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TALK : How much, how long, what's your tolerance,  what time of day, medical effects


People - How much weed do you consume per day?  In this unbalanced and turbulent world, people seek ways to achieve peak peace and balance. Enter Cannabis, the number one commodity in America. The ingredients in cannabis work to balance a natural body system called the endocannabinoid system.  When cannabis is consumed in the right quantity people simply feel good and their pain and maladies melt away.  


"I've found if I smoke too frequently I slow down mentally, so I limit myself. My tolerance stays low, weed lasts longer, and I remain academically functional."


If you smoke pot or are going to give it a try, in this article you'll probably find several people with something to share about cannabis consumption practices; something that rhymes with you personally.


Cannabis usage varies widely.  Pot aficionados smoke around, perhaps, a gram per day on average, but usage rates vary widely.  In the case of cancer therapy, it may be 1 gram or more of THC - the main psychoactive ingredient.  That equates to 5 grams per day of strong pot.  Some people love to light up, but once or twice per week.  Others take a morning and evening hit to manage pain.  Some vape before a workout to dilate the bronchioles and get in the zone.  


Writers can smoke all day long and get a lot done. And there is the inevitable abusive situation, where weed brings on that holiday feeling in the middle of a clusterfuck reality.  While this in itself can be a good thing, obviously, the table is set, for some to over consume, with consequences that they move into a different plane from perhaps their spouse and community.

Secrets from the Tour de France are going mainstream - microdosing is a very effective way to medicate.



"I smoke mainly high CBD strains due to a nerve injury in my right leg, and it's a great replacement for opiates.  I keep a pure CBD vape on me when I'm working, but when I'm at home I smoke blunts."


At the end of the day, the science indicates that cannabis is less addictive than alcohol, cigarettes, opiate pain killers and narcotics by a wide margin.  But let's not go too far here, if you don't have a medical condition and get blazed every day for more than a few hours, you want to take a sober look at that and consider if cannabis is serving you, or you serving the plant.


Then there are issues like, what kind of weed do you consume, is it 10% THC, does it have any other cannabinoids in it, like CBD, CBC or CBN, all of which make it more balances as opposed to 30% THC, blow your fucking mind space cadet pot.


"In this case, if you're buying over the counter in California, you definitely a medical marijuana ID card as medical cannabis patients pay save 25% on the new marijuana tax.  At 5 grams / day, that is about $12.50 per day in tax.  Three months therapy is over $1,000 in tax alone."



How much weed do other people tend to consume on a daily/weekly basis or whatever their consumption rate is ...  how long have they been smoking?  How do you guys find your tolerance level? I'd say I go through 3.5g+ a day and I've been smoking for almost two years.

WEED TALKJolly Ent90 5 *
Been smoking for 3.5 years, and the first 2 years i smoked around 1-2 grams daily. But it got to a point where i felt i was addicted, all i thought about was getting high. Before food, before games, before movies, before everything i needed a smoke first. So i quit smoking for 3 months and tried 1 joint. At this point i thought i had learned my lesson on cannabis addiction, and understood that you don't need it to be happy. And the high is more enjoyable now.  Nowadays i smoke 1-2 times a week, and are really enjoying it. I'm backpacking through south asia for 5 months and it's hard/dangerous to find smoke(at least for me). But 2 days ago i met 2 dudes, one from USA and other from australia, had a great time smoking!


Used to smoke 1-2g a day but after 3 months break i now smoke 1-2 times a week!

WEED TALKtanside
Kinda the opposite but I was able to make an 8th last me near a month while still smoking some everyday. Of course that was an exceedingly small amount each day, I used it at end of the night and it still managed to take the edge off. I actually enjoyed being able to conserve it that well knowing my weekly usage could easily be what normal people could smoke in one sitting.

MFLB Vape - 1/8th per month. I am high all day every day. I also buy a pack of 10 edibles (1 per dose) for the times I can't use my vape.

Nightmare 1235789
I smoke about an eighth a week, but I only smoke at night and only about .5 to 1g a night.

