Why Marijuana is much Better than Booze for Most Women

Bean or Bud?

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Would an attractive, go-getting woman be healthier and happier if she used Marijuana?

According to many alpha-women, physicians, scientists and even Cosmopolitan magazine, the answer is a definitive yes.  To preserve their sanity, American Women are increasingly turning to Marijuana as a way to happily reduce out of control anxiety and stress.  They're also finding that new Marijuana based medicines work better, in a healthier way, with less side effects than Pharmaceutical drugs.

"Hundreds of alcohol overdose deaths occur annually. There has never been a single recorded marijuana OD fatality. Most accidents we see involve alcohol, but there are many examples of alcohol and Marijuana, but Marijuana alone is extremely rare"

-- Thoughts on Pot & Alcohol from a Former Police Chief

Booze v.s. Pot

In a major survey (Pew), 7 out of 10 respondents said that drinking is the more damaging habit.  Marijuana was listed as the least harmful, dangerous drug on the 10 most used |Drugs in America list, being more than 100 times less harmful than alcohol.

CBD helps reduce over-cravings - to slow down or stop drinking at the point where alcohol becomes toxic.


"In modest amounts, Marijuana doesn't cause terrible harm to anyone's health,"

-- Igor Grant, MD, University of California

Booze and cigarettes were among the top 4 deadliest drugs.  Alcohol abuse was linked to more than 10% of the nation's deaths; accidents, murder, suicide, cirrhosis.  200,000 American women died from cigarette smoking, according to government statistics. Death from Pot is rare as a black woman at a male only KKK rally.

Case Study : Boozing Alpha-Female finds Relief with Marijuana

Here is a classic case of a young go-getting alpha woman, who's best thinking and good intentions left her an emotional wreck.

A university student at USC roped herself into taking 8 courses, playing in the marching band, being on sorority council and working part-time to boot.  OMG. She was doing everything right, everything the perfect girl should do. She started drinking as a way to chill out

"My workload became unbearable. I would come home from a long day at school, grab a wine cooler or four, and drink away the feelings, that life is just not quite right"

Too many wine coolers later, she was left with a hangover and further in the hole.  The day after was more or less a write off.  It took three days with her nose to the grindstone to catch up, when it was again time to chill and have "a" beer.  So went the downward circle of life.

"After a brutal hangover I didn't show up for school or work.  But it was the best hangover I ever had, because the lights came on, I saw that my drinking was definitely causing more harm than good.  It was time to find a way to deal with my life and commitments some other way."

"A pot smoking friend said that Marijuana did the trick for her.  Not only could she relax without a hangover, it got rid of her migraines.  Now I smoke pot two or three days a week and I must say it is been a godsend.  Pot makes me really relax and  I find myself thinking nice mellow productive thoughts,. Next term I'm going to cut back a bit on the course work and have my friend replace me on sorority council.  I know for sure that I can handle my new workload and know how to manage those days where you want to pull out your hair!  Life is good."

-- USC Alpha Female Student

Marijuana is In

With legalization, Pot has become socially acceptable in, which is a big deal for many women.  It is more important to look good than feel good said the sage. The difference in self image; between being a pot-head versus a responsible woman that treats anxiety or migraine with government approved Medical Marijuana (MMJ), is huge.

Many people are finding that pot is a healthy and now legal substitute for alcohol.  Women especially, are rapidly realizing that Medical Marijuana often works much better than prescription drugs without nasty side effects.

Women's long-held beliefs about legal and social acceptability of Cannabis are changing FAST, according to many nationwide surveys.  By now, the use of Medical Marijuana is pretty much accepted by most people outside of Utah.  How times have changed!  Despite the need to kiss up to conservative voters, almost all of the Presidential Candidates approve of Medical Marijuana legalization.

In 2015, a large survey found that 68 percent of working Americans support legalization.

In California, Medical Cannabis has been legal for more than 20 years.  Marijuana is legal to use medically in 23 states and even in the Federal heartland of Washington DC.  Recreational use of Marijuana is now legal in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska.

Find out more at : Social Acceptability of Marijuana USA



Pot & Your Safety

When was the last time you heard of someone being sexually assaulted by a huge-pothead?  The reason your answer probably never, is that Marijuana lessens aggressive behavior. According to to the Addictive Behaviors Institute, moderate to high doses may suppress violence, reduces irritability and hostility in group settings.

"More than 690,000 college students are assaulted each year by someone who has been drinking."

--  NIAAA statistics

After the legalization of Recreational Marijuana, the murder rate in Denver, Colorado, dropped by 38 percent between 2013 and 2014!  And the rate of forcible sex offenses dropped by almost 19 percent.  While there could other reasons for this astounding improvement in social behavior, the data looks very good for proponents of Marijuana.

"Of course it was the rapist's fault, But I was too drunk to fight back. Drinking inhibits my ability to function more than pot. When I smoke pot, I stay in control."
--  Rape Victim 

In an American Journal on Addictions study, drunk drivers had much more trouble keeping the car in its lane than Marijuana users. Which brings to mind a movie scene, where goofy pot-heads, Cheech and Chong, are traveling at 15 mph, worrying that they are going too fast for the cops!

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