Why Get Busted - Why win a Darwin Award for Pot?

Busted for no shelling out $20  for MMJ ID.

Photo - Duh, Busted for Weed

Part 2 - How can a Medical Marijuana Card Save you from Getting Busted?


" Last year there were nearly one hundred thousand Marijuana busts in Cali.  People are still getting busted in Berkeley of all places."


To get caught for illegal possession of Marijuana, you need to do several stupid things.  You have to be exposed to law enforcement - one way or the other - when you are in public, driving, ratted out by an X or what have you. To turn bad luck into good - being equipped with correct legal documentation is obviously the right insurance policy.


Most Cops want you Legal

A lot of people laugh at the thought of getting busted for Pot in California; it's a remote possibility, just a thing from the distant past.  Think again.  Last year there were nearly one hundred thousand Marijuana busts last year in Cali.  People are still getting busted in Berkeley of all places.


Caught with more than an ounce, ouch...


Believe it, good cops really don't want to waste their valuable time on silly Marijuana offenses, they would much rather be saving a life. 


If you don't have MMJ-ID, given probable cause, police will have to to search your vehicle.  Not always, but often - if you show a Medical Marijuana Recommendation or ID card, you'll be sent on your merry way.  


Berkeley astrophysics student busted for pot cookies


"An UC Berkeley astrophysics student and her boyfriend face misdemeanor drug charges for having allegedly baked pot cookies that made 16 fellow students sick at a co-op residence this week."


Smell of Pot can be construed as Probably Case to Investigate Criminal Activity

Possession without a valid MMJ ID Card or legit Doctors Recommendation leaves you wide open to hassle, fines and jail. 


Rule #1 is don't expose yourself or give probable cause to be hassled. Never agree to allow any law enforcement officer to detain you or willingly let them into your residence without written authorization.  Don't give probable cause.


The Five Top Ways to get Busted for Pot in California

  • Traffic Cops
  • Neighbors and "Friends"
  • Rats: GF, BF and the X factor
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Feds




Law Enforcement : Good or Bad - YOU WANT VALID ID

If you get pulled over and the officer smells pot, then asks for your non-existent permit, you have a free pass down the rabbit hole. You can be be searched, halsted, detained, arrested, jailed, fined and definitely stressed.


Case in Point

An Officer in Oakland routinely pulled over a car.  He could smell the odor of pot and asked the driver if he had any Marijuana in his possession. The driver claimed he might have a joint.  It turns out that the driver had a payload of pot (225 lbs) -  he had incriminated himself as he was not lawfully allowed to lawfully possess Marijuana. 


What does this story have about you?  The average Weed smoker only carries a small amount for personal use so, so no problem?   Wrong.  Some cops are looking for the big bust - so if they smell pot and you have no Recommendation or ID-  you might not have to deal with something you don't want to deal with.


There are good cops out there, sure.  Do them a favor, they don't want to be wasting time processing Marijuana cases.  If you don't have a valid Recommendation or MMJ ID, they must include you in their lives for a while. 


Neighbors and Assorted Nazis

A great neighbor is a treasure.  However, there is a warped so-called do-gooder in most every hood.  If you have a grow operation that is not quite legal, and you offend the wrong person - you're playing Russian Roulette.  You can neutralize the local busybody by being legal..


Case in Point: George Orwell told you so

Condo Council Asks Tenants to Snitch on Neighbors If They're Smoking Pot


"Renters found out about the prohibition by Kossow Management when the company slipped notices under their doors at the building, Real-estate attorney Aaron Sokolow tells says the pot clause is the same as prohibiting the consumption of broccoli.  The lease points to a federal law as the basis for the prohibition and claims that violations and may result in enforcement by government authorities.”  - Mr Sokolow, Lawyer


A good Real Estate lawyer representing tenants with MMJ Recommendations is the proposed workable solution. The deal is, this is not a federal case, so California law applies..


Ex Partner - The Ultimate Rat

Our former lovers or friends too often let thoughts of revenge take control of their mind.  In their passion, vengeance to "get-even", some "sweet" people will do the most diabolical things.  In this day of the nanny state, unrelated people just need to snitch.  .


It is common place to be set up for a drug arrest, with the diabolical aim of completely destroying not only your life - but your new families as well.  Such is the nature of the species from time to time.

Legalized Marijuana wipes out Drug Dealers

Marijuana Legalization is Killing Organized Crime


"Police responded to the home of Martin Cisneros, 30, after his girlfriend called police in the afternoon. Police say the girlfriend got into a fight with Cisneros when he refused to give her any marijuana,  When police arrived, the girlfriend informed them that Cisneros was growing marijuana. He consented to a search of the home. Police discovered 20 plants and roughly 5 pounds of marijuana in the basement, Cisneros was charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, and growing cannabis, a misdemeanor. Cisneros was arraigned and taken to the Orange County Jail on $4,000 bail or $12,000 bond." 


Avoiding this kind of drama is a no brainer:  Just show a legal grower's permit and refuse police access to your home.  Then buy some flowers for your X girlfriend with a single one-way ticket to somewhere far away. 


Disorderly Conduct

If you smoke in public - in automobiles and such, then get rowdy, you are cruisin for a bruisin.  Then again, freedom lovers can't live in a cage. 