Been smoking since last March maybe, vape usually once a day at night, sometimes more if I have nothing to do. It's less than one trench (I think 0.15g or something??) a day though from my mflb, and I still get pretty high off that, so tolerance hasn't been an issue

Have you vaped the whole time since you started? I've tried a friend's volcano a few times and I don't feel like it gets me very ripped in comparison to smoking a bong, it's a different sort of high in a way.

Yeah I've vaped the whole time since I've started. At first I wasn't getting super high, but as I've learned how to use the box I find I can get ripped off not even a full trench. I wanted to smoke originally for anxiety/depression/not being able to fall asleep, and didn't want any of the potential negatives from inhaling smoke, that's why I chose just to vape

Around 8-10 g's/month in concentrates, depending on prices and deals.

I have a similar smoking habit, and I get my shatter for 250$ a nick and i have found that to be a pretty good balance

What's a nick? 5 grams? Cuz I'm only spending around $400 a month, usually around $30/g.

Lambs Anger
About 2g a week

original woo
I have been smoking for 4 months and I usually smoke an O a month.

If I'm smoking flower only, it'll be about 1.5-2g a day. If I'm only using concentrates, it'll be about 0.35-0.5g a day.  I don't really have bad tolerance issues, but I just like to get really stoned so I find myself smoking a lot sometimes.

Been smoking daily since 2011. Stared out about a gram or two a day. Now it's usually an ounce a week? So a little over an eighth a day. Plus usually a eighth of wax a week. Prolly spend to much money but whatever.

Once or twice a week one bowl usually

Seeing as I'm in college and poor I tend to try to stick to a eighth a week, maybe a little more depending if I'm in a really good mood that week.

If I had the money I would smoke much more than I do, been trying to make a q last a month.

4g a week

My dad gives me 3 joints a weekend if I promise not to buy from a dealer.

Stoopid 103  
Weekends. A little bit before bed on Friday and 2-3 times throughout Saturday.  It keeps my tolerance extremely low and I just enjoy it more overall. It takes me about a month or so to completely go through an eighth by myself

noday987 30  
I am the same exact way

noday987 7  
Exactly, and since I pretty Much only smoke on weekends compared to my friends who smoke every day. I end up selling them 5s and 10 sacs cause they run out.

Imitation Bacon 6  
I end up selling them 5s and 10 sacs cause they run out.  I don't mind this, but it really annoys me when they ask like 2x a week and expect it delivered to their door and don't even offer like a buck or two extra for driving there. Now I just say it's too much of a risk (not even decrim here) so they've slowed down with the asking.

WompyTomperson 5  
It's annoying to me because I don't understand how someone thinks it's economically better to buy 5 and 10 sacs rather than buying a q or something in bulk.

Imitation Bacon 5  
I worked with somebody that did this. He was unable to save up for anything other than rent, and bought a ten sac from me nearly everyday. I told him I could hook him up with my guy but the smallest he sold was an eighth, and my co-worker just said 'nah'.

WEED TALKWompyTomperson 4  
It just doesn't make sense, If you want to waste money then keep doing that but those buyers just line dealer's pockets because they don't understand how ALL black market prices work (buy more, less money per). This is why I don't feel bad for people like this, they're unable to understand the basic concept that "I can spend 70% of my first paycheck for green for the next month and a half and not spend 30% of each check every week!"

I completely agree with you except if you have a shitty dealer like myself. By that I mean when I buy in bulk its not even discounted. Why pay 100 for a Q now when I could spend 50 on a KD now and spend another 50 when I need to.

its more about your own convenience... you ration your weed and one of the benefits is not picking up all the time. if you are constantly getting rid of your weed then its on you to pick up again for yourself, that's my main pet peeve

Imitation Bacon 3  
Yes I totally forgot about this! When this took place it took like 3-4 days for my dealer's and my schedule to align so when I know I had just enough to last me until pickup I told my coworker I couldn't do it he would take it personally.

ya that's really annoying. It sucks to have to lie to friends, but if they are being presumptuous and inconsiderate, I don't feel bad telling them that I am out as well, and for them to please let me know when they pick up so I can mooch some off them.

