A Little Dab 'll Do Ya

A little dab'll do ya.


"As marijuana concentrates are quickly gaining adoring crowds at events around the country. From Seattle's Hempfest, to Denver Colorado's High Times Cannabis Cup; scaring some, while pleasing others...an interesting question arose during a prolonged smoke session the other day..." - Marijuana.com


Dabs are potent solvent extracts of cannabis flowers (bud); wax, essential oils, THC, CBD, cannabinoids and other non-polar molecules.  Dabs are sometimes called butane hash oil, or simply hash oil.  Shatter refers to a hardened, processed version of dab; made by removing the softer, volatile and malleable components by heating.  Shatter is like peanut brittle in texture at room temperature.  Warm it up and it runs like honey..

The difference between flowers and extracts is primarily in the potency; marijuana buds, the concentration of THC can be around 20%, whereas dabs run from 50% to 90% psychoactive ingredient (THC).  The price of dab is proportionately higher than weed too, and runs around $50 per gram.

dabs come in many forms

Dabs can be very medicinal and also get you high as hell if they are prepared properly.  On the downside, poor manufacturing practices and ingredients can lead to a shitty chemical laced product.  

Dabs can be made from leaves and trim.  The concentration of the terpenes and cannabinoids is differs in the various parts of the plant.  THC and CBD are less abundant but other components, like terpenes are much higher in concentration.  By extracting from the trim, a somewhat unique medicine or stoning agent is produced, perhaps more beneficial than dabs from the bud itself.

Dabs can be especially psychoactive due to its elevated concentration of not only THC, but terpenes, and other cannabinoids that interplay with receptors that control perception.  As a result, an dab from an exotic strain might lead you to either a fun or terrible chapter out of Alice in wonderland.  Medically, dabs offer strong relief for heavy-duty conditions and symptoms.   


a dab can be a thing of beauty


What you want in your dab. - No chemical shit.

No residual solvents.  Butane is popular and has a lower toxicity than hexane, naptha and others.  High quality weed.  You want organic weed that is potent in the right amounts of THC and CBD.  You don't want pesticides or herbicides on the starting bud because they are extracted along with the good stuff.  Actually, it is the chemicals and the tar in cigarettes that cause the issues, not nicotine.  



Anything that vaporizes the dab where you can inhale will work.  Old school ways to inhale dabs includes bongs, a nail with a blowtorch, hash pipe.   New school methods include specially made "pens", electronic nails and whatnot.  See the further reading section for details.


"In order to properly use a rig and inhale a dab, you: Apply just a tiny amount of marijuana concentrate directly onto your dab tool (wand) Heat up the nail with your blowtorch until it's red-hot. Finally, “dab” your concentrate onto the nail and inhale. Make sure you don't use too much concentrate for a single hit." - Google Know Dabs




Some people think that clean, pure concentrates are healthier because resin-producing plant material has been removed from the product. Daps are also known for their very swift and powerful medicinal effects.  We don't think so.  Concentrates are great for heavy duty use.  Smoking medical weed is not implicated in lung issues in any of the hundreds of medical studies we've reviewed.  The processing of dabs and shatter can cause the loss of volatiles that are medicinal.  

At the end of the day, clean, well prepared organic dabs are a great way to medicate provided the patient can handle the dose.  

MMMDoctorOnline Notes:  If you want to buy dabs, hash oil, concentrates, extracts, tinctures, honey oil, shatter, or any other kind of cannabis extract, you're going to need a medical doctor's 420 evaluation to buy it, until at least 2018.  The California Board of Medicine (and Nevada) allows patients to get a physician's recommendation online.  Our streamlined Telemedicine process complies with the guidelines set by the CBM.

