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"Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many naturally occurring compounds called Phyto-Cannabinoids found in certain strains of the Cannabis/Marijuana plant. CBD has many medicinal properties; it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and antioxidant. CBD is non psychoactive (will not get you high), has minimal side effects and in recent years has gained the reputation of being the most valuable Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant."     

- Dr Paul Hornby, Medical Cannabis Pioneer


CBD Strains are the Cutting Edge

At one time, Cannabis strains high in Cannabidiol (CBD) were somewhat of a rarity.  As the testimonials roll in from researchers, patients and MMJ doctors, the efficacy of High-CBD Cannabis has become obvious.  Growers have taken note and responded by producing a fantastic array of new potent hybrids with therapeutic quantities of CBD.

Non-psychoactive CBD is rapidly gaining the reputation as the most effective Cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant.  High-THC by industry standards refers to strains with levels exceeding 20%.-  High -BD in industry lingo means anywhere between 4 to 15%.  In this article, we list half a dozen of the most popular High-CBD strains and provide a comprehensive list of strains that have placed at various competitions and shows across the country. 

Equipped with this information, patients should be able to easily find a strain that is tailor made to meet their medical, physical and psychological needs.




"Pennywise contents was listed at a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD  with 9% of each. I hate getting really high, it feels awful, but I see so many people using it for stress that I decided to give it a try.  Well, I did get high on this weed, but it was relaxing. I felt good and mellow.  Now I know what they mean by balanced strains."


Pennywise is a High-CBD cross between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin varieties.  The various terpenes and essential oils account for its pleasant sweet coffee, pepper taste and lemon fragrance. This strain is often recommended for pain relief, stress, arthritis, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and Chemo recovery.  ITs 1:1 ratio is  CBD and THC, so the psychoactive effects are balanced without an outrageous high.  Genetics contributes cerebral clarity and invigorating euphoria along with its outstanding medicinal effects. 


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"Getting straight to the point, I don't want to get stoned. I also hate to take any pharmaceutical pills what so ever for my insomnia. They said this strain was 0.6 % THC (psychoactive) and 14% CBD (non-psychoactive) so that fit the bill.  It worked, I slept and it killed the pain with no high, this is a pure medicine."

Remedy's parents are Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk strains.  This High-CBD strain has little psychoactive effect beyond inducing a sense of calm and well being.. CBD levels in Remedy can reach 15% with trace levels of THC (<1%). Buds are tinted with yellows and trichomes are lemony in scent.  This hybrid is used to treat pain, seizures, PTSD, anorexia, autism, inflammation, anxiety among other disorders.


“If I overlay all those 15,000 Medical Cannabis chromatograms (test result graphics), you see the same content time and time again in terms of THC and CBD., Very few people know this. Molecular geneticists figured it out probably back in the mid-‘90s with GC-mass spec, but I simply am going to confirm the understanding that the THC/CBD ratio only goes three different ways, High-THC/ Low-CBD, balanced and Low -THC.High-CBD.  Once rare, it is the balanced and High-CBD strains that are of the most medical interest.”

- Dr Paul Hornby - Hedron Analytical Laboratories


Charlotte's Web

"I don't mind getting a bit high, with 5% THC and 15% CBD, I was still a little skeptical that it would bring on paranoia.  The effect started really slow, I felt like in an OK mood, then it got mellow and uplifting in a mild way.  I got very hungry, but there was no anxiety that I can get with street weed. I give this strain 10 out of 10, it just fits me personally."

Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa based variety with almost no THC (<0.3%). 

Originating in Colorado, Charlotte's Web is gaining a reputation as a superior Med for treating seizures other neuromuscular disorders. This Medical Cannabis has High-CBD content with a fresh piney aroma. was originally bred by The Stanley Brothers to treat for an epileptic patient named Charlotte, who did not respond to any other medication.. This variety sports a thick web  of trichomes and affords little to no psychoactive effects, making it perfect workers who can't afford to be stoned. People, such as those that operate complex machinery, should be aware that this potent herb can cause dizziness. .


