What the Feds Don’t Want You to Know - Medical Cannabis Exposed

What the Feds Don’t Want You to Know - Medical Cannabis Exposed


For those who believe in cannabis and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter.  Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t, we wouldn’t be talking about it here.



The CBD oil, you probably heard of it by now, thanks to CNN's Dr. Gupta. People are lighting up all over the country. Millions are now aware of the cannabinoid rich oil being used to help children in Colorado with epilepsy especially.  this one little girl Charlotte Figi, after whom the Charlotte’s web strain of cannabis had been named.

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Charlotte is a very young lady and she's having a seizure.

I wanted to learn what CBD oil and the push behind it all about so I travelled to Denver, Colorado, home to legalized cannabis, and also the Stanley Brothers, the family behind the Charlotte’s Web strain of Cannabis.  This strain is used to make the CBD oil, they were the ones’ to prove,  in Charlotte Figi case, that CBD rich cannabis oil can prevent seizures in children.


Jesse Stanley: “We have the strain that we're actually gonna use for a cancer patients, because studies have shown CBD helps stops metastasizing (spread to other sites in the body by metastasis) in cancer. So we went ahead and tried it because we knew it was very low in THC and after she had it, only a week later, she went a week seizure-free.”


Commentary:  This child, who had 300 seizures a week, was now down to just 1 every 7 days. Charlotte Figi's Life was transformed by CBD oil.  Now to understand what is unique about CBD oil, you have to understand what a cannabinoid is. Now in cannabis, there are multiple cannabinoid including; THC, CBD, CBN, CBA, and over a hundred and sixty other compounds in the plant, including Terpenes, or essential oils from the plant which create the most effective medicine.  

To be clear, in order to get a high from cannabis, you need to have a high level of just one cannabinoid, and that is THC. Again, that is just one particular cannabinoid among many and now, in the Stanley’s case, they are growing cannabis with lower level of that cannabinoid THC and higher levels of CBD, which is especially good for epileptics, Crohn's and other disorders.


Jesse Stanley: “The CBD is known to be a nerve protectant.  It’s also a one of the few things that causes neurogenesis.  So it's not just seizures that this helps, in epileptic its auto immune disorder.  Whether its Cancer, cramps, Lupus or so many different types of things and it’s a huge anti-inflammatory, so all kinds of people would love to have this.”


Commentary: Charlotte Figi's story became famous, and now the Stanley’s have thousands of patients in on a waiting list for their CBD oil.


Jesse Stanley: “As you can see, it drips down, we're able to recapture the alcohol, so we can reuse it, when it’s done, we're left with an oil that is more like a molasses.”


Commentary: In fact, there are thousands of families who have already uprooted their lives and move to Colorado for the CBD oil, thousands more are on the way. They’re called cannabis refugees.


Jesse Stanley: “I test it again, and then I can give it to the patients.”


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Commentary: And all of that has led to other states wanting to legalize CBD oil. In fact the Governor of Utah of all places just signed a CBD bill into law legalizing possession of the oil. In addition a bill in Alabama has now pass legislature, it is awaiting the Governor’s signature to be sign it into law in that state, In fact, lawmakers in Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Wisconsin and many other states either have or will now consider CBD bills just this year.


Mark Slaugh:” Well, you know, we are in 20 states right now, so we have 20 laws on the book that the people wanted or the people's' representatives wanted.”


Commentary: Mark Slaugh has a company in Denver called "I Comply", which is fighting to keep small growers compliant with state regulation on cannabis.  There are 8 strict guidelines that must be followed. Mark says states are jumping on board with CBD but not with cannabis.


Mark Slaugh: ”So I think what politician certainly don’t realize when they're trying to play to where the pack was, not where the pack is going to be, is that regulating just one compound greatly under serves most of the patients, who really need this medicine so---medical efficacy simply isn’t reasonable.

The Reality that Mark addresses is, how the media and politicians are jumping on the CBD train because it doesn’t get you high, but they’re ignoring some very important medical facts about cannabinoids. I talked via Skype with Shona Bonda about this very issue.

Start of by telling me about when you were sick, the level to which you were sick and what that look like in your life


Shona Bonda: ”I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002 and in that first year, I had my first bowel resection. My body was recognizing that something was wrong and my immune system went into overdrive and was essentially attacking itself.  You know, your life starts to go downhill and you’re in pain constantly, so you can’t you can’t even think straight.  It’s hard to go to your day to day life when you’re constantly thinking about the pain and how to get rid of it."


