`Good People Don`t Smoke Marijuana.`` - The not very funny Jeff Sessions

You might be surprised with the big names on the list, like the Democratic Party, Nurses Association


Here is a list of the people and organizations that supported the legalization of marijuana in the state of California.  The list is very impressive and this is a testament to the power of the people.  People can effect change, even against the big corporations and big government, who have come to dominate our lives, for better and too often for the worse.  The descriptor beside the name is in honors of Mr. Jeff Sessions.


`Good People Don`t Smoke Marijuana.`` - Jeff Sessions




Prop 64 MMJ & Cash



`I've heard people say we could solve our heroin problem with marijuana. How stupid is that? Give me a break!`` - No, give us a break Jeff S.





According to Senator Jeff Sessions, this list of respected Californians are not good people.  Like Roger Stone - former campaign leader for Donald S. Trump said recently, it's time for the Fed to cut the shit on marijuana.  


Marijuana Down Under

Australia Joins the World in Legalizing Medical Marijuana

Since all people that smoke marijuana are not good people, then it follows that all people that support marijuana legalization cannot be good people.  Rather than denote each and every person and organization that officially supported Proposition 64, the Senate bill that legalized marijuana in California to be a bad person, for variety we inserted horrible, dumb and other adjectives that Mr. Jeff Sessions is fond of.  We think he would approve of this work, don`t you think


At the end of the day, we think that Jeff Sessions was picked because he is a yes man, with better than average integrity, which is not saying much for Washington, and he will bow to the will of Bigg Boss Donny Trumpy.  We feel that Trump will exercise his campaign promises on marijuana, which is to back off on States rights to govern over their own policing and laws, and to reschedule marijuana correctly, scientifically and medically, from Schedule 1  - the same classification as heroin, to Schedule 3, which includes caffeine, testosterone and other less addictive and low toxicity substances.  

Some people would like to see marijuana classified as a herb, which might be a great thing for a free American, but America is not free right now, and this just ain`t in the cards and the neither the State nor Federal levels.  








``I am determined that this country will not go backwards. President Trump gave us a clear directive. It's the policy of this administration to reduce crime in America, not preside over an increase in crime, but reduce crime. The crime rate in our country remains at historic lows. But we're beginning to see an increase again. We have too much of a tolerance for drug use. We need to say, as Nancy Reagan said, Just say no.' There's no excuse for this, it's not recreational . Lives are at stake, and we're not going to worry about being fashionable. Medical cannabis has been hyped, maybe too much.``- Sessions, from his echo chamber



``Let`s pump $100 billion to the War on Drugs and fill the prisons Jeff, fill up the courts so there is no time to try rapists and such.  Ya, Jeff, you go get em. You tell em. `` Johnny Rodriguez



Former Officials

Legal Marijuana Cultivation

The Great Colorado Marijuana "Experiment" Spreads Across the Country



`Cannabis is against federal law, and that applies in states where they may have repealed their own anti-cannabis laws. So yes, we will enforce the law in an appropriate way nationwide. It's not possible for the federal government, of course, to take over everything the local police used to do in a state that's legalized it. And I'm not in favor of legalization of cannabis. I think it's a more dangerous drug than a lot of people realize.``- Sessions, from his echo chamber







  • California Democratic Party - poor judgment

  • Green Party of California  wacko

  • California Peace and Freedom Party - wacko

  • Santa Monica Democratic Club - stupid

  • Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club - ill advised

  • Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club -wacko

  • Democrats for Equality - wacko

  • Democrats United for a Progressive California - wacko

  • California Young Democrats - ill advised

  • Los Angeles County Democratic Party - bad people

  • MLK Legacy Democrats - wacko

  • San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee - wacko

  • Adelante: Latino Democrats United -wacko

  • Brownie Mary Democratic Club - horrible


``Experts are telling me, there's more violence around marijuana than one would think. I am definitely not a fan of expanded use of marijuana. But states, they can pass the laws they choose. I would just say, it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute cannabis throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or not.`` - Sessions, from his echo chamber




Civic organizations


  • ACLU of California - wacko

  • African American Alcohol and Other Drug Council of LA County - ill advised

  • All of Us or None, Southern California - horrible people

  • Berkeley Patients Group - wacko

  • Break the Chains: Communities of Color and the War on Drugs - communists

  • Broken No More - not competent

  • California Academy of Preventive Medicine - not competent

  • California Cannabis Industry Association - evil

  • California Council of Churches IMPACT - not competent

  • California Council of Land Trusts - ill advised

  • California Medical Association - ill advised

  • California NAACP - horrible people

  • Cut50 - efil - ill judgement

  • Drug Policy Alliance - not competent

  • Ella Baker Center - bad people

  • Ensohara Inc.  - bad people

  • Equality California - not competent

  • Friends Committee on Legislation of California - poor judgement

  • Harm Reduction Services - ill advised

  • HealthRight 360 - horrible

  • Institute of the Black World 21st Century - shameful

  • Justice Not Jails - not competent

  • Los Angeles Community Health Project - wacko

  • Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership (LARRP) - un american

