People from all over the country are rushing to California to get a piece of action.

People from all over the country are moving to California to get a piece of the big marijuana pie.

The average guy, with no real prospects at home, is moving to California in search of green gold in them thar hills, and they're finding it.


By Johnny Rodriguez


The economic reality is that thousands of young and old people alike are looking at a choice between: minimum wage jobs which don't even pay a reasonable set of bills, even homelessness or a basement habitat, and grim prospects for the future.


Farming a bit or a lot of weed illegally, earning decent cash with hope of a decent future, with downside, being mainly the threat of a free bed and food in jail.


marijuana laws - a clusterfuck




While recreational marijuana is legal now, California sheriffs are still busy busting people daily for growing pot without a permit.   In this phase before the authorities open their doors to the new system in Jan 1, people are doing their own thing regardless of the law, and increasingly in full view.  

A prime example of what's going on right now, in Calaveras County, Calif. marijuana has deeply divided the financially strapped county and cash from pot offers refuge from the poor house.  Natives and city peasants that moved in to get a piece of the green action, are  increasingly open about their operations and they're starting to encroach on residential neighborhoods.

These rogue growers are in for trouble if they push too hard in residential areas, for they are violating Rule #1, if you are growing illegally, don't want to piss off the locals, because no one will be at your back, and everyone will be in your face.


"Four young men had just started their marijuana harvest in rural Northern California when a dozen sheriff's deputies swooped in with guns drawn, arrested them and spent the day chopping down 150 bushy plants with machetes." - AP - American Press (Propaganda)

"I could do bust pot grows out here every day if I had the personnel. (in the Sierra foothills 2 hours from SanFran).  This year officers have cut down close to 30,000 plants grown without permits in a county that is reconsidering its embrace of marijuana cultivation on the eve of statewide legalization. "There are just so many of them, It's never-ending. " - Calaveras County Sheriff


Bastards manipulate for profit


Real branding and marketing experts command mid six figures salary.  And few of them come from the mainstream.  Unless you are in the upper echelon, you're better off educating yourself as opposed to getting shafted by a fake it till you make it firm.




At the end of the day, a solution is simply to let everyone grow their own without restrictions and let the market and the people figure it out from there.  But that is not going to happen.  The state and counties are looking at a continuation of the war on "drugs" unless there is an affordable supply of quality marijuana.  

If Monsanto and that crew dominate the business, a huge chunk of the population won't trust or buy their marijuana product, because they use pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and god know's what.  So, based on current trends, we're looking at a large demand for illegal pot - pot that is seen as safer, and their money is staying out of the real criminal's hands, Monsanto

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Case in point, DiBasilio estimates the county with a population 44,000 - the size of Rhode Island - has more than one thousand illegal farms !!! on top of the hundreds with permits, or those in the process of obtaining them. This influx has caused a backlash among residents and led to the ouster of some county leaders who've approved marijuana cultivation.

Pot farmers operating legally, meanwhile, say they are helping the local economy, and have threatened to sue over attempts to stop them.


"California is set to issue licenses in January to grow, transport and sell weed for recreational purposes, nearly 20 years after the state first authorized the drug's consumption with a doctor's recommendation. Farmers can legally grow marijuana for recreational consumption next year, but are required to get a local permit before applying for a state license, which has sparked a boom in pot-friendly counties." - The Man


death births life



Calaveras County legalized medical marijuana cultivation last year, and want to tax the hundreds of farms that popped up in the region after the 2015 wildfire destroyed hundreds of homes.  County officials expect to receive a couple of hundred applications by the deadline, but they had  770. About 200 applications have been approved, a couple of hundred were rejected, others are still being processed.

The sheriff nets nearly $10 million in fees and taxes paid by legal farmers who like it when they crack down on illegal grows.  They're using drones as a primary tool to map out grows from the air.

The influx of new pot farms has brought a bustling industry that generators, bright lights illuminating gardens at night, water trucks, the ambiance of marijuana, tents, trailers and temporary housing for migrant workers. Local gardening stores are booming and are well  stocked with pot farming supplies.  