I just get really baked every Friday and it's great. I barely use any weed either

Shot Marvin In The Face
I do the same thing, except Saturday when I'm with friends it's not unusual for us to go through at least 1/4.

7 fish  
probably once or twice every two weeks. I like to keep my tolerance low, plus I'll admit I have a very addictive personality, and even if weed isn't physically addictive, it can still be mentally addictive, so I try to keep my use low.

AgrioX 10  
Same here. Keep it up! Sometimes it's hard to say no to weed if you got that full baggy in your room :D  I have huge breaks sometimes, 1-3 months, sometimes I smoke multiple days in the week. It just depends on my free-time and I feel exactly the same, that I am an addictive personality, so I try to restrict my weed and alcohol consume as much as possible!

Heroshua 23  
Half oz a week, by myself. I need a tolerance break but I haven't got around to it in 15 years or so.

WEED TALKRealtor Stretch 36  
Just enough to maintain the high throughout most of the day. Wake up, have a lil puff. About to poop? Better take a puff before I do that. Meeting with a client in an hour?? I'll usually get super high up until 30 minutes before I have leave. I'm a realtor (do quite well for just being my 3rd year), and love hearing people say that I'm ALWAYS in a good mood. I have no set hours and only get paid after a deal closes, so no time to be lazy or not be motivated. I get shit done as soon as it needs to be, am a hell of a negotiator, and stay high because I can and I like to :).  Tl;dr as often throughout the day as I feel necessary. An 8th will last around 3 days.

EZ-Baked 19  
I smoke most days in the morning and before bed. On weekends I smoke a lot more. I usually buy twice a week. 3.5g of herb for 20 bucks. Sometimes I'll buy hash and do bts. If I do that, I'll buy one time for the whole week. Usually I'll get 3g for 35-40. I am from Montreal if anyone was wondering.

WEED TALKDr Dreamtime 62  
I go through about 6 to 10 blunts a day depending on how much work is desk work (at home) vs client work in the field.  Each blunt weighs in at 1.4 grams, 0.1 grams for the wrap. A good estimate would be 1.25 grams per blunt, or 7.5 grams to 12.5 grams per day. Generally an ounce lasts me about 3-4 days depending on how many people I smoke with at my place.

WEED TALKCreeperDays 32  
Goddamn dude, your lungs must be fucked. 12 grams a day is almost like a pack of cigarettes. Not to mention the blunt wraps.

CreeperDays 24  
I suppose. But at that point, why not switch to concentrates? I mean, I hack shit up in the mornings and I only smoke a gram a day, max.

Dr Dreamtime 4  
Explanation on why THC isn't as bad as Nicotine on your lungs though -

Dr Dreamtime 9  
I smoke mainly high CBD strains due to a nerve injury in my right leg, and it's a great replacement for opiates.  I keep a pure CBD vape on me when I'm working but when I'm at home I smoke blunts.

cbd wanna  
What are the effects on the body of a high CBD strain? Do you feel couch locked? And how do they compare to opiates for pain?

Creeper Days
Wow. I bet that's pretty effective. I guess I should have figured you have a medical need if you are smoking that much. How can you smoke CBD strains all day without needing a nap by 2pm? Lol whenever I smoke an indica earlier in the day, it tends to have that effect on me.

WEED TALKDr Dreamtime 6  
While the normal symptoms of smoking have set in long ago (paralyzed cilia preventing mucus movement) the symptoms related to nicotine such as terminal bronchioles constriction are non existent.  The problem with cigarettes is that nicotine constricts bronchioles, keeping the tars trapped in the lungs.  THC does the exact opposite - it dilates the bronchioles.  Human physiology aside, I also try to exercise and the high altitude helps too.

Gentlemen Dreamer 7  
He said blunts, he's still smoking a noticeably harmful amount of tobacco on the daily.