"In the case of an encounter with law enforcement - if you are carrying a valid Recommendation and ID card valid doctor's recommendation, and know what to say, you stand a much better chance avoiding charges for minor breaches of conduct, or worse."  


Feds are a Consideration

Paraphrasing Donald Trump, the Feds, are like a great white shark, mindlessly eating up resources in their endless feeding frenzie upon the lands.   Ok, perhaps that statement is a little too strong, but the truth is, if you grow substantial quantities of Marijuana you better keep an eye on the Fed's rules and regulations.


Make no mistake,  you want to be 100% legit or risk commandos coming in and dropping a bomb on your life.


The Feds and the States really don't have their act together concerning Medical Marijuana.

Right now, State law functionally takes precedence over the Feds.  In the twilight of the "War on Drugs, the Feds are active in busting actual or suspected grow operations to this day."


Case in Point: :Obama says, I'm cool with Pot but I will Bust your Ass

Oaksterdam, 2012   On April 2, 2012, federal agents with the Internal Revenue Service and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration raided Oaksterdam University and the founder's home.

""The doors...were blocked by U.S. marshals and yellow tape following the early morning raid...agents carted trash bags of unknown materials out of the school as protesters gathered to condemn the action. A museum connected to the school and a nearby medical marijuana dispensary operated by Oaksterdam founder Richard Lee also were raided."

"Oakland has one of the most highly regulated systems for distributing medical marijuana in the state. We think this is a campaign by the U.S. attorneys not just to limit but to kill access to medical marijuana in California."   - Stephen Gutwillig, Director California Drug Policy Alliance

"This is a warning signal to any city including Oakland that they should tread very carefully when sanctioning an illegal activity. The brazenness of Oakland and other cities like this has actually made them a target." - Kevin Sabet, former Obama drug czar, said.


"Police responded to the home of Martin Cisneros, 30, after his girlfriend called police in the afternoon. Police say the girlfriend got into a fight with Cisneros when he refused to give her any marijuana, He put a rock through the grill of her pickup.  When police arrived, the girlfriend informed them that Cisneros was growing marijuana.




"He consented to a search of the home (wrong move). Police discovered 20 plants (could have been legal) and roughly 5 pounds of marijuana in the basement,. Cisneros was charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, and growing cannabis, a misdemeanor. Cisneros was arraigned and taken to the Orange County Jail on $4,000 bail or $12,000 bond."- Sgt. Allen Faust



There are tons of great medical marijuana products, new strains, paraphernalia on the net - from Timbuktu to your friendly neighborhood dispensary.    If you want access any Marijuana dispensary, Cannabis Club or Online MMJ Supplier, you'll need valid Medical Marijuana ID in most cases. 


It is real simple to buy Medical Cannabis Online.  Vendors accept credit cards, paypal and bitcoin but You MUST live in California and be a Prop. 215 patient.  You can get apply for an evaluation for Medical Marijuana here in 5 minutes.  Doctor's approval for recommendations are same day.



Smoking a pesticide is pretty bad news folks.  To get full access to all the great Medical Cannabis products out there - you have to have documentation - a valid Doctor's Recommendation.


Many of the chemicals applied to Cannabis are meant for lawns and definitely not edibles. Some samples collected in California have been found to contain pesticide residues - with more than 1000 x  oral intake limits.  Take your pick, is it criminal negligence or just plain criminal to use dangerous chemicals.


The Marijuana community needs to become more aware of quality issues in Medical Marijuana.

Growers aren't necessarily aware of the dangers of using chemical A, herbicide B, or pesticide C.   It's just sad to think of someone getting outstanding benefits from MMJ on one hand while absorbing nasty health destroying  toxins. 


Once you know the landscape, It makes no sense to risk smoking Pot that may be ladened with mold, pesticides and other bullshit. 


"It began after more than 100,000 plants were put on hold because of pesticide concerns. Inspections were stepped-up in cultivation facilities. A lot of questions were asked, but not a lot of them had answers. The industry reacted to the changing landscape but the industry also flexed its political muscle in an effort to delay state and city efforts to enact pesticide regulations."

"Too much moisture and growers face a fungus or mildew problem; too much dryness and spider mites can take over. It can be easy to see why growers motivated to fend off these foes, and by constraints on time and space to grow plants faster and taller, might resort to chemical help."


“All of the sudden you could be smoking a mold, that’s not meant to be ingested.”- Mr Dill


"My colleagues and I commissioned independent tests on marijuana concentrates, and the results showed high levels of banned pesticides Mahatma, and that spurred a Denver Department of Environmental Health investigation - which resulted in the recall of Mahatma products. This was the tip of the iceberg and this led to the recall of many others."  - Ricardo Baca, The Cannabist (paraphrase)."


Mice : We didn't do it!

Cops Claim Mice Ate Their Marijuana - 1200 lbs of it!

420EvaluatiosOnline: If you want good chemical free medicine, forget about State and Federal regulations, just demand that the grower provide a certificate of analysis; tests to show that the THC, CBD levels are indicated and that  mold, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals are minimal. 


"There’s a pretty considerable amount of contaminated cannabis,”  “There are no application standards. Since we’re not telling growers that they’re allowed to use anything, they often use whatever they can get their hands on. And that’s a lot of bad things.” - Jeff Raber.(MMJ Supplier)


“Pesticides affect the nervous systems of insects. Our nervous systems are similar to theirs.”

-  Dr. Ritz



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