"It is a western movie all over again, a kind of rerun of the California of 160 years ago.  Instead of a gold rush, it's a green rush, where economies boom and the small guy makes a go of it.  The powers that be, always find a way to put an end to this, usually by buying up everything and buying off the mayor or governor (regulations) and those type of guys."


cop wilthout a clue



Law enforcement officials have raided farms where banned pesticides are used, or are reportedly to be used.  Ya, these illegal growers that use pesticides on the weed need to rot in hell, together with with the Big Corp. legal producers of our "factory farm" foods, which they legally sprayed the fuck out of.  Bastards all.  Buyers of their weed or food really need to get involved in finding out who's doing what with things going into their body.  Back in the day, in the wild west, they would string you up from a tree if you did something too nasty, or ride you out of town...


So there you have it.  The negative issues of a free for all in marijuana or anything else is bastards.  Bastards that spray, bastards that make a mess, bastards that don't consider anyone other than themselves, their cash, their sperm or offspring, and the rest can go to hell.  In the good old school communities in this world, the bastards don't get much traction.  If you cheat your customers, everyone knows, and if you don't smarten up, your business goes down and down until you smarten up.  


the good, the bad and the ugly, weed farmers




So regulations are created to keep the bastards in check.  But the process comes full circle, and the big bastards use regulations to smash ALL free enterprise, a process that leaves every country in ruin, bar none.  Big businesses and big government end up owning everything and dictating everything, leaving the people out in the cold, and literally.   People without historical perspective don't realize that as the USSR socialist-fascist empire dies, the USA socialist-fascist ramped up into full swing.  

Relating this rant to real issues, over-regulation and control ends in all cases as an environmental catastrophe, because these controls are born of fascist regimes, where dysfunctional individuals are at the helm, and over time, if in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years, there would be a shortage of sand.  

Having said that, it is the challenge of communities to keep the big and small bastards at bay, while allowing their good for the most part citizens to make a living, and this case, growing marijuana.  

Is it all smoke and mirrors.  What is the reality?



"It has changed our way of life The environmental impacts are atrocious." - ," Bill McManus, ban marijuana, Calaveras County. "


the green rush like the old green rush



To the north, even the fabled pot-growing mecca known as the Emerald Triangle is in political turmoil as more farmers set up shop in anticipation of legalization.  The California Growers Association report that about 3,500 farmers in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties have applied for permits and might receive a state license. Another 29,000 farmers there haven't bothered with the paperwork, as yet, or ever.


"One idea, counties that find any asshole grower illegal or not who's making a serious disturbance or mess, the rule could be to confiscate their entire weed as penalty and sell it at their own dispensary.  Let offenders repeat, and take the weed again. That would finance the community's efforts and more, while setting an example. " - Johnny R.


Mendocino County Sheriff Tom Allman said his county's laws allowing cultivation are too "gentle" promotes violent crime, pointing to a recent homicide on one illegal grow.

In Siskiyou County, a state of emergency was declared and officials called on Gov. Jerry Brown to help with an influx of marijuana farmers, who bought inexpensive land for planting despite pot being illegal in their county. All of these scenes played out in the wild west; in today's version of the play, two growers were arrested and charged with offering Siskiyou County Sheriff a cool $1 million to leave their farms alone.


"That's all you need to know about the type of money involved, This isn't confined to the state. There's a big market outside of California they are supplying." - Lopey






When the Feds point to their right to govern over marijuana they cite a clause in the constitution where issues that are multi-state or interstate are under their jurisdiction.  Now, a person growing the herb for their own purposes is clearly not interstate, growing large amounts of marijuana and selling it in another state is clearly within the Feds jurisdiction under the constitution, while marijuana practices clearly local in nature are clearly NOT part of the Feds jurisdiction.   

The current problem with the Fed and all its agencies, is they gradually crept outside their legal boundaries, to the point where they pay lip service to the law do pretty much anything they want, unless someone confronts them in mass.

In Calaveras County, voters in January replaced four of the five supervisors who voted to legalize marijuana. The new majority has vowed to repeal legalization and institute a strict ban. But a formal vote has been delayed several times amid threats of lawsuits from farmers.


"So much of this is a cultural war, I'm tired of being demoralized by the ban supporters." -  grower Beth Witke.



Witke and other farmers argue correctly, they create good-paying jobs for young adults who otherwise would leave the county for the Bay Area seeking minimum wage jobs and a bleak future.   Grow gal Beth is among a handful of growers who operated quietly in Calaveras County, for decades, loving the life, the climate and the ability to get an adult dose of the Bay Area just a couple of hours away.  

With recent legalization, Marijuana stands to rival Silicon Valley in revenues in the world's 6th largest economy.


