"Good people don't smoke marijuana." - Frigid Jeff Sessions - Trump Admin DEA

"Good people don't get sick." - Sarcastic Roger Stone - Former Trump Advisor


At the end of the day, we see Donald Trump appeasing the minority of the population by having his gofers like Jeff Sessions squawk about going after marijuana.  Meanwhile, the marijuana community rises up in arms, then Trump steps in and saves the day and reschedules marijuana (something like Schedule 3), and tells the DEA to focus on marijuana interstate issues.   Nonetheless, it is our job to raise a bit of hell and light the fire under Trump to get marijuana sorted now, not later, because the country cannot afford more War on Drugs bullcrap.


OK, let's have a good laugh at Jeff Session's expense and then tear his rhetoric against marijuana limb from limb.


"Yeah, Trump's not stupid, he will reschedule marijuana, but he has to do his Machiavelli shit first."  - Johnny Rodriguez  


Morality and the facts are on our side.


When is comes to marijuana, Sessions wants to be cop, prosecution, judge and jury.  He and his tiny brain trust know it all.  Good people support Marijuana legalization and bad people support Jess Sessions, at least when it comes to Marijuana, so say three quarters of Americans, in so many words.  When Sessions claims, good people don't smoke marijuana, he's saying good people don't get sick, good people don't get pain and seizures, the diatribe, it's beyond ridiculous.  For example, Session's babble flies in the face of the opinions of key professionals; three quarters of the cops force, the vast majority of the country's physicians also want marijuana legal.   


"Only 15% of cops think that marijuana should be illegal." - Pew Poll

Editor: Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Sessions.




Of course Jeff knows about the patents that the US government took out on medicinal marijuana claiming its medicinal efficacy.  Of course Sessions knows that the US Government funded the ground breaking research performed by the father of cannabis Dr. Mechoulam, which concluded that that the cannabinoids found in medical marijuana have as much potential as opiates, and possibly more in the treatment of a variety of disorders from pain, to psychosis to autoimmune conditions.  While the Federal government has swept  the benefits of marijuana under the carpet, the Israelis are among the world leaders, due in no small part the the actions and mis-actions by the US Fed.  


"Cops want to focus on crimes that hurt real victims."




Let's look at the polls, who supports Jeff Sessions on marijuana?  Not the military, not the cops, not the medical community, not the American public.  And the numbers are not even close, and the margin is widening by the day, as is the quotient for disrespect for the offices of the drug enforcement agency.  So what are the numbers in 2017?  75% seems to come up time and again, physicians, citizens, police approve of legal marijuana in some shape or form in around the 75% figure.

New Rules - prior marijuana use won't prohibit you from guarding TRUMP!



" A man, charged with one hundred rapes, that's one hundred rapes, was set free of all charges, because the court was unable to process his case in time, due to the glut of activity, a majority of which were petty drug offenses, which included an abundance of small marijuana charges.  There's your War on Drugs for you Mr. Sessions.  Beyond sick"




  • 3 of 4 Americans Want Trump to Respect State Marijuana Laws

  • 2 out of 3 cops officers think marijuana should be legalized in some form.

  • 89 % of U.S. balloters support medical marijuana

  • 81 % of Republicans support medical marijuana

  • 94 % of Democrats support medical marijuana

  • 93 % of Independent support medical marijuana

  • 76 % of physicians according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine Medical marijuana is approved

** see below for poll details.



  • The prison system, whose customers, many of whom come from the "cannabis industry".

  • The pharmaceutical companies and their TRILLION dollar business.  Medical marijuana is eating their profits ruthlessly.  

  • The alcohol industry, pot legal States drink less, less DUI

  • Elements of Government that want any excuse to search and invade their property for whatever reason.

  • Shadow government and elite who own the above.

  • 25% of Americans, and trending down as they exercise the propaganda of yesteryear from their psyche.

  • By going against marijuana indefinitely, no question, the Trump administration is not only siding with the Swamp, they are the Swamp.  


MMJDOCTORONLINE:  In California, right now, Trump and Sessions do not play a part in your medical marijuana rights.  The California Government requires that you must have a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician before you can buy marijuana from a dispensary, delivery service or cannabis club.  Our online process takes only a few minutes a complete the 420 evaluation and your Cannabis ID card or cultivation permit can be issued the same day.  Patient's only pay once they have been approved.






Poll finds the majority of cops would like to see marijuana legalized for medicinal use

A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that out of almost 8,000 cops officers, more than two-thirds believe that marijuana should be legalized in some form or fashion.  Thirty two % of officers nationwide, said the marijuana should be legalized : both medicinal and recreational, thirty seven % believe it should be legalized for medicinal use only, with 30 % believing it shouldn’t be at all legal.

The public at large is more lenient than cops on this issue, as 17 % more of the general public wants it legalized for both medicinal and recreational usage at 49 %. In terms of just legalizing it for medicinal use, the public actually clocks in at approving less than cops at 35 %. Only 15 % of the public believe pot should be illegal.