Dr Dreamtime 4  
I roll with wraps, not gutted cigars/cigarillos. Wraps are usually made from plant cellulose while has a much lower carcinogenic effect than tobacco leaf.

Unfiltered at that, so probably significantly more tar than just one pack of cigs including the Unfiltered blunt wraps.

WEED TALKBlue Falcon 89 8  
I hit the onie 2-3 times a week (only after all my work is done) and pack a small bowl maybe once a week. An eight lasts me about a month and a half.  Since I don't smoke much all i need is a hit or two and I am to the moon after tough days of school & work.  I've also found if I smoke too frequently I slow down mentally, so I limit myself. My tolerance stays low, weed lasts longer, and I remain academically functional.


"Holy shit. I’ve been probably the purest individual you will ever meet. Totally straight-edge. It is a known fact that I’ve never done anything at my school. Up until today. I went to a concert and finally tried smoking marijuana (a joint) today. I took 4 hits. Big mistake." - Standard Rookie


This is how I am (maybe more like 3-4 times a week, but whatever). I have evening anxiety attacks of varying severity throughout the week, and I vape for the worst of them. I am fucking useless high, which is fine (I need to not be 'on' sometimes), but I'm in grad school and constantly have shit to do, and not being productive enough makes the anxiety worse. It's a balancing act.  It only takes one Solo bowl to get me nice and relaxed, which is cool with me. The CA dispensary stuff is way stronger than anything I ever smoked with friends back in Ohio. I bought 3 grams about two weeks ago, and at the rate I'm going, I imagine I've got at least another 1-1.5 months before I need to get any more.

420 Lucky 9  
bout a half G of dab a day

jakus_ch 8  
shit man your tolerance must be through the roof.

Once you get into dabbing this becomes very easy to do. Specially with an email being able to be on for hours at a time.

roses_in_her_eyes 8 *
My husband and I go through about an ounce per month. I smoke every morning and then evenings after I get home from work. Some days I work from home, and I hit the bong throughout those days and weekends. Best smoke of the day -> wake and bake w fresh coffee :D

cecinestpasreddit 8  
Every day, but only about one hit or two. Rarely more than 4.

Side_project 4  
Weekends, and occasionally through the week permitting I'm not dankrupt which I currently am.

User 37 5  
Everyday, I buy a quarter every two weeks and vape it all so i save a lot of bud.

WEED TALKalex 138   
Law of Diminishing Sacks is a bitch. Since I've been getting larger amounts I've lost track of how much, but I now go through a quarter a good bit quicker than my friends do. I've been cutting back on smoking before work and always try to allow several hours after my last hit. But when I get home, no matter what time of day from that point on it's probably a bowl or two every few hours till bed.

WEED TALKsaluisa
TL;DR: I smoke at least one bowl a day, usually before bed, and I smoke about 7 grams a week I guess. The TLDR was at the bottom but I moved it based on the assumption that no one will bother to read my essay about how much I smoke. You're welcome. I work weekends and have school monday through thursday, when I can afford to, I usually smoke a little bit every night, usually will pack my first bowl around 10:30 right before playing some league or smash, usually smoke a bowl or two by the end of the night around 2:00 AM when I usually go to bed.  Then on weekends since I work pretty much all day it's the same deal, sometimes I'll light up before dinner if I've had a long day.  Fridays are the only days where I regularly get stoned during the daylight hours. Its usually when I get my chores and homework done, and the bud just makes it so much less miserable. I love cleaning my room high, I just blast all kinds of music and have fun with it. Plus once I finish my chores and homework I usually have plenty of time to DJ, write music, or come up with some kind of healthy munchies to eat. I generally go through about an eighth every week, lately I've been smoking alone a lot. before the new year, my brother and girlfriend smoked with me so we would go through a quarter in a week between the three of us.

