4-6 hours to reach full effect.

I have tried this lol, needless to say, I had heartburn for 3 days.

At the most, they will ask you to pee again because you were so clean. But! That is up to the company willing to fork over another $70.

I just finished a 50 dollar detox, that took 2 days, and was almost impossible to drink because it was so nasty. Wish I had known about this 3 days ago, I could still be toking right now :'(

This is so much better than drinking a shit ton of water before tests. Thanks for the tip man much appreciated.

I had about an eighth and a one hitter pipe and a bong slide taken from my room returned to me just before I move out, and my dad was talking to me about how to beat drug tests. Apparently a pinch of salt in the urine sample also helps and so far is undetectable by any test, but is less effective now than it used to be (if it helps a little bit, it can't hurt to try right?)

Do they really care about THC to deny you a job or do they usually look for opiates?  It's sad that almost every president (guys with decision making responsibilities on military action and nuclear warfare) has admitted to using marijuana and someone for a component based software development job or even a clerical position needs to go through drug tests.


I used a tea called "Bissy" to pass once. I smoked on a saturday, monday i went into work and my boss told me i was going to get called for a "random" on thursday, and that i should "study" for it if need be. I worked with a jamaican guy who gave me this tea, and told me its a jamaican secret or something. Stuff looked like cedar mulch, and tasted awful, but he told me, drink a cup wednesday night before bed, and one thursday morning before i left for work, and to piss 1 time before i went for the test.

I didn't lose my job, I assume it passed. They were testing for insurance purposes. any employee who got to drive any company vehicle had to be tested. at the time i had to operate forklifts on a day to day basis, so i would think if it came back positive, they would have had to at least suspend me or something. I never saw any results or anything tho. I went, took my piss, and never heard anything else about it. I actually found some on amazon in tea bags, so i bought a few boxes, so i have them if i need them.


"Good Luck & lets hope they legalize this shit already. Cops & courts are just gang-bangers with a license to do so. The system is fucked up and that is why I decided to beat it."

AWWW YEAH a relevant post! I just took a home drug test today (fucking $20 for 1 stick that you piss on and throw away. Straight robbery) and passed! Had nothing to do with your method, but I had nobody to tell and I was ecstatic; it's only been a week and a half since I finished off the last of my kief.

I don't know if it helped, but I worked out/jump rope for about an hour a day every day for the last 11 days, I'm only about 8% body fat, and I drank 3 bottles of water and a vitamin water before I took the test.


I'm very happy about it :D Next time I have to take a break, I'll be sure to try your method. Congrats on the job (:



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