  • Marijuana Policy Project of California - not competent

  • Moms United to End the War on Drugs - bad bitches

  • NORML - evil

  • Our America Initiative - incompetent

  • Our Revolution - not competent

  • Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing - communists

  • Planning and Conservation League - wacko

  • Progressive Christians Uniting - criminal

  • Project Cannabis - criminal

  • Project Inform - not competent

  • Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce - ill advised

  • Students for Sensible Drug Policy - ill advised

  • William C. Velasquez Institute - bad person

  • Youth Justice Coalition - not competent

Law Enforcement Organizations
Lebron James, Clint Eastwood, Pussy Generation and Cannabis Legalization



  • Blacks in Law Enforcement of America - wacko

  • Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) - ill informed

  • National Latino Officers Association - unamerican

Crooked Hillary, crooked Clinton, election fraud, government,leaks,email,scandal,marijuana



  • California Nurses Association - communists

  • United Food and Commercial Workers Western States Council - ill advised

  • United Farm Worker - communist





  • Sean Parker, founder of Napster and former president of Facebook - not sane

  • David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap - not competent

  • Troy Dayton, founder of Arcview - not sane

  • Troy Vaughn, pastor, president and CEO of Christ-Centered Ministries - terrible person

  • Al Harrington, retired NBA player - bad person

  • Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matters - communist

  • Kevin Drum, political blogger for Mother Jones - not competent

  • Shawn "Jay Z" Carter, hip hop artist - incompetent

  • Shailene Woodley, actress - terrible person

  • Common, hip-hop artist - horrible

  • Olivia Wilde, actress - bad person

  • Jesse Williams, actor - dumb

  • Russell Simmons, music entrepreneur - not competent

  • Piper Kerman, author of Orange Is the New Black - weird

  • Danny Glover, actor - silly

  • Michael K. Williams, actor  - not competent

  • Tim Robbins, actor - not competent

  • Ty Dolla $ign, rapper - terrible

  • John Forte, rapper and recording - artist

  • Los Rakas, hip-hop group - wacko

  • Pusha T, hip-hop artist - not competent

Donald Trump - Presidential Candidates Survey on Marijuana Score #2



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"Good people don't smoke marijuana." - Jeff Sessions

``Carve that into the side of Mount Rushmore will you `` - Johnny Rodriguez





California Proposition 64, Marijuana Legalization (2016)

Amazing, a mainstream document source that is very good.  A wonderful resource about the new cannabis laws in California.  Polls to legal text to who did what when and how on this legislation.   Proposition 64 made it legal for individuals to use and grow cannabis for personal use on November 9, 2016. The sale and taxation of recreational cannabis will go into effect on January 1, 2018


What Jeff Sessions Said About Marijuana in His Attorney General Hearing

Sessions was not quite as emphatic on the issue as he has been in the past. In reference to the guidelines issued by the Justice Department in 2013 that effectively left cannabis law enforcement up to individual states, Sessions told Sen. Leahy "some of them are truly valuable in evaluating cases, but, fundamentally, the criticism I think that is legitimate is that [the guidelines] may not have been followed." Sessions went on to say he would need to use "good judgment" when deciding how to enforce federal cannabis laws, should he be sworn in as Attorney General, adding "I know it won't be an easy decision, but I will try to do my duty in a fair and just way."


Quotes Search Live Bulletin Weather Just In Jeff Sessions on Marijuana

Trump Marijuana  Policy or Lack Thereof Threatens  to Undermine Hard Won Trust


There will be a day where guys like this are a mere footnote in the history anals as a kind of clown, but today, we have to deal with this kind of ill educated, ill informed and quite often mentally ill carear politician that tows an anti-human agenda.  


What Will A.G. Jeff Sessions Do About Weed?WHAT WILL A.G. JEFF SESSIONS DO ABOUT WEED?  Some are making optimistic assessments that Trump can’t stop legalization—because the feds can’t force states to arrest people for cannabis offenses. Which is true. But we could see aggressive DEA raids on dispensaries, and other federal harassment and repression, which would put a damper on activities everywhere. Bowers said one of his biggest worries is that threats of a federal crackdown will scare the banks away, just as the cannabis industry is finally gaining access to financial services.







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