WEED TALKNetherMop   
Too much, honestly. I'm in my last year of undergrad and my thesis is mostly written work so I have little class and I stay home most of the day. I have very little class and I have a torn ACL and MCL from August which give me chronic pain and discomfort, but the boredom and lethargy that follows is worse. I know that poppers are terrible for you and yet I do them anyway. I will smoke and/or vape a few bowls a day to stay consistently high. It's gotten to the point where I notice how high my tolerance has become. I wanna cut back, very much so, but it feels like it's become force of habit. I'm working on this, trying to vape instead of smoking, minimizing tobacco use, looking into antidepressants because I think this self-treatment of mine is more deleterious than anything.  I just wanna feel good again.

dropparti 6  
Even taking a 1 day tolerance break does a good amount of work on me.

Drizzly Earth  
Daily. Weekends, usually around 3 bowls a day. Weekdays, generally 1-2 bowls at night to help me sleep, sometimes a bowl after school to help me relax and unwind. To be honest, I wish I smoked less.

kyoshi dude  
I've been smoking a j a night for the past week, but want to cut back to get my tolerance low. Thinking of just going for weekends/rewards for when I get things done

Usually every day, at least a gram or more, typically in the form of cone or regular joints. Sometimes I have random edibles too. It probably seems like a lot but it makes such a huge difference in managing my mental and physical health issues I don't really want to go without for too long.

WEED TALKAncalagon Black   
I work from 8am-5pm every weekday but my weekends are totally free. I'm college aged but I'm on a break to get in-state pricing because I just moved here. I'll smoke a bowl, maybe two with a little bit of vaping each day after work but only after my responsibilities are taken care of. On the weekends? If I'm chilling alone I'll smoke a bowl or take bong rips every few hours and maybe take a midday nap lol. Otherwise I'll head to campus and blow through an eighth or more with my friends and have a generally good time.  Now that I'm living in Colorado I'm paying about half of what I did on the East Coast for much better weed. I usually buy half ounces which will last me 2-4 weeks depending on how much I chill with my friends.

At the very least I smoke a bowl in the morning and a joint at night, and throughout the day if I have the day off of work.

Personally i'm a weekend warrior. 2-3 bowls 1-2 times Friday and Saturday

Every day. 0.3g (weighed) a night on weekdays, half THC weed half CBD weed. As much as I want on the weekend. Works out to about an eighth of top shelf a week plus an eighth of CBD weed every couple weeks.

DJ Tanner   
I smoke about 4 times a day. Well, I vape about 4 times a day. I have the arizer and I can pack that thing the slightest bit (.03 grams) and get to a [6], which I'm always very content with. So, at that rate, I can vape about 25 or so times a week with just 1 gram. I think that's just fucking insane hahaha.

WEED TALKSuperior Flamingo
As a university student I smoke at most maybe 3 times throughout the day. Usually twice because I don't like to be high at work during the evenings. Weekend is a different story haha. Still only maybe 3 separate times a day though. Keeps the tolerance relatively low. Unless Im working I smoke as much as it takes to keep me buzzing which sadly because of my tolerance is a lot.

In all honesty, too much. My tolerance is through the roof. Ideally every two hours. However, I cut back during the week bc of school. 2+ joints a day.

Once every one or two weeks, keeps my tolerance low and makes smoking a special activity (also I live with my s)

WEED TALKdac simpson
All throughout the day. It's 3:30 now and I just got done smoking for my 4th time. Just a hit off a 20 oz bottle and then later tonight I'll hit the bowl. But my typical day is to go to work in the morning and get off around 7. Smoke before I leave work, smoke again when I get home. Then I'll smoke after about an hour of being home and then will smoke again later before playing video games. And then from 11pm to 2am I probably smoke 3 times. And an 8th lasts me at least a week.

Dat Bowl
I usually do a couple snappers a day. I haven't been able to smoke much though lately due to being sick.

if im by myself usually .2-.5gs out of the vape per day. Not every single day though. I'll smoke more with friends though, bong hits, joints etc

Everyday, at least 4 grams a day

I smoke around 3 blunts a day, if not 3 blunts then 2 blunts and bong packs, I share this with my 2 roommates though so it's a decent amount

tuba 1011
One bowl before bed every night and maybe two or three throughout the day on my days off. I am a delivery driver so I cannot smoke at/before work

Every day, pretty much always high. Vaporizer, Arizer solo, 3-6 bowls per day at .2g per bowl (rough estimates)

When I wake up I toke about half a bowl. When I get home after a few hours I toke about 2 bowls and take off somewhere. If I'm staying home I just smoke until I go to sleep.