Commentary: Shona’s condition was so bad that her teeth literally became soft and the roof of her mouth had turned black. She couldn’t stand and said she parented her children from the couch.  She describes the condition as like having a stomach flu everyday for years, despite all the medications and the doctors, Shona was rotting from the inside and out. Shona’s breakthrough came when she saw a YouTube documentary Run from the Cure by Rick Simpson which explains how to extract CBD and THC oil from Marijuana. In 2001 my family doctor informs me that there was nothing more they could do, they had nothing left to try on me so I was on my own.”

Shona has started smoking cannabis just to be able to function, but she wasn’t getting better, Shona’s husband at that time he wanted to get her a vaporizer but that vaporizer became the road to so much more.


Shona Bonda: ” He went and got me a very old fashion glass-stone vaporizer from the 70s and I was reading a book and I pinch off that hose way too long and oil started forming on the dome and he went out and got me a spatula and I started to scrape it out three times a day and I put whatever I could get into a gel cup and within 3 days I didn’t need the use of my cane anymore to walk and I started healing quite rapidly so rapidly that I started to write a journal.”

That journal would become a book, Live free or Die. Shona’s mantra for her own life and the lives of the people she continues to educate across the country on the benefits of cannabis oil today, but the politicians and the media are making CBD oil out to be the kinda good kind of cannabis or they're arguing that THC is the bad kind of cannabis.

Now listen well that’s not how any of this works that is the case that is suddenly being made as that happen two forces will likely come into play keep an eye on. Number one in order to push the market away from the small sellers and harvesters of CBD oil states along with the feds will likely create a regulatory climate that is so difficult to manage that they will through cronyism for CBD oil into the hands of a few which in turn limits supply and enforces the price of the oil to rise considerably. Number 2 big pharmaceutical companies will likely begin putting out a “safe and legitimate” form of CBD oil and that is already starting to happen.


Mark Slaugh: ” GW Pharmaceutical out of Great Britain has been producing Sativex which is a 50 50 blend of CBD and THC they have no real research behind whether or not 50 50 is even the right ratio, and they certainly don’t include the other terpenes or other chemical compounds from the cannabis plant so we could see the bone get toss to the pharmaceutical dog, and certainly a possibility, but I think if more people takes a stand for really the rescheduling cannabis, regulating it and in a manner somewhere to alcohol to allow adults who are  already out there supply and demand economics wanting this plant and providing a safe way to be able to provide it is really the best model to move forward with.”



So what you need to know is, where the US government actually stands on this issue. Cannabis, Marijuana today it is still a schedule one drug that means, according to our government it has no medicinal use whatsoever, and has a high potential for abuse. Now, does our government really believe that?  No! In 1999 the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) filed for this patent for the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes. Also in 1999 they filed for a second patent specifically for cannabis oil for the treatment of disease.

That’s right our government through the tax payer funded Department of Health and Human Services Holds two patents on cannabinoids and cannabis oil to treat certain diseases like Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s disease. Meanwhile, our government through tax payer funded agencies like the Department of Justice pursue the arrest and imprisoned Americans who would attempt to access  or use cannabis oil to heal their own bodies because in public, they claim cannabis oil is not medicine and in private they seek to own the rights to that medicine.

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Truth means that humanity is greater than politics.  So, what are you going to help the cause?


MMJDoctoronline:  To purchase CBD oil legal in California now and possibly in 2018, you're going to need a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician.  The California Medical Board allow patients to complete their 420 evaluations that allows them to qualify for medical cannabis ID cards and cultivation permits.  Our medical recommendation process takes only a few minutes and is 100% completed online.  A doctor reviews your stated conditions and symptoms and many patients are approved, usually, the same day.  Your MMJ ID is valid in California and many parts of Nevada; to purchase cannabis and derivatives at dispensaries, cannabis clinics, marijuana cooperatives, delivery services and other points of access.



Medical Cannabis Exposed - What The Feds Don't Want You To Know

The first step toward truth is to be informed. For those who believe in cannabis and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter. Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t we wouldn’t need to do a show about it.






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