While Beth and her kind might be a boon to the community, these types of people need to show that they are not troublemakers and are good for the environment, and say things like: of 100 workers, we only had 2 people arrested for minor offences, whereas in other farming the rates are higher, or we don't use pesticides, and we challenge anyone to show test results that claim otherwise...


Hindu gods - a metaphor for live, death and creation




While the devastating 2015 wildfire wiped out homes and much vegetation, from the ashes sprung the county's green rush. In a dramatic turn of events, fire leveled subdivisions and wooded areas, became attractive farmland. Former homeowners sold their flattened lots to incoming growers dropping their cash on the bet this country would soon issue grow permits.  It permits don't happen, people like Mark Bolger, who received the first permit said a ban would drive out him and his dozen workers out.

"I'm trying to do the right thing, but the first guy through the door always gets shot." -  Grower Bolger

The sheriff said he's focused on busting farmers who have never applied for a permit or who continue to grow despite a rejected application. This year alone, he has raided about 40 farms and seized close to 30,000 plants.  This my friend, is after California made recreational marijuana legal.  

Now, all of this, or much of this makes sense to us, but try making a AI program to figure this out.  It's going to take a quantum computer to figure out this wacky human logic, if you can call it that.

Another typical bust example, In late September 2017, deputies raided two farms that share a waterline west of Copperopolis, and removed more than 300 plants. Three of the four farmers arrested were recent arrivals from out of state, and each were busted the previous month farming another plot.  After the quartet was released, they honestly told the cops they were going straight back to the weed farm, no matter if pot was banned in the county or not.


Worth repeating: the reality is that millions of young people are looking at a choice:  minimum wage jobs which don't even pay a reasonable set of bills, even homelessness or a basement habitat  vs - farming a bit of weed earning decent cash with downside, the threat of a free bed and food in jail.


"I'll see you next year." - Pot worker released from custody

They were cited and released. One of them — Ryu Lee, 22, of Redding — told deputies taking him to jail that he would return regardless of whether a ban was enacted.

never ending supply of people growing marijuana

MMJDOCTORONLINE NOTES:  We provide grower's permits, cannabis ID cards, 420 evaluations, doctor's recommendations for medical marijuana in California and some areas of Nevada.  The process takes a few minutes and is completed 100% online.  Your documents are used at dispensaries, cannabis clubs, delivery services, cooperatives, compassion clubs and other points of access.  






What are you allowed to do with marijuana under the new rules?


There are a few neat tricks you need to learn - Here they are



What are you allowed to do with marijuana in California under the new law?

What am I legal to do now with cannabis in California?

• Possess, transport, obtain or give away to other adults 21 or older no more than one oz of cannabis or 8 grams of concentrated cannabis.

• Cultivate up to six plants per residence and possess the cannabis produced by these plants (subject to "reasonable regulations" by local governments).


How can I get a license to cultivate or sell cannabis now that Proposition 64 has passed?

Those won't be issued until 2018, until a bureau can be set up to issue regulations and applications. See general information about starting cannabis businesses.

We expect a reconciliation bill with the existing medical cannabis licensing bureau. You can contact them and get on their mailing list here. You should employ an lawyer and also start working on gaining local support, because locals will have to license retail shops and cultivators, or at least not ban them.


When and where can I cultivate my six plants, and how can I get clones or seeds to cultivate cannabis now that it's legal?

You can cultivate your six plants per parcel of land at your residence now, subject to "reasonable regulations" by local governments, which may also ban outdoor cultivation. A great many locals have already banned outdoor cannabis cultivation, and others are moving to ban or adopt regulations in the wake of Proposition 64.


We expect litigation over what a "reasonable regulation" is.

A legal mechanism for buying seeds or clones for recreational users won't be in place until licensing for commercial cannabis businesses happens in 2018. In the meantime, it's legal for people to give away under an oz. of cannabis, so a medical cannabis patient could give you some seeds or clones. Some giveaways might be arranged, as have happened in DC. In no case are seeds or clones legal to cross state lines.


How much cannabis can I cultivate for my personal use?

Everyone can cultivate 6 plants at their residence (the limit is per residence, not per person). Local may ban outdoor cultivation, and "reasonably regulate" indoor cultivation, which must be in a residence or secure location.

Medical patients can still cultivate whatever they need, provided local zoning regulations permit it.

Grow Rule Book for Marijuana in California - 2018


Medical Marijuana Law - Permits - License - Frequently Asked Questions


Practicing Medicine Through Telehealth Technology In California: The Medical Board of California



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