It varies day to day depending on my pain level and whether I'm having trouble sleeping or not. But I can say that I buy a quarter of meds once a week. Sometimes I can go a week and a half if I'm not hurting to much.

Every day. Usually ~a gram a day but often more when I'm smoking with friends.

WEED TALKSystem Code
I generally use my PAX around 2-3 ovens throughout the day, each time packed with about 0.3g each oven. I sometimes vape another oven before bed, but more often I'll either roll a small 0.3g blunt/joint or I rip 0.2g in my bubbler. I go through anywhere between 0.7-1.5grams a day, typically, but a gram is usually the sweet spot. Weekend sessions with friends tend to go much heavier in the quantities however, haha. Never much more than a gram per person, though.

whenever i feel I need to or I'm at a party, maybe .2g per sesh, or less.

Deux Boy
I smoke about 1 bowl per day. It's a normal sized pipe bowl, nothing huge.

WEED TALKGOtSmok Someguy
Normally one blunt, or a bigger cone, with 0.7-9 grams of weed, and 0.2 grams of tobacco.
Then probably 3-4 bowls, either vaped, or bong most times. so about 1.5-2 grams a day. Some days when I am busy I will smoke less bowls, or split that joint into two, but then make it up later on. I also mix the stems with some butter and add that to some of my cooking on the weekends. Probably a three eighths to a half ounce a week. Prices in Ottawa, ON, Cad. are $75-90 per half O.

I'm currently injured so this is more than usual. But typically I'll smoke 2 solo bowls and 3-4 shared bowls throughout the day. All the weed is split by 2 people and a generous eighth will typically last 5-7 days. If we smoke bowls, 7 days. If we smoke 2 blunts with those bowls, 5 days.

Colourful Pastel
I hit the bong around 8 pm every night. My tolerance is not that high so I usually smoke one bowl, maybe two. I just got finished with a 3 week tolerance break so tonight I'm going hard

I've been smoking every morning before school, during lunch, after school and then late at night for a while now. But I decided to cut down to save up my stash jar. Since I'm moving, Now I just smoke after school regularly and at night.

0.1 - 0.4g per day.

Usually every single day. During the week I only smoke at night but on Saturday and Sunday I usually smoke throughout the day. A quarter ounce will usually last me around 2 weeks.

I play cs go, and the shitstorm on esea would be too High to enjoy the high. But Non competitive games should be nice, will try in a few days.

I play csgo high all the time and I'm so clutch people accuse me of aimbot etc

Depends on how much weed I have. I'll smoke as much weed as I can get my hands on. I've never had too much weed before.


Full time student/ part time worker. I smoke about .3 grams every night before I play some games and go to bed.

WEED TALKesper charm
2-3 times a week during breaks. Usually for a couple of weeks. Quit for a few months (kinda I only smoke if I can't sleep or something which I've only had to once this semester). I smoke probably a handful of times after quitting for those few months. Then quit again.  Basically just an on off relationship. I don't smoke too much for too long.  I'm also a massive lightweight. A lungful or two will get me to about a [4-6]. So I've had the eighth that I've been smoking since mid-December. And I still have about half of it left after smoking my friends out.

bill pullman rocks
Every day, bout an eighth a week plus two grams of shatter a week.

I can't smoke at home so I only smoke at friend's places and outdoors with friends. Usually averages out to about 2-3x a week.

But a QP usually at the beginning of the month. Last a month and a bit maybe less maybe more depending on how high I want to be maintained at

ganja machine
I like to smoke every time I'm sober. It just depends on whether I'm getting to a functional, happy high or a gooped high.