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'I don't like to use the word Miracle, but I can't think of a better word.  High CBD Marijuana cured my gastrointestinal disorder.  I had never done Cannabis before, even though I just hit thirty, and my research on the net led me to consider Medical Marijuana, the type with CBD seemed to be what I wanted.   I had allergies, was tired all the time, had bloody stools and cramps. Everything pretty much cleared up with Harlequin."

Harlequin is 75/25 Sativa with a sweet musky mango fragrance.   It's  well known to reliably supply a potent amount of CBD, time and again.  . Parents include Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss strains. This strain is reported to make users clear headed and alert.  Harlequin's CBD:THC ratio is a solid 5:2 which affords double strength pain killing properties.  Effects are described as relaxing, without sedation and intoxication. 


Sour Tsunami

"It was great to find this hi-CBD strain. I have pain issues and this week did the trick.  It's listed at 13% so I can see it has a lot of medicine in it. I use a vap and while I don't feel stoned, watching the news is somehow more interesting.  Great weed."

Sour Tsunami is a cross between Sour Diesel plants and NYC Diesel. This hybrid was specifically bred for high CBD - rather than THC content.  The result is a variety that’s turbo-boosted to knock out the pain and inflammation without getting morbidly stoned.   Sour Tsunami CBD levels approach 11%, while THC in balance a few points lower.  

Buds are dark, dense and green with purple-tinged leaves. Aroma is a musky, diesel smell with sweet overtones.



"Cannatonic is a very different. I am used to smoking high, THC Pot.  I don't mind getting a bit high and like to smoke milder Sativa in the day sometimes.   Cannatonic is definitely not for recreational use, after 10 minutes the effects hit, there is a slight body buzz.  I use pot to relax and for my arthritis, and this kind of pot really works, I somehow feel it's better for me not to get stoned every day."

Cannatonic is a hybrid strain created by Spanish seedbank  and Resin Seeds.  THC content is usually around 5% with CBD ranging from 6 to an outstanding 17%.   and high CBD content (6-17%).  Parents are a MK Ultra female and a robust G13 Haze male.  High is described as short lived, uplifting and completely relaxing.

Cannatonic has gained a handsome reputation for the treatment  chronic pain, spasms, stress, headaches, and other many other conditions / symptoms.  Cannatonic smells of earth with mild, sweet citrus overtones.  

“That’s the sort of strain (high CBD) that has taken away the epileptic seizures in Kyla,” he says, referring to a young girl with epilepsy.“I wrote a patent application on the strain we call Hayley’s Comet, which is a 50/50 strain.”

Dr Paul Hornby - Hedron Analytical Laboratories - Medical Cannabis Pioneer





MMJDOCTORONLINE Notes: Cannabinoid profiles vary from crop to crop and grower to grower.  Ask your dispensary or supplier for a current certificate of analysis showing THC:CBD ratios.  Reputable growers should test their Cannabis for herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals as well. To get your Recommendation to legally purchase any of these mentioned strains in California, click here.  An operator can process your file in minutes and a medical doctor signs off on your MMJ Recommendation a few minutes later.  The process is 100 percent online and takes but a few minutes. 


Strain name: NorCal

Content: 19% CBD - 6.2% THC
Genetics: Trident x Skywalker OG

Strain name: Doctor Cookies

Content:11.2% CBD - 6.6% THC

by Northstar Holistic Collective

Sexy strains, and why not?


Genetics: GSC x Medi Haze

Strain name: Sunkiss

Content: CBD  11% CBD -  6% THC

by California Growers Guild

Genetics: Cagg OG x (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk)

Strain name: Goji D.C. Live Resin

Content: 62% CBD - 4% THC

by Moxie Genetics

Genetics: Goji (male) x ACDC (female)


Strain name: OG

Content: 19% CBD - 9% THC

by C.R.A.F.T.

