Lost Vape - Veteran gives slick Vape two thumbs up

Lost Vape - Veteran gives slick Vape two thumbs up


This classy mod has real Snake Skin leather with ebony inserts, featuring the DNA 250 chip, which, like the DNA 75 and DNA 200, is renowned for its temp control accuracy.


Hey guys, it’s Kurt from quick ape vape reviews. I’m here to talk about the Therion DNA 166 now stay tuned.




Now I actually talked to the president of Lost Vape in China, so I asked him, what kind of leather did you use on this?  It’s it’s definitely synthetic isn’t it?  I mean, how can you get real snakeskin leather? Apparently, they did, they were able to source some snake skin, this is actually real snake skin right here.   I was really hesitant, and I went through and tried to feel this, it looks so damn good. It’s actually a real snake skin leather.  The other model comes in brown leather, that’s real leather, as well.   Anyway, they used real calf leather on that one as well, but if you were to ask me, man just go and get the snake skin, because it just looks so damn good.



It’s definitely a flashy mod, it actually uses some wood panels, and it’s no ordinary wood panels as well, these are imported ebony inserts, I'm definitely happy about the design.  It’s a nice and boxy, really minimalist, and you’ve got some corners cut over here.

Basically, the difference between the Therion 75 and Therion 133 is the 166 it’s using a DNA 250 Chip. Now, I’m not going to go over how to use the DNA 250 chip over here, but you could always check out my tutorial of the Vicious Ant Primo, which uses the DNA 75.   If you notice, the DNA 75 and DNA 250 chips have very similar operations, it’s also got pre-sets just like the DNA 75, in terms of temp control right here.  

snakeskin vape





I guess I’ve always raved about DNA chips having really accurate temp control,  so this is no different, definitely has a very very accurate chip.  Now the main difference between a DNA 250 and a DNA 200 or a 166 and 123 , if your using a dual 18650 battery configuration on your mod, the maximum power is different.  There’s also some features that were added in the DNA 250, so it’s actually more efficient in power, more efficient than the DNA 75.

Now the DNA 75 has apparently a reported 87% efficiency in battery life, but the DNA 250 apparently apparently has about 97%.  So I’m not quite sure how they run those tests, but it’s nice to know that they’ve got a really nice efficient chip going on in this mod so that’s really nice.

Now another good feature that the DNA 250 has over DNA 200, is apparently this has reversed polarity protection, so I’m not sure about the Therion 133 if it had reversed polarity protection, because I never had one, never handled one.  But it’s just nice to know that the newest chip by DNA  is in this mod. Now the first Therion, I guess they release was a DNA 75 chip and it’s a jewel.   DNA 75 chip, as well parallel, so I was wondering like, why would you have a dual battery configuration? ....  if you’ve got regulated voltage, anyhow regulated wattage is there anyway.

I guess the original Therion DNA 75.  They were kind of aiming for better battery life, because of the fact that it is a parallel configuration, but some it was very limiting.   It goes only up to 75 watts, obviously.  I guess if you had builds, that you want clouds with, you’re not going to be able to do that, you’re going to have to go for the Lost Vape Triade, which had three batteries.

I’m not a big fan of three batt devices.  They are too clunky, so thisTherion DNA here is a nice little package with you know really premium finishing, real snake skin, like I said a while ago also real ebony inserts as you can see right here so that’s a big improvement with the Therion line I guess, and the fact that they’re using DNA 250 over 200 it shows that the lost vape is definitely evolving, they’re definitely adding newer and newer chips on their devices. I think this device right here particularly this this is here to stay in the market it’s definitely pretty, it could be used I guess for people that are using you know I guess looking for a mod that’s not too high end but still pretty presentable at the same time so it’s something you boast with as well.

So anyway let’s just do one last close-up look on the mod right here, let’s just take some time to appreciate how well this device was designed, look at how classy it looks, it’s just a matte black finish over here, some nice accent, as you can see with some screws. I think some parts are plastic but you know it blends really well with the whole thing, so you’ve got the snake skin thing going on.

I just keep repeating snake skin because I can’t believe they actually you know source real snake skin for their mods and it looks so damn classy guys.

Like I said I’m not going to go through how to use the DNA 250 chip, I’m going to add the link to my videos and mod DNA 75 instructions on the description of this video, so you can see how to use this mod right here, very similar in terms of usage, I’ve got this running a 45 watts with a single coil device right here.  A fair amount of power and the problem that a lot of people had with initial DNA chips, particularly DNA 200, if you match this with an SX chip, 40 watts, versus 40 watts on an SX a 40 watts in a DNA 40 watts on an SX, it feels like the 40 watts in the DNA.  Which is just lower and it doesn’t feel like you know true 40 watts.

I’ve actually compared this with my Knight StabWood, so I’ve got it running at 40 watts, compared to my  my Vicious Ant Knight, where the atomizer has an SX 550 chip, so we’ve set this at 40 watts

How much, what form, how to start, what about vapes and edibles, what ater they all about?


I think this might be little bit less than the SX, but it isn’t as bad as the the comparison I did with the DNA 75 versus the SX 350 jv2.  Also, the DNA 200 versus the SX 350 jv2, so I know like some people say, the DNA chips are just not as powerful as SX chips, but I think it’s just a calibration over the chips anyway, because you could definitely set this all the way up to 200 watts, if you want to, but yes it’s not issue whatsoever.  You see it produces almost the same amount of clouds anyway, just a slight difference, a very very slight difference.

Anyway, this right here is the Therion a very, very classy mod it is only 7,500 pesos and you can get this from Vapemix,


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Lost Vape Therion DNA 166 Review


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