I usually buy a gram a week. i just smoke on the weekends. A g is $20 so the smaller I buy the better it is for me. With my PAX I can vape Friday-Sunday or Friday and Saturday and then eat the ABV on Sunday. I regularly do the latter.

One hit from a bong three days a week. Four days if it's a rough week

Symphonic 7
About half a gram to a gram every weekend, but I vape almost exclusively.

I used to go through a q a week. Probation now :'(

WEED TALKlatina gringa 2121
My boyfriend and I smoke daily, an ounce lasts us both about 2-3 weeks. I usually smoke to fall asleep, and then again once during the night to stay asleep (I wake up every 3-4 hours. It sucks). Boyfriend goes to school all day, and I'm a teacher, so we'll be sober for that, but then when we come home at night it's blunts and bowls until bedtime :).  Sometimes I think we need to scale back a bit, I know I'm smoking too much when I get headaches, but we get our work done and are both really chill people who don't go out much. It's nice to have something to make passing the time at home more entertaining.

I smoke every day. Typical day is a 1-hitter when I'm getting ready for work, 1-hitter during work whenever I have time, and then I "spoil" myself when I get off work by rolling a j.  I get an oz for $225 and it last my girlfriend and I about a month.

Couple hits a day out of my NG straight tube. On weekends probably .5 a day

I smoke about 1-2 times a week with some friends (almost always on the weekends). We smoke about 0,25-0,8 a person/occasion :)

WEED TALKifeanyichukwu
I usually start my morning with a joint and a few puffs from the vape. Around break time I hit the wax pen some more. At lunch is another joint and of course, some puffs from the wax pen. After that it's basically a free for all. Multiple joints, bowls and wax all the way up until I go to bed.  I actually smoke much less over the weekends though. I've been working out of town for over a year now so honestly I think I'm smoking more than I should to cope with the shitty mood I'm always in because I've been working out of town for so long now. I would much rather smoke only a handful of times a day like I usually do during the weekends but I don't see that happening until there's some work in town, which doesn't seem to be happening any time soon.

Cool Steve Brule
I'm about a 0.5-2.5 grams) a day man myself. It depends on various things but I'd say my average is about a G a day.

I smoke only on the weekends, and that's only usually one night. My friends and I get together every Saturday after work at my house and we just chill out. Gotta keep school and work first in line.

I start the day out with a bowl or two depending on my plans for the remainder of the day. Then lunch comes around and depending if I smoked in the morning or not--I'll hit another bowl. After that, I wait until bedtime to get super stoned :).  I need a tolerance break..

patato patato
4 or 3/7 maybe smoke 0.5g the day i smoke

This semester of school, not so much. I've only smoked twice since December. Probably because it's winter and I'm waiting for summer to enjoy being outside.

Orange Toasters
I work night shifts, so my nights off I'm stuck with an odd sleep schedule so I'm up until 6 in the morning and it can get pretty boring . So I'll smoke a bowl every couple hours after midnight. I do this maybe one night a week but 4 grams has lasted me nicely since mid January and I still got plenty left

Pretty much every night unless there's some reason I can't. Usually about 6 days a week before bed to help me sleep and the occasional mid day toke or two just because. I usually only smoke a bowl each time (probably a little less than .5 or so) or if I feel like spoiling myself I'll smoke a doobie or rip the bong.

WEED TALKThumpasaurus
I'm anxiously waiting to start smoking again. I haven't smoked since November of last year from a really bad panic attack that put me in the hospital. Though, I would usually smoke twice a day (midday and bedtime) with a bong to help with my anxiety and depression

Every other weekend, rarely more, often less. I smoke about .3 grams at a time. I'd love to smoke more often, but I like to have it to look forward to. It's like a reward for me to work towards.


MMJDoctoronline notes:  We provide medical marijuana 420 evaluations 100% online.  The process takes only a few minutes and it's free to apply.  Shortly after you fill out the online forms, a California licensed physician reviews your conditions and symptoms to see if they comply with the guidelines for use under California law.  Our documents are used at dispensaries, delivery services and any licensed vendor of cannabis in the State of California.


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