Genetics: Trident x Skywalker OG

Strain name: Tora Bora T 

Content: 8% CBD -  4% THC

by The Vault  

Genetics  Genetics: LA Confidential x X18 Pure Pakistani

Strain name: Rubi Mass

Content: 36% CBD - 37% THC - OMG!

by The Green Solution

Genetics: Unknown

Strain name: Mindblowing

Content: CBD  56% CBD -  4% THC.

by Mind Body & Soul Healing Center with Mind Blowing Shatter

Genetics: Sour Tsunami x Harlequin x Harlequin

Strain name: Meta Haze Concentrate 

Content: 44% CBD - 15% THC

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by Om Grown Female Collective and Gold Drop

Genetics: Unknown

Strain name: CBD Flowers 

Content: 9% CBD - 0.5% THC

Genetics: Cannatonic

Strain name: CBDee's #1B

Content: 12.5% CBD - 0.8% THC

Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

Genetics: Cannatonic #4 x Harlequin

Strain name: Super Sonic CBD 

Content: 9% CBD - 10% THC

from Radicle Genetics in collaboration with Valerio

Genetics: Cannatonic X x Hawg’s Breath

Strain name: CBD Cookies

Content: 22% CBD - 27% THC
Genetics: [Cookies x Cannatonic] x Cannatonic x [Cannatonic X x Cookie Berry Crunch

Strain name: CBDee's #1B Live Plant Run

Content: 34% CBD - 2.5% THC

from Pure West Compassion Club with LightSky Farms

Genetics: Cannatonic #4 x Harlequin

Strain name: Tartonic Sap

Content: 20% CBD - 24% THC

from Genotype A2 and A2 Wellness by Zombee Labs

Genetics: Death Star x Cannatonic X

Strain name: AC/DC  

Content: 55-60% CBD. - 8% THC

by Sr..Organics &  The Dankman 707

Genetics: Cannatonic x Ruderalis
Content: CBD : THC : Super potent, all over the map. Check with supplier

Strain name: Tora Bora

Content: 10% CBD - 7%THC

by MMJ America

Genetics: LA Confidential x X18 Pure Paki

Strain name: The Nubia

For those who love the extreme.  Like surfing a 40 foot wave, chugging a beer in 3 seconds, running a marathon backwards


Content: 10-12% CBD - 6-7% THC

by Aficionado/ FreeBorn Selections

Genetics: Unknown

Strain name: Sleeping Giant

Content: 10% CBD. -10% THC

by Elemental Seeds

Genetics: Unknown

Strain name: OG Tonic  

Content: 25% CBD. 35-40% THC - OMG!

by The Smokers Club - Garden of Weed

Genetics: Cannatonic x Unknown OG?

Strain name: Cannatonic

Content: 52% CBD -  5% THC

by Natural Mystic Cannabis Caregivers

Genetics: MK Ultra x G13 Haze

Strain name: Hemp CBD Extract

Content: 95% CBD - 0.4% THC


Genetics: Ruderalis

Strain name: VCDC

Content: 9% CBD - 4% THC

by Moxie Seeds & Extracts

Genetics: Viper City OG x ACDC

Strain name: Vitamin CBD 

Content: 12% CBD - 6% THC

by Growers Guild

Genetics: (Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk) x OG Kush

Strain name: Vegan Buddha Milagro

The most popular strains for sex, old favorites, newcomers, and ways to mix in CBD and other exotic herb.


Content: 7% CBD - 3% THC

by Greenwolf LA with Vegan Buddha

Genetics: Unknown

Strain name: Ringo's Gift Super CBD Premium CO2 Oil  

Content: 79% CBD - 7% THC

by POP Naturals with WCHC

Genetics: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Strain name: Ringo's Gift #3  

Content: 50% CBD - 20% THC

by Greenwolf LA with Loud Pack Extracts

Genetics: Harle-Tsu x ACDC

Strain name: CBD Simple CO2 Extractor

Content: 99% CBD - 0.4% THC  !!!!

by Cannavest

Genetics: Hemp (Ruderalis)



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