Interestingly enough, nonviolent drug offenders have been going to prison less and less in States like Texas due to criminal justice reform measures that put them into rehabilitation rather than prison. Due to these changes, Texas has seen a drop in crime rates, as well as recidivism rates in prisons.


Poll: 3 of 4 Americans Want Trump to Respect State Marijuana Laws

Public support for cannabis legalization has surged in Washington State in the years following the enactment of legislation permitting the commercial production and retail sale of the plant, according to study data published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.  Fifty-five % of balloters approved the balloter-initiated measure in 2012.

Investigators with the Public Health Institute in California assessed study data from a geographically representative sample of those ages 18 and older.  Survey data was collected every six months between January 2014 and April 2016 in order to assess support trends over time.

The authors reported that respondents’ support for legalization increased from 64 % to 78 % over this time period. Public support grew among those in every age group. National polls similarly show an increase in public support for cannabis legalization following the enactment of such laws in various States.  An abstract of the study, “Support for cannabis legalization in the US State of Washington has continued to increase through 2016,” appears online here.


A Majority of American Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana

Survey Finds Overwhelming Support for Individual-State Marijuana Laws Rather Than The Umbrella Federal Policy.  Medical cannabis patients protest during a DEA raid on a medicinal cannabis dispensary in Hollywood, California in 2007.

A new Survey USA poll commissioned by Marijuana Majority finds the strongest support yet for letting States legalize cannabis without federal interference.  In the study of 1,500 American adults, three out of four (76%) say that States should be able to implement their own cannabis laws regardless of federal prohibition.

In the new poll, just 14% say that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice should enforce federal prohibition and arrest people who are complying with State cannabis laws. There is strong majority support for respecting State laws across every political, race, age, education and other demographic.

The poll also found that more Americans support than oppose letting cannabis consumers be professional athletes (46%-38%), journalists (50%-35%) and gun owners (48%-37%) without punishment. A number of newspapers drug test journalists before they are allowed to begin by lining stories, and several sports leagues suspend or fine athletes who are found to consume cannabis, even if it is legal under State law.

Federal law criminalizes the purchase of firearms by people who use cannabis, regardless of State policy.

Despite the general opposition to these policies, the poll also showed significant uncertainty in response to the questions — double-digit “Not Sure” responses —  which may advocate that many Americans aren’t aware that this type of discrimination exists.


“It’s clear that Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration would face a huge backlash from across the political spectrum if they broke the president’s campaign pledge to respect State cannabis policies and started arresting consumers and providers who are following local law. The more the attorney general threatens to ramp up federal enforcement, the more public opinion seems to harden against his outdated ‘Reefer Madness’ mindset."  - Tom Angell, Founder Marijuana Majority

“The other results show that while most balloters generally think that cannabis consumers should be able to enjoy the same rights to employment, enjoyment and personal protection as everyone else does, our movement still has some work to do. The fact is, even when we succeed in removing cannabis criminalization, consumers continue to face discrimination from the private sector and the government, and it seems like a lot of people just aren’t aware of that.”


Medical cannabis is approved by 76 % of physicians according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The medical cannabis physician study included responses from more than fourteen-hundred physicians from seventy two different countries and fifty six different States and provinces in North America. When physicians were asked if medicinal cannabis should be given to an older person who's suffering from cancer spread to the lungs, chest, and spine, seventy-six % of physicians supported administering medicinal cannabis.

Doctor support of medicinal cannabis specific to the United States varied based upon State. At least fifty % of physicians in each State supported medicinal marijuana, except in Utah, which had an amazingly low one % support level for medicinal cannabis.


Five Reasons Cops Want to Legalize Marijuana

"I had arrested a nineteen-year-old in his parents' home for the possession of a very small quantity of cannabis, and put him in the backseat of a caged cops car, after having kicked down his door.  While driving the prisoner to jaiI, I realized, mainly that I could have been doing real cops work, but instead I'm going to be out of service for several hours impounding the weed, impounding him, and writing arrest, impound, and narcotics reports. I was away from the people I had been hired to serve and in no position to stop a reckless drunk driver swerving all over the road, or to respond to a burglary in progress, or intervene in domestic violence situation."  - Officer


5 Confessions From Cops Who Support Cannabis Legalization

The thin blue line will always make people who are connoisseurs of cannabis wary of authorities. But while most police will arrest you for possessing even just a small amount or even a cannabis-infused snack, there are some that favor policy reform.


In fact, a growing number of police are part of Marijuana Majority and members of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), who reckon that policy changes wouldn’t necessarily condone drug use but allow the cops to “control it and achieve the ultimate goal of increasing public safety.” In an article that originally featured in Rolling Stone, here are the five biggest reasons why even the 5-0 want weed to be legalized.

When we ended the prohibition of alcohol, Al Capone was out of work the next day. Our drug policy is really anti-public safety and pro-cartel, pro-street gang, because it keeps them in business.

Like him or hate him, Trump definitely kicks Ass.

Donald Trump - Presidential Candidates Survey on Marijuana Score: +32



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