This 100% online process takes only a few minutes to complete, with recommendations completed same day.  We also supply Cannabis ID Cards, Grower's permits and renewals.  There is no charge unless patients are approved.  Documents are used at compassion clubs, cooperatives, dispensaries, delivery services, online suppliers, and cannabis clinics. In addition, Cannabis ID cards are used at events, to enter designated smoking areas and  to prove to law enforcement you're legally allowed to possess, transport and consume cannabis based medicines.  

What exactly is bubble hash  - how to consume it - how to make it - from there,  go deep.


the amber nectar




How To Make Bho To Pass Testing. Really Nice Wax/shatter.

Equipment. safety glasses, shoot laser thermometer, pyrex dish, glass extraction tubes..Budder/hash / honeycomb is not something I usually make as they are not stable and degrade fast.  Without expensive testing there is no way to know if there is butane or water in it.  Never blast onto anything other than pyrex. Parchment Paper and even the oil slick pads will deposit microscopic silicone particles into your extraction. Avoid using PP for anything other than storage.

How To Make Bho To Pass Testing. Really Nice Wax/shatter. take the room dry trim/bud and dry it out in a dehydrator. Remember you want to run the dehydrator at a lower temp than you plan to finish with. Do this for at least 3 hours or longer. This is the step that makes it so clear and not black or green. If you are making big runs, you will want to use some freezer bags to hold the dehydrated bud as the dehydrator may not hold more than half pound  .....


BHO Mystery Oil

A brother recently posted on Facebook he had injected around 6 cases of butane into a container and when he evaporated it off to see what was left, there was a heavier residual oil that he described as smelling' like a tire factory.  There are a number of possibilities offered on what it is, but no definitive analysis as yet, so we decided to run an experiment ourselves, with us in control of the variables such as cleanliness.  

There are of course things that we know are in butane, such as sulfur in the low ppm to ppb range, and longer chain oleaginous waxes, which is what all the XXX-XXX refining is to remove, as they clog the small orifices of expensive butane lighters.  If you concentrate enough butane, you would expect to see a measurable amount of those left behind and they may explain the Mystery Oil.......


Dabs vs Buds: Stoner Poll

Dabs vs Buds
I Prefer Dabs 3 votes 16.7%
I Prefer Bud 12 votes 66.7%
What the hell are Dabs? 3 vote 16.7%


Everything You Need to Know About Marijuana Wax

It's known colloquially as "ear wax," or simply "wax." It obviously gets its name because of its appearance, and the process of ingesting it is called "dabbing" or taking a hit of a "dab." As High Times notes, it's also called BHO, which stands for "butane hash oil" or "butane honey oil." The process of of producing BHO is called "blasting," while producers are known as "blasters."    

When dealing with a stronger, more rapid high, you must consider the side effects. Marijuana has hallucinogenic properties, and wax, at its worst, can be extremely hallucinogenic.

A July Los Angeles Daily News feature on wax told the story of Josh, an 18-year-old who had to be hospitalized and eventually arrested following a bad experience with it. Just a few minutes after a taking a hit from a vaporizer, Josh immediately felt the effects, explaining that the movie he and his friends were watching "started to look 3D" and that he "kept seeing lights."


THC Extraction: How to Turn Trim to Profits

The trimming process is the variable that determines the value of your cannabis. A haphazard trim shaves valuable crystals off the buds while leaving crow’s feet and stickers in the product. To inspect a dispensary inventory quality, pick up a nug and rotate it to check the trim job.

A properly-harvested and trimmed plant leaves a large amount of trimmings. These are the water leaves, sugar leaves and unformed nugs left on the stems and stocks that have been harvested for nugs. This product now needs to be trimmed again and sorted through, stem-by-stem, in order to clean the stems and stalks out, which can be discarded.


Cannabis Concentrates: What is Shatter?

Marijuana concentrates are the latest trend when it comes to the cannabis industry. “Concentrates” is an all-encompassing term for extracts from the cannabis plant. These concentrates can come in a variety of different forms and consistencies, and are referred to by several different slang terms. Whether it’s shatter, wax, errl, oil, live resin